By: Brian Evans

Despite the so-called expert’s warnings about an impending crashing economy that the left-wing Mainstream Media has been pushing on their sites, 2018 not only proved to be the year of the average American worker, but now 2019 is continuing to break records and defy the left-wing pundit’s gloom and doom forecasts! In fact, 2019 is proving to be the best economy that the United States has ever seen!

In January the White House reported that this economy could arguably be the best all time, as they said…

Then, job numbers that were released on Friday, showed an increase of yet another 263,000 jobs, which beat all expectations! Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US unemployment rate stands at 3.6%. On Fox Business, Lou Dobbs reported…

In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed that President Trump has added more than 5.5 million jobs so far during his Presidency, smashing the former Obama Administrations numbers, as Obama lost more than 3.2 million jobs, leading to President Obama’s statement that jobs were not coming back to America, and that millions of job losses under his Administration were the new normal! Apparently, President Trump has proven him wrong, as he has gained around 9 million additional jobs beyond Obama, JUST DURING THE FIRST TWO YEARS IN OFFICE!

Sadly, the Mainstream Media, along with the Democrat Party will either choose to ignore or bury the facts, regardless of how much the Presidents actions and policies truly help the American people, and whether or not it once again ‘Makes America Great Again’!