By: Brian Evans

‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has hit an all-time high, as the left not only is encouraging the attack against anyone supporting the President, but the Mainstream Media refuses to report on any such attacks! Now, the Mainstream Media even refuses to report on the harassment and assault on North Korean defectors, who were attacked while they were working to raise money for the starving people of North Korea. In fact, they were assaulted because they were wearing MAGA hats and supported President Trump, his Administration, and his agenda!

In fact, it all began when a radical left-wing Marxist who goes by the Twitter name “Bigalow Black”, posted a video on Twitter, which depicted several leftists attacking the North Korean defectors. Although no Mainstream Media outlets would cover it, Bigalow Black said…

Not Around Here Pimp…Ain’t None Of That Make America Great Again Sh*t!”

Fortunately PJ Media posted the details, pointing out that the Asias were truly North Korean defectors. In the video, you can see the group of black men surrounding the North Koreans, and then grabbing their MAGA hats off their heads, and throwing it in the air and stomping on it.

Ultimately, the now Marxist based Fascists who run the Democrat Party will do anything to destroy President Trump, even at the cost of those who seek goodness, despite its lack of merits and honor!