By: Brian Evans

As Pete Buttigieg enters the 2020 race, he quickly became a prominent contender in the Democrat field of left-wing candidates! Buttigieg, from South Bend, Indiana, is a pronounced gay man who has highlighted his male partner during his campaign stops! In addition, he has repeatedly attacked the former Indiana Governor and current Vice President Mike Pence, over his faith, citing that Pence’s belief that marriage is between a man and a woman! Buttigieg said that Pence has a problem with God, not Buttigieg, in regards to the issue! Regardless, Pence has chosen not to engage his attacks on his faith, nor has he chosen to attack Buttigieg, but it hasn’t made Buttigieg back off!

Now, after taking frontrunner status, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has come under attacks from Democrats themselves, as they slammed Buttigieg’s supporters for being “too white”, and “lacking diversity”. Even former President Barack Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod said…

CNN reported that Buttigieg was asked about the lack of racial diversity at a fundraiser in New York, and he answered that he acknowledges his crowd is ‘too white’, as he is

“aware of the lack of diversity at some of his presidential campaign events, including the fundraiser he was headlining,”

Buttigieg then told his audience, when asked about his supporters ‘whiteness’…

“The honest answer to that question is I need your help. I need your help reaching out to anybody that could benefit from a more inclusive and more hopeful politics. And that is something that has no color.”

Today, Americans are becoming fed-up with the hate-filled racism and bigotry directed at the color of one’s skin! They claim to be the Party of tolerance, but at the same time, and from the other side of their mouths, they dispell euphemisms of hate, racism, bigotry, and discrimination! What if someone told Cory Booker or Barack Obama that their crowds were ‘too black’, or had too many ‘people of color’? Democrats would be outraged, calling for heads to roll!

In addition, during a conference call, Bernie Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir emphasized the diversity of its campaign staff, citing 40% people “of color”! Also, Sanders co-chair Nina Turner stated…

“He is bringing the rainbow mosaic of humanity together, all across this country,” said former Ohio state senator Nina Turner, co-chair of the campaign.

Another problem for Democrats, include the fact that the latest  Emerson national polling that was released on Monday show that the leading four contenders for the Democrat Presidential Candidate include Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), former Vice President Joe Biden (who has not yet declared his candidacy), former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), and Mayor Pete Buttigieg (IL-D), ALL WHITE MEN!

Then on Tuesday, Buttigieg espoused the irony of all ironies, when he claimed “Trumpism” was steeped in identity politics and would have a long-lasting negative impact on the country. Pete Buttigieg hypocritically stated

“By far the political movement that is most based on identity politics is Trumpism. It’s based on white guy identity politics. It uses race to divide the working and middle class. There are a lot of strategies to blame problems on people who look different or are of a different faith or even of a different sexuality or gender identity… It’s a cynical political strategy that works in the short term but winds up weakening the whole country in the long term.”

In all, Democrats have sling-shotted from the Party of the KKK in the past, to claiming to be the Party of tolerance and non-discrimination! However, today they have re-set their sights on a new hate-driven target…White Americans! However, today it isn’t so much about hating white people or identity politics. Instead, it is about dividing the American electorate, in such a way that it allows the Democrats to fundamentally transform America from the Constitutional Republic of today, into a Marxist based Fascist system which takes the power from ‘We the People’, and redistributes that power and America’s wealth to the top political, social, and economic Elitists!

In the end, the Democrats war on the American people is leaving one major question! Will the Democrats be able to win in the upcoming election by simultaneously attacking and demonizing America’s Constitutional freedoms, as well as, attacking and disrespecting a major voting block, or will it lead yet more white, moderate, and working-class voters into the Party of President Trump, as he proves to be ‘the people’s President’, transcending race, politics, or party affiliation, in 2020?