By: Brian Evans

The Department of Justice warned House Democrats, including Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) that Attorney General William Barr will not stand for a protracted hearing over the outcome of the Mueller report. In fact, the AG told them that he could pull out of the hearing after it was revealed that Democrats were setting it up to be a dog and pony show, and a trap to launch attacks on the newly appointed Attorney General.

In fact, CNN reported that a committee source indicated that AG Barr objected, when he found out that the House Democrats had planned to bring in their own attorney’s to grill and interrogate the Attorney General, as if he was on trial, rather than performing their oversight function granted in the Constitution of the United States!

CNN revealed that Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) wants two rounds of questioning, as well as a closed-door session to grill the AG about the redactions that are required of the AG, under laws previously passed by the Congressional Democrats and Republicans themselves! The first round reportedly is for members to question Barr, and the second round is for a counsel for the Democrats and for the Republicans! 

The reports indicate that Barr has indicated that the closed-door session being added is beyond the pale, as Democrats want to bring in legal counsel to grill the Attorney General, in which the Washington Examiner reported that the Justice Department said…

“Discussions are still ongoing, to be picked back up tomorrow. Our position is that it’s a congressional hearing, therefore members do the questioning.”

Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) has revealed publicly that he intends to continue the Trump/Russia collusion investigation, regardless of what Mueller’s $40 million dollar findings revealed! Furthermore, Nadler told CNN that the Attorney General would not

“dictate the format of the Judiciary Committee.”

However, the war being waged on the Executive branch by Congressional Democrats is unprecedented, superseding even the House on unAmerican Activities Committee hearings or the Joseph McCarthy hearings into communist infiltration of our nation! The focuses of those investigations occurred when the House Committee investigated Americans suspected of being loyal to the Soviet Union (Russia today), especially those who appeared to have distinct ties and support for communism in America! The probes led to hearings into schools, the government, and especially Hollywood, as the support for communism appeared to be flourishing amongst the Hollywood Elites! Left-wing Democrats attacked and tried to destroy Republicans like Joseph McCarthy, claiming that he had lost his mind and that communism was not flourishing in Hollywood or other areas of our nation! Now, it appears that Joseph McCarthy was right and that he was just before his time, in regards to defending his claims!

The left claimed that the HUAC’s methods and tactics were nothing more than a ‘witch hunt’ and that they trampled on their rights as Americans! The HUAC was also seriously concerned about the fact that communists were allegedly infiltrating the federal government, which now seems that they were more right than wrong!

In fact, the biggest difference between the HUAC and McCarthy hearings, and the Democrat hearings is, McCarthy was onto the truth, whereas the Democrats, who have adopted Marxist ideology, have openly manufactured allegations against their political opponents, in an attempt to fully transform America’s Constitutional Republic into a Marxist based Fascism State!

Ultimately, Democrats like Rep. Jerrold Nadler, and many throughout the Democrat Party, have embraced the Soviet-style propaganda. For example, the Soviets used 9 different propaganda tactics to influence the thoughts, actions, and beliefs of the Soviet Russia population…

  1. Schools and youth organizations were used to miseducate the population into believing Marxism was superior and good for all, regardless of the facts or reality of the people!
  2. Soviet Russia also used the radio to reach the illiterate, as radio receivers were placed in communal places where the poor gathered to hear the news.
  3. Newspapers were also used to push the Marxist point of view, and to glamorize life in Russia, despite the vast majority of the communist citizenry being having no freedoms, and being desperately poor!
  4. Posters were utilized to depict Russian power and prosperity of the nation!
  5. Cinema and movies were to prepare and inspire the population through entertainment, as well as, influence and mold the minds of the people to do their will and become more submissive and accepting of Soviet communist power and dominance, while the people lived in utter squalor!
  6. Meetings and lectures were utilized to make the masses feel important and well informed, despite much of the news being false propaganda, rather than the truth. The Marxist leadership used the lectures to solidify the masses behind their leadership, and
  7. They instilled solidarity, kept people up-to-date on news and provided instruction on the proper way of life.
  8. Although books and art were destroyed following the rise of communism in the Soviet Union, new art and books were published and disbursed, which glamorized Marxism, and pushed central themes that made the Marxist government look good!

Ultimately, Marxists in America are no different, as they use propaganda posters, movies, artwork, books, the Mainstream Media, and educational Universities and institutions to push the anti-Constitutional, pro-Marxist agenda! It has allowed Marxism to fester and grow directly beneath the feet of Americans across our great nation, only to now being faced with the possibility of losing our freedoms, prosperity, and our nation as a whole! Today, Democrats like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and others are simply the tip of the iceberg, as open Marxist control large swaths of our Judiciary, our House of Representatives, our Senate, and the hierarchy and leadership of the Executive Branch, like the FBI, CIA, DNI, and other agencies. Even the twenty Democrat Presidential candidates who vow to take down President Trump all either openly support and endorse Marxist based Fascism, or they act like they are not Marxists while pushing Marxist ideological norms!

Today, as President Trump or anyone who he appoints try to reign in the out-of-control and radical left-wing Marxists within our nations top leadership, their leadership, including Jerrold Nadler (D-NJ) continue to invigorate the anti-American swamp, in order to rot our nation from within and eliminate pro-Constitutionalists like Constitutional Conservatives, pro-Christians, President Trump, and those within his Administration!