By: Brian Evans

There are moments in time when I shake my head and wonder just how some people could be so backward and blind to reality, so filled with contempt and hate, and so irrational! Since President Trump has taken office, those lunatics have come out of the woodwork on the left, as they seem to care more about their own political power and Marxist ideology, than that of the American people. However, the insanity sadly isn’t isolated to the left! In fact, you don’t have to look any further than the conservative writer Anne Coulter to see how far irrational and illogical behavior can take a human being, as she employs some of the same irrational methods, same hate for ideological opponents, and same lack of common sense that has placed our Constitutional Republic in jeopardy and near a constitutional crisis!

Over the past few years, Anne Coulter went from claiming to support the President, to slamming his leadership, and finally attacking his refusal to breach Constitutional authority! She has taken to twitter countless times and attacked and berated him for not being able to build the wall, not abandoning Constitutional principles to get her agenda done, and not turning the screws as hard as he could to hurt American citizens so he could force the Democrats to capitulate and fund a border wall. However, no matter how hard he tightens those screws and hurts the American people, the Democrats will not give a dime to the wall! They don’t care about the American people! They don’t care if the federal workers lose their homes or cars! Therefore, Coulter’s belief that he is a “whimp,” as she cites, only goes to show the depths of her incredulous contempt for the President and his Administrations actions!

Fox News reported this week that…

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter said she could support Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, in 2020 and even floated the idea of working in his administration if he returned to his earlier stance on immigration.

In a preview clip of PBS’s “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover” released Wednesday, host Margaret Hoover asked Coulter how she viewed the progressive senator. She asked whether she would support him if he campaign on “getting rid of low-skilled workers” to ensure higher wages.

“If he went back to his original position, which is the pro-blue-collar position. I mean, it totally makes sense with him,” she said. If he went back to that position, I’d vote for him. I might work for him. I don’t care about the rest of the socialist stuff. Just– can we do something for ordinary Americans?”

Coulter was apparently referencing Sanders’ policy position from 2007 where he opposed an immigration reform bill that he feared would drive down wages for lower-income workers. He co-authored a restrictive immigration amendment with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-IA. The bill ultimately failed to pass the Senate.

Sanders rejected the idea of having open borders while speaking at a campaign event earlier this month.

“What we need is comprehensive immigration reform. If you open the borders, my God, there’s a lot of poverty in this world, and you’re going to have people from all over the world. And I don’t think that’s something that we can do at this point. Can’t do it. So that is not my position,” Sanders said.

Coulter, who authored the book “In Trump We Trust” ahead of the 2016 election, was an early supporter of Donald Trump but has since become a vocal critic of the president for not keeping his campaign promise of building a wall at the southern border.

However, a true conservative could NEVER work for a Socialist Administration, which goes against everything our Constitutional Republic stands for! A true conservative could never vote for policies that would destroy capitalism, the free market, business ownership, free-market healthcare, etc.!  As we have said before on ENR, Ann Coulter is a wolf in sheep skin, lying in wait for the right moment, and she has chosen 2019 to show her true Marxist intentions! After all, she may claim that voting for border control is worth sacrificing other issues. However, is giving up our freedom of speech, freedom to truly own our own businesses, have our own money, decide our own futures, and dictate what is best for our children, truly worth it? NEVER! Therefore, she has proven yet again that she is not a conservative, but a Marxist sleeper cell, designed to infiltrate the right, gain the trust of their huddled masses, and then mislead them like an ideological version of a false leader!

False leaders like Coulter, as well as those on the left, sadly fool people into following them, as they employ various tactics to reign in people to follow them, even making them go against the political values that they truly believe in! In fact, a leadership expert known as Jeffrey Benjamin pointed out the traits of false leaders, including…

  1. Uses deception
  2. Adorns a fancy title
  3. Blame people and circumstances
  4. Attempts to control
  5. Disparages others
  6. Takes the credit
  7. Reneges obligations
  8. Makes excuses
  9. Disrespects followers
  10. Denies succession
  11. Wastes time on personal vendettas

Therefore, whether they are false leaders in our schools, businesses, organizations, or in Washington D.C., or throughout the political realm, Democrats, RINO’s like Coulter exemplify the traits without question. For example…

Uses Deception:

Coulter and the Democrats practice the art of deception, as they masquerade around claiming to be one thing, but all while being something quite the contrary! Democrats claim to be for the Middle Class, yet all of their policies enrich their own Elitist and wealthy pockets while destroying the Middle Class! They claim to be for minority communities, yet their policies have led those same minority Americans into the depths of poverty, desperation, and dependence on those very same politicians who have put them into poverty! Ann Coulter has done the same thing, except masqueraded as a conservative, taking jabs at Republicans who were not conservative enough, like President George W Bush, and even threw her support behind President Trump! However, her support for his campaign was more to push for someone to upend the Republican Party, the Republican establishment, rather than to support a conservative President! Now, she openly says she would support a proclaimed Marxist like Bernie Sanders while vowing to crush a true Conservative President, Donald Trump!


Democrats have long embellished fancy titles to draw in support for their cause! For years, they have called themselves liberal, full well knowing that the true meaning of the word liberal, which means a political philosophy and ideology in which primary emphasis is placed on securing the freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the government. That is something quite the opposite of what their Party truly stands for! Then, the left shifted from liberal to progressive, which is indicative of ‘progressing’ towards more government control, and fewer freedoms! Now, the left has embraced socialism, which would be their Party’s final transformational step before becoming ‘wholeheartedly a Marxist based Fascist Party” As for Coulter, she laid in wait as a so-called Conservative, slamming Democrat opponents in the Republican Party as not conservative enough! In fact, while claiming to be a Conservative, Ann Coulter attacked Republicans across the board, as no one was Conservative enough, making her seem like one of the most Conservative voices in America, all while demonizing and denigrating opponents for the radicalized left! After all, she could criticize Democrats as not Conservative enough without damaging their chances in elections, but Coulter’s true targets, Democrat opponents in the Republican party suffered a loss in votes, due to her open criticisms of them, as she demonized Democrat Party opposition! Sadly, like so many Democrats, Ann Coulter ordained herself with the title of Conservative, only to persuade her Conservative followers to abandon their true gut feelings, convincing them to inadvertently support left-wing Marxist and Socialist candidates!

Coulter has also been subscribing to the Marxist Democrat based playbook, as she blames other people, primarily true Conservatives for America’s plight! In fact, she has taken aim at principled Conservative leaders like President Trump, who has proven himself to be one of the most Conservative leaders in America, according to the Heritage Foundation! What she and her Democrat allies have failed to note, is that true leaders like President Trump has taken responsibility for their actions! American’s have for years remained hopeful that we would find a President who would say what they mean, and then do what they say! Although President Trump has had some missteps in his life, he has remained wholeheartedly honest, and led our nation with one of the most open and honest Administrations in history! Those within his Administration may not like his daily tweets, but he keeps Americans abreast of the goings on in government, and what he thinks, like it or not! Meanwhile, Democrats and even Ann Coulter have proven themselves to be false leaders, as they continually blame President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Brett Kavanaugh, Ted Cruz, and other Conservative leaders or appointments, simply because they need someone to blame for their own actions and indiscretions! They blame President Trump for racism in America, as they themselves openly endorse anti-Semites, and support racists! They blame President Trump for violence and hate, knowing good-well that Maxine Waters and the radical left have openly called for violence against Trump Administration officials and pro-Trump Americans! They blame ‘MAGA’ hat wearing Americans of violence and hate while simultaneously promoting hate and violence against anyone wearing ‘MAGA’ hats! Ultimately, finger pointing is a sure-fire sign of a false leader, as the Democrats and RINO’s like Ann Coulter point the finger so much, it is surprising that they haven’t developed carpal tunnel in their hand and pointing finger!

Attempts to control.

Since President Trump came down the escalator during the 2016 election, Democrats have worked to control the narrative of news that reaches the American public, as well as, the narrative, and the legislation that the President has implemented! Democrats also tried to paint the President as Hitler, being in bed with the Russians, Fascist, a sexist, a homophobe, an Islamaphobe, a Xenophobe, a racist, and an imbecile! They have worked jointly with the radically pro-Marxist Mainstream Media, as they tried to paint a horrible and terrifying picture of the President, as well as to make him guilty of colluding with the Russians, caging and drugging kids, inciting nuclear holocaust with North Korea, causing global warming (despite evidence showing the earth is cooling), causing mass migration of illegals, tornadoes, and hurricanes, ALL ALLEGEDLY DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING! In fact, if one didn’t know better, one would think that the Democrats think of President Trump as a god, as only a god could be that powerful! Even RINO’s like Ann Coulter painted a narrative that the President is an imbecile, a leader who failed in his promise to secure the border and build a wall, yet Coulter and her Democrat allies like Sanders have fought wholeheartedly against the wall and border security, as well as blocked the majority of his Administrations progress towards true and meaningful immigration reform!

False leaders think that people need to be controlled. Therefore, they believe that you need to force ‘people’ to do something! Likewise, Democrats look at ‘We the People’ as stupid, redneck, deplorable, ignoble (of low birth or status), and incapable of knowing what is best for us! Democrats want to control Americans, especially those in Middle America, which is why they want to make the Federal government ‘all powerful’, thereby stripping power from the people, and redistributing that power to the Wealthy Political Elites like themselves!

Dwight D. Eisenhower said it best when he stated…

“Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

After all, False leaders destroy people by attempting to control them. Meanwhile, Conservatives repeatedly prove to be true leaders in our nation, as they want to help the American people lead their own lives, to help themselves!

Disparages others

Coulter has made it her foundational ideological premise to disparage others! She has openly criticized Democrats, knowing that none on the left would actually listen to her criticisms, but she has been the harshest towards Republicans! Ironically, she has been the most abrasive and flat out mean spirited with the most Conservative Republicans, telling her readership that they are lying to them, demonizing them in areas that she sees as the most vulnerable, and with President Trump, that is with immigration! After all 67% of Republican Voters Think Arrival of Massive Numbers of Immigrants and Refugees is Harmful Gateway Pundit reported

A 2016 survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs found that 67 percent of Republicans think the arrival of large numbers of immigrants and refugees is a critical threat to the U.S. Only 16 percent of Republican leaders think so. A similar, but smaller, divide exists on the Democratic side, where only 4 percent of Democratic leaders view current immigration levels as a critical threat, compared to 27 percent of their public. Nor is the divide limited to any one race. In 2018, the Pew Research Center found that “Latinos with lower levels of education are more likely than those with at least some college education to say too many immigrants are living in the country today.”

Ann Coulter responded, not by criticizing the Democrats for their legal challenges and attacks against the President’s advancing border wall initiative, or sending troops to the border! She didn’t call out the Mainstream Media’s attacks on the President’s border security agenda! Instead, she attacks the President…

Coulter and the Democrats both like to boast about their greatness, yet it is their policies that have created the crisis on the border! It is their policies that have decimated inner city minorities and youth! It is the Democrat policies that have shrunk the middle class in America! It is the Democrat Policies that funded a dossier, and then used that dossier to get a FISA warrant, and then spied on an opposing candidate, in an effort to overthrow his Presidency, regardless of his being elected by ‘We the People’!

Takes the credit

Democrats have liked to take credit for everything, regardless of who was truly responsible. For example, President Obama and the DNC blamed the poor economy FOR EIGHT LONG YEARS during his leadership on George W. Bush, yet when President Trump took over, Democrats proclaimed, and continue to claim that the now booming economy under Trump is thanks to Obama! In other words, if it is positive in the mind of Americans, Democrats take credit, but if it is negative, it is the fault of someone else!

Ann Coulter has been no different, as she repeatedly credited herself for Donald Trump’s win, yet she wasn’t the one who campaigned across the nation! It goes to show the arrogance and egotistical attitude of Coulter, to believe she is alone responsible for his win. Now, her repeated attacks are having little to no effect on the President’s approval or popularity, thereby demonstrating that it is the President, not her, who dictates his popularity amongst ‘We the People’!

Instead, true leaders will acknowledge friends, peers, and followers when they do a great job. That is why President Trump continually calls out those who do wrong, but also expresses his thanks and admiration for those who do good and work hard! That is why the Presidents closest friends and allies hold him with the highest respect!

Reneges obligations

Jeffrey Benjamin points out that…

False leaders break promises. This usually happens because of over commitments or by purposely deceiving followers. True leaders do whatever it takes to make commitments happen. The best and strongest leaders don’t weasel out of promises.

Ironically, one of the reasons that the President was elected, and why his approval rating continues to remain high, is the fact that the President SAYS EXACTLY WHAT HE THINKS, AND DOES EXACTLY WHAT HE SAYS! The American people had become sick and tired of politicians promising to do things, yet once elected, they did something totally different! President Trump has become known as abrasive, but honest, as he has followed through on his promises! In fact, Although he has been obstructed by the Democrats in Washington, berated and attacked by the Mainstream Media, he has remained steadfast in his resolve to follow through in what he promised the American people!

On the contrary, Coulter claimed to be fighting for Conservative values in Washington, and throughout the nation, yet at the same time she has backstabbed not only the President but his agenda, in her war on Trump!

Makes excuses

Jeffrey Benjamin points out that making excuses…

is a glaring sign of a false leader. True leaders never offer excuses because they realize there is no use for an excuse. A hallmark of great leadership is taking accountability. Set yourself apart.

Democrats have become famous for being the Party of ‘excuses’! They claim the economy is another President’s fault! They blame racism on their ideological opponents! They blame poverty on uncontrollable events! They blame men problems within our society! They blame criminal justice for the crimes committed by felons! They blame the color of one’s skin for their poverty or actions! The list could go on and on! Democrats have an excuse for everything! However, excuses are not good for anything, only actions!

Always leads

That leads us to leadership and actions! Jeffrey Benjamin points out that…

False leaders proclaim to have all the answers, while true leaders listen. True leaders listen to other leaders, and listen to followers too! The practice of a true leader is a balance of when to lead and when to follow.

Sadly, Democrats call the American people ignorant, deplorable, ignoble, and envious of the city and coastal Elites! They are supposed to work for and listen to ‘We the People’, yet they view their position, as a position of power over the American people! They believe the American people to be ‘too dumb’ to make decisions about what is best for themselves or their families!

Contrary to the Democrats, President Trump calls in bankers to get their opinions on what is needed to improve the economy! President Trump gathers with inner-city Americans to gain insight into how best to solve the poverty and crime within inner-city America! President Trump gathers with the border patrol, police, ICE, and the other organizations to gain an understanding into the problems on the border, and get their opinion on what is needed to secure the border! President Trump calls on average everyday Americans to get their opinions on issues that affect them and their families! He listens to their wants, needs, thoughts, and opinions!

Disrespects followers

Another problem that the Democrats, as well as RINO’s like Ann Coulter, is the disrespect issue for those who they are supposed to represent. In fact, Democrats claim to be helping lift the poor out of poverty, yet in reality, they are simply creating a dependent class, struggling for survival, and dependent on the table scraps that the left throws to them, in return for their vote! RINO’s are no different, as they bash conservatives who support either President Trump or his agenda! They treat them as the problem, rather than the solution, which creates a massive amount of animosity

As a leader, the only reason to look down on a person is when you are helping them up. True leaders appreciate their followers and hold them in the highest esteem. False leaders practice incivility, rudeness, and insolence. How does it make you feel when someone disrespects you? Famous baseball player Jackie Robinson eventually gained respect and created a massive following that still lives on today. He did so by showing respect when he was disrespected. The only way to get respect is to give it.

Denies succession.

This became extremely apparent in the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton warned the voters that if Trump were to be elected, he would refuse to admit defeat, and would incite a civil war! Then, in a bit of irony, Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, and it ended up being Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the Democrat Party leadership in both the House and Senate, and their Mainstream Media propaganda ministry, all declaring the election rigged, vowing to impeach and remove the President, dismantle his Administration, and even destroy his family!

Wastes time on personal vendettas

Democrats have now wasted more than $40 million dollars, hundreds of thousands of man-hours, and over two years, only to find out that the attempted coup was bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton, out of anger that they lost the 2016 election to a man who defies their socialist agenda, which goes back to denying succession! After all, they didn’t want to give up power! Instead, they used their own power and leadership control within the Judicial branch by judge shopping, and strategically suing in precincts that will rule on the side of the Socialist agenda, in an attempt to stop the President, and embarrass his administration! They continue to use their power within the executive branch, including the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, and other Administrative State operatives to try to smear, embarrass, harass, threaten, and remove President Trump and his Administration from their office, so they can re-take power! Furthermore, they continue to use the Congress, to not only try to impeach and remove the President, despite no legal crimes being committed, but the utilize the power of the legislature, not to pass laws or legislation, but to leak information, much of which is either false or misconstrued, to try to embarrass, but most importantly to destroy public opinion of the President and his Administration!

As Jeffrey Benjamin points out…

“using a leadership position to iron out a score or to get back at someone is an abuse of power. Time is best used solving issues and breaking through the challenges that concern your followers. Set aside your personal negative emotions if you want to be a true leader.”

However, the Democrats and RINO’s like Coulter don’t care about the abuse of power, at least by their Marxist-based-Fascist allies! Ultimately, whether it be Ann Coulter, the Koch brothers, or any RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only), they are all a far cry from the conservative values that they embrace. Progressive’s cite the Republican Party as the Party of the rich, but the rich Hollywood elitists, wealthy corporate leadership, millionaire musicians and athletes, and the majority of the rich are the ones that fund, endorse, and promote the Progressive-Socialists, the Democrat Party agenda, and even RINO Republicans, as RINO’s are the most lethal weapon against freedom-loving pro-Constitutional Conservatives! Even Republican millionaire donors refuse to support the true conservative agenda. Yes, millionaires like the Koch Brothers donate to the Republican Party, but it is not the Republican Party of Lincoln that they donate to. They donate to the Establishment Republican Elitists who embrace Fabian-Socialist Economic policies, and not the Republican’s conservative agenda of yesteryear.

As a result, regardless of what President Trump says or does, he will find no friend in the Koch Brothers, Ann Coulter, or any Closet Socialist, Fabian RINO, Establishment Politicians, or Elitist. They will not be satisfied unless he abandons his America First agenda and the will of the people. That is because they no longer hold the same values that our Founding Fathers held. They no longer look at America as a beacon of light or hope for the world. They no longer fight for ‘We the People’. Instead, they fight for a One-World, socialist, and communist agenda. They fight for a Marxist based Fascist ruling class! Consequently, they will continue to fight against the M.A.G.A agenda, and therefore President Trump, regardless of what the American voter wants. Furthermore, they will continue to do so under a veil of secrecy! However, in the coming months and years, as President Trump continues to be extraordinarily successful in implementing the agenda that he was elected to put into action, he will steadily gain support and popularity. Furthermore, that popularity is exactly why Progressive Socialists and Fabian-Socialists in Congress and throughout our nation will fight to impeach and remove him from office. After all, if they cannot manipulate the voters into removing him from office, the anti-Constitutional Elitists will try to use any means necessary, to do just that, and place America back on the Marxism based Fascist track that we have long been heading towards, well before President Trump was elected President, and certainly before he took office.