By: Brian Evans

Over the past few years, it seems that Democrats new normal is treating anyone who comes before their committees, is now treated as a criminal and hostile! They lead by treating opposing ideological opponents as criminals and in a disrespectful manner, and then when anyone questions their treatment, chastise them for not treating them with respect! Apparently, the philosophy of treat others as you would like to be treated is not a concept that they learned growing up, and obviously, they don’t know that they work for we the people! Instead, Maxine Waters and too many other Democrats have adopted the false notion that they are better than every-day Americans! Apparently, they believe that they rule over Americans rather than represent Americans! Apparently, they believe that they should be free to rule by fear, then lead by example!

Regardless, Maxine Waters invited Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, verbally abused him publicly, and then held him for three and a half hours, after he had previously informed her and the committee, prior to its start, that he had other engagements that he needed to attend to, as Treasury Secretary! Then, when he politely asked about the time due to his commitments, SHE ABUSED HIM FURTHER AS YET ANOTHER LEFT-WING RADICAL DEMOCRAT SIDE-SHOW!

Rep. Maxine Waters and her fellow colleagues childish and out-of-control behavior simply begs one question…

HOW LONG WILL AMERICANS PUT UP WITH THEIR ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-PROFESSIONAL, HATE-RIDDEN, AND PRO-MARXIST ATTITUDES AND BIGOTRY? Hopefully, it is a problem that will soon see a remedy doled out in November of 2020!