By: Brian Evans

Democrat Ilhan Omar (D-MN) revealed last month that she would not only defy President Trump and his Administration’s support of Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido, but she indicated that she was siding with the ruthless freedom-hating nations like Iran (a Muslim theocracy), Cuba (a Communist nation), and Russia (a corrupt Elitist freedom crushing nation) in supporting the ruthless Socialist Dictator Maduro, who followed Hugo Chavez’ leadership style in implementing a ‘Corruptocracy’! In fact, when a reporter asked her…

You don’t support the leader of the opposition of being the president right now, not the present leader?”

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) responded with…

Absolutely not”

What Omar fails to note is, after the nation of Venezuela was taken over by the dictator Hugo Chavez, and upon his implementation of a Socialist economy, he reached out to Iran for financial, ideological, and strategic assistance. As a result, the Iranian leadership in Tehran signed both military and economic agreements that are worth billions of dollars!

Now, as the people of Venezuela have become desperate and are rising up against Maduro, the current ruthless dictator, and calling for him to step down! Meanwhile, much of the world is demanding he step down as well. However, the Marxist leader is finding allies in the most corrupt of nations like Russia and Iran. In fact, Russia has voiced its support for Maduro and slammed President Trump for standing in solidarity with the people of Venezuela. Also, just this week, when the people of Venezuela rose up to oust the greed and power driven dictator from power, Russia used their influence to keep him from fleeing to Cuba! Meanwhile, the Islamic State of Iran Crime Research Center shows that the Iranian regime sent their ‘Elite Forces’ to Venezuela to crush the citizen rebellion against his brutality!

Venezuelan Socialist tyrant Nicolas Maduro with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran.

The ISICRC said that sources inside Iran are saying that the Khomeiniist regime is sending top IRBC Commanders to Venezuela to squash the popular democratic uprising. Also, Iran already announced in December that it will likely deploy a new generation of warships, the Sahand destroyer to Venezuela. The new ship has the ability to carry helicopters, fire torpedoes and shoot down airplanes. Iranian Rear Admiral Touraj Hassani Moqaddam had told Reuters that…

“Our plans for the near future include sending two or three ships, with special helicopters, to Venezuela on a South American mission that could last for five months.”

Sadly, the people of Venezuela have hit the breaking point, as the nation now burns, and the people are fighting for their right to exist! In fact, the Venezuelans have hit the streets and are protesting the corruption and brutality of the Maduro regime, and his Marxist ideology, which has destroyed the nation! This week, the world watched, as the citizens rose up, only to have the Venezuelan government, with the aid of Cuba, Iran, and Russia, crush unarmed civilians with tanks, and shoot them like their lives were meaningless! Even more concerning, is the fact that the government took away all civilians rights to bear arms, or buy ammunition. Therefore, it has left the civilians at the mercy of the brutal regime, as they lead by power and fear!

It began with the Marxist regime stripping rights from the people, murdering or exiling political opponents and dissidents, and bankrupting one of the most oil-rich nations in the world. Still, the Marxist leader Maduro has sat on his throne, living the life of luxury, while helping to make each and every Venezuelan citizen equal. They are equally poor, equally starving, equally homeless, and equally desperate, as it led the people to hate the Marxist leader and his political ideology! It makes it hard to believe that Venezuela was recently considered one of the most wealthy nations in South America. The downfall began in 1999 when Hugo Chavez took power and quickly had opposition leaders and dissidents exiled. He implemented his promised Socialism, which he said would bring great prosperity to the nation, but instead, it only brought extreme poverty and despair. More recently, Nicolas Maduro took over the Marxist regime, and his leadership has further seen the nation slide into even greater impoverishment and desperation, as the people had begun to lose all hope.

Now, those opposition leaders and exiled dissidents called on the armed forces to lead a coup against Maduro and his ruthless Marxist regime. The Express reported that…

The government later said the rogue officers took two vehicles from a police station in the western Macarao district before driving across the city to a barracks in the eastern Petare slum, where they stole an arms cache and kidnapped four officials.

The group were reportedly only low-ranking officers but their actions suggest there is discontent within the armed forces.

Playing down the incident, a government statement read on state TV said: “The armed forces categorically reject this type of action, which is most certainly motivated by the dark interests of the extreme right.”

Unfortunately, the coup failed, but its failure only made the people of Venezuela realize that they would have to fight back themselves. As a result, the streets in the nation have seen riots and protests, as they are now fighting for their lives. If caught, Maduro will put them to death, so the riots are likely to continue and possibly even grow.

Today, as the Venezuelan people have become desperate, they eat from dumpsters, cook their pets and rodents, as the Socialist dream that they were promised, left them equal, but equally poor, equally hungry, and equally desperate for help, as they thirst for freedom!

Meanwhile, as the Venezuelan people beg for help from the United States or anyone who will help, President Trump has been actively working to help them by squeezing Maduro, and recognizing Guaido as the legitimate interim leader of the nation! Now, we have Democrats like Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota who has openly embrace hate, racism, anti-semitism, socialism, and now brutal dictators! Yes, Democrats claim that they are the Party of compassion for the migrants and illegal immigrants, but they actually support the same radical ideology as Maduro! They both support Socialism! They both support free healthcare, free education, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed income, etc! Sadly, under Socialism and Marxism, free everything is the most expensive plan that Americans could buy! After all, you just ask the Venezuelans!

In Venezuela, after 20 years of Chavista Socialist economics, the nation shifted from the second most wealthy nation on earth, to one of the poorest, as it has left people starving, while inflation is at 1.3 MILLION percent, the economy has collapsed and people are eating from dumps and garbage cans.

Now today, over 3.4 million Venezuelans are seeking refuge abroad, as the Venenzuelan people are dying! As a result, one would think that Americans, especially our elected leaders, would fight for the freedom of the oppressed, as well as, blame the corrupt Socialist leader Nikolas Maduro, who like his predecessor, has stolen the civilians businesses leaving the population starving and desperate, as well as, stole their guns and ammunition, leaving the population vulnerable as they have become victim to ruthless drug cartel gang rule, as well as, vulnerable and oppressed  by the ruthless and violent Maduro government!

Regardless, on Wednesday anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, and freedom hating Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) voiced her hate for America, as she blamed the United States for the crisis in Venezuela!

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) told PBS’s Democracy Now that the USA “lead the devastation” in the socialist country and is “bullying” Nikolas Maduro, despite the fact that Maduro stole his people’s wealth and businesses, starves his people, butchers and slaughters his own people, and all while Maduro lives in the lap of Elitist luxury, while eating and living like a King!

In the end, Ilhan Omar, like too many Democrats, embrace not only hate, but they embrace the government’s confiscation of power, wealth, and freedom! After all, in the end, the Elitists throughout the Democrat Party, as well as, some RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) in the Republican Party, have made it their mission to embrace hate, racism, and division, as well as, attempt to destroy all semblance of freedom and prosperity, in our Constitutional Republic! Sadly, Ilhan Omar, along with Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Cory Booker, Joaquin Castro, Kamala Harris, Jerrold Nadler, and other radicals are just the tip of the Marxist based Fascist spear, that seeks to destroy ‘We the People’s’ freedom, wealth, and the American dream, in their efforts to try and make America the next Venezuela, and place themselves in the lap of luxury and Elitist power!