By: Brian Evans

After one of the largest tax cuts in American history, the Mainstream Media and Democrats repeatedly sold the Republican plan to the American people as a tax cut for the rich! In fact, the Republicans themselves did a poor job of selling their tax cuts to the American people! However, now that tax day has come and gone, the American people are finding that they have been terribly misinformed, as they are finding a lot more money in their pockets following tax day! 

In fact, Breitbart News reported that…

Two-thirds of American taxpayers will pay less in taxes for their 2018 earnings, according to the independent Tax Policy Center. Eighty-one percent of the middle one-fifth of income earners received a tax cut. Just 5.5 percent of households got a tax hike of $100 or more—and most of those were in the upper-income tax brackets.

Yet far from celebrating their lower tax bills as they prepared to file for the April 15th deadline, many Americans remain convinced they got no tax cut at all—or even that their taxes went up. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in April showed that just 17 percent of Americans believe their taxes have been cut. A shocking 28 percent say they believe their taxes went up. Other surveys have consistently found that less than one-third of Americans think they got a tax cut.

This wide gap between public perception and reality is a testament to the effectiveness of the propaganda campaign waged by the Democratic party to falsely portray the 2017 tax law as hiking taxes on the middle-classes while cutting taxes only for the wealthy.

The New York Times said

“To a large degree, the gap between perception and reality on the tax cuts appears to flow from a sustained — and misleading — effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase.”

In all, the Tax Policy Center said that almost half of Americans got more than $500 more in tax cuts this year, and middle earners averaged $780 more on average! The cuts were made in the withholding amounts that employers take out of paychecks by about $60 per month. Therefore, most taxpayers wouldn’t know about the cuts, because it was given throughout the entire year, on a monthly basis, rather than a big windfall at the end of the year!

The reason that the Trump Administration did the cuts in this manner, is in that it boosted the economy with sustained consumer spending, even though it made the average American’s tax cut go virtually unnoticed.

Breitbart added that…

The tax cut could have been made retroactive, applying to 2017’s earnings. This would have given taxpayers huge refunds in 2018 shortly after the passage of the cuts. It may also have boosted consumer spending by even more, at least midway through the year when the bigger than expected refunds hit bank accounts. But it also would have increased the official estimates of the deficit impact of the taxes and made passage by Congress more difficult.

One of the things done to reduce the official estimates of the deficit created by the tax cuts likely made it much easier for Democrats to attack. To shrink the deficit impact in the future in an effort to appease Congressional rules that would otherwise have required a super-majority to pass the law, Republicans made the cuts to individual tax rates expire after a decade—even while announcing that they planned to make these permanent in the future.

In the end, even Bloomberg said that…

“Trump Gave Most Americans a Tax Cut and They Didn’t Notice.”

The New York Times said

“Face It, You Probably Got a Tax Cut”

Regardless of perception, President Trump and Congressional Republicans gave the American taxpayers a huge victory, as they had one of the largest tax cuts in recent history! Also, it played a major part in boosting the economy in America! Now, President Trump and the Republicans need to sell their policies, like the tax cuts, to the American people! After all, if they can sell just some of the benefits that it bestows on the American people, 2020 will be a huge victory, not only for President Trump but for the Republican Party as a whole, during the next election!