By: Brian Evans

Today, in America and throughout the world, mankind is witnessing what has become a modern-day genocide of the innocents! In fact, while men and women should cherish and protect the innocent, the weak, and the young, instead, much of mankind has turned their backs on those who we are supposed to protect, our precious youthful and innocent babies!

However, pro-life advocate, and former Planned Parenthood director who oversaw thousands of abortions said that…

while working at Planned Parenthood, the question she heard thousands of times was “Will my baby feel pain?” Abby was coached by Planned Parenthood to tell the concerned women their child wouldn’t feel any pain until 28 weeks. Abby told the ladies this because she believed it herself.

Then, Abbey, explains the heart-wrenching moment that she knew in her heart, that she could no longer be pro-abortion…

Live Action reported about Abbey Johnson, the Planned Parenthood Director, turned pro-Life advocate who starred in the movie “Unplanned”! They revealed her story, as they said that…

Years ago, Abby was climbing up the corporate ladder of Planned Parenthood. She grew up as a pro-life Christian who knew that abortion was wrong. When she entered college, she met a representative from Planned Parenthood. Abby knew little about Planned Parenthood’s work and didn’t even have the organization in her city. The representative told her Planned Parenthood was a place that helped women, reached out to minorities, and eased the burden of low-income families. Abby had a desire to help others, so Planned Parenthood seemed like a perfect fit.

While working at Planned Parenthood, Abby lived in a double-world. When she became pregnant and carried her child to term, she knew that the child was a baby because that child was wanted. When a woman was pregnant with a child she didn’t want, the child was no longer a baby, but instead a blob of tissue.

Abby told the audience how the workers in the abortion clinic would gather the parts of the fetus after it was terminated. The pieces of the fetus were collected and called “products of conception.” The audience was taken aback when Abby exposed the way some workers would instead refer to the fetal material as “pieces of children.” The bags full of “pieces of children” would be put in a container they called “the nursery.”

One day, while Abby was at work, a visiting abortion doctor came in. He performed abortions through ultrasounds and asked Abby if she could hold the probe. Abby held the ultrasound probe as the doctor began the process of aborting a 13-week-old baby boy. Abby said that while working at Planned Parenthood, the question she heard thousands of times was “Will my baby feel pain?” Abby was coached by Planned Parenthood to tell the concerned women their child wouldn’t feel any pain until 28 weeks. Abby told the ladies this because she believed it herself.

As the abortion doctor moved his instruments towards the 13-week-old child, Abby saw the baby flinch. The child was flailing and trying to move away from the instrument, but he had nowhere to hide. This moment changed Abby’s life. Shortly after, she left the abortion industry and became a pro-life advocate. Since then, she has written a book called Unplanned and started a ministry called And Then There Were None. ATTWN helps women and men working in abortion clinics to leave the industry. So far, over 90 people have left the abortion industry because of this organization’s assistance.

As the banquet came to an end, Abby pulled out a letter she wanted to share. It was a letter she wrote to the 13-week-old baby boy she watched die. The letter was vulnerable and heartfelt. Abby apologized for watching the child die without doing anything to help. While she watched the abortion, she wanted to cry, “STOP.” Sadly, she was silent. In her letter Abby promised the unborn baby she would never be silent again.

Now, the pro-abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood, has taken a major blow, as new developments have struck a huge blow to claims by pro-abortionists that a fetus feels no pain. In fact, researchers have discovered that the sense of touch is developed by the prenatal brain. In fact, the Medical Express revealed in a new study that

The development of a sense of touch has been studied by scientists for many years, but how it develops is still unclear. Prior research has shown that once it has developed, it exists as a sort of map imprinted on the cerebral cortex. Some have suggested that a basic map is created in the brain before birth and data points for it are added as newborns develop—sensory input from various body parts is simply added to the map. But now, that view might have to change, as the team in Spain reports evidence that suggests the map is already in place by the time a baby is born.

In their efforts, the researchers used mice to better understand how the sense of touch might develop because mice have what are known as cortical barrels—regions within the cortical layer that are visibly darker when stained. Prior research has shown that the map outlining the sense of touch in mice can actually be seen under a microscope by studying the cortical barrels. Prior research has also shown that brain function such as recognizing and responding to sensory information arises due to electrical signals that stimulate growth of neurons. Thus, to learn more about the development of the sense of touch in mice (at least concerning its whiskers) the researchers studied brain slices at various stages of development to monitor cortical barrel development, and also studied brain waves that have previously been identified as those associated with sensory processing.

In looking at their results, the researchers found that the sensory map created to process the sense of touch was built while the mice were still embryos. And it developed due to signals sent to the cerebral cortex by the thalamus, which also plays a major role in relaying synaptic information throughout the life of the mouse. The researchers suggest that it is likely the same process occurs in humans because “the organization of the cortex is conserved evolutionarily between species.”

Planned Parenthood and left-wing advocates have fought to keep the truth behind the movie under wraps and hidden from the public! Even so-called pro-life Christian networks like K-Love have fallen prey to the left-wing push to hide the truth of abortions horrors from mankind! However, now it is time to stand up for the unborn! It is time to stand up for those who cannot stand up for and defend themselves! It is time to stand up for the precious young babies, who are not simply a blob of tissue, but living, breathing human beings, with a beating heart, a fairly developed brain, and certainly the ability to  feel pain!