By: Brian Evans

For years, Democrats have tried to label Fascism as a conservative phenomenon, but when you explore the historical foundations of true Fascism, it was instead a variant of classical Marxism, as it employs themes that were argued by both Marx and Engels.

Now, left-wing Progressive (Marxist/Fascist) groups are targeting Trump officials, threatening Corporations with a ‘blacklist’, of who should not be allowed to be employed in their companies! In other words, side with the Democratic Marxists and Fascists in America, or you will be their next target! The left-wing group ‘Restore Public Trust posted this week…

However, to truly understand what this means, you have to go back in history, to the inception of Fascism! The key to understanding National-Socialism or Marxist-based Fascism is in the fact that Fascists make it appear that private ownership of businesses remains, but in practice, it is merely a facade. In fact, according to the Misses Institute in Austria, the main difference between communism and national-socialism (fascism) is that the fascist’s “maintains private ownership of the means of production and keeps the appearance of ordinary prices, wages, and markets.” But in reality, the government directs production decisions, curbs entrepreneurship, and the labor market, and determines wages and interest rates by the central authority. “Market exchange is only a sham.” Therefore, Fascism is nothing more than another form of a Socialist System with the mere appearance of private ownership. Those privately owned businesses are subject to being taken and redistributed to someone else if the government so chooses. Therefore, it requires extensive government control of private property, businesses, and all other forms of possessions. In addition, just like communism, fascism forbids free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and all other forms of freedom that we take for granted in the United States of America today. Communist and Socialist supporters like to pretend that Fascism or Nazism was not socialist; however, the facts show that it is. College’s, Universities, and public schools have tried to cover up the truth behind fascism, and make American youth believe that it is ‘right-wing conservative.’ However, it’s very foundation is based on communist and socialist ideology. It would be like calling China a capitalist country, but it truly is not. The government owns all land and simply leases it out to investors. Business owners can lease property and run a business, but they are not free to do as they please. The government controls what they say, what they do, and all other aspects of daily life. Therefore, it falls far short of being a true capitalist country. China adopted this idea, likely from the fascist model of business. Fascism and communism both promote anti-Semitism. After all, anti-Semitism was advocated by the Father of Communism himself, Karl Marx.

Today, America’s College’s and Universities don’t like to label Nazism as socialist. Instead, they try to paint it as “right-wing” conservative. However, Nazism was born out of the ‘Nationalist-Socialist” ideology; whereas, right-wing conservatism would fall into the category of anarchy. After all, the more conservative one is, the more they fight for the small government, hands-off approaches to business, less government involvement in the lives of its people, free speech, freedom of religion, and so forth. In fact, according to Merriam Webster, the definition of true anarchy is the absence of government. A state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority. Therefore, conservatism is the opposite of Nazism or Marxist based Nationalist-Socialism

The BBC detailed how Fascist State in Nazi Germany gained and maintained control over the citizens of the nation. In fact, they said that…

The Nazis created a terror-state. This was achieved through intimidation and brutality. Those living in Germany were too scared to disobey Nazi laws. Hitler used a number of organizations to uphold and extend his control of Germany.

Those organizations included the SS (Schutzstaffel) which was Hitler’s personal bodyguard and an execution squad for those who dared oppose the government! They also were in control of the concentration camps, where ‘undesirable people’ were imprisoned. Those undesirables included groups of people who the Nazis had deemed either dangerous to the state, to Nazi policies or were to be eradicated from society…

  • political opponents
  • certain educators/teachers
  • criminals
  • gypsies
  • Jews
  • certain religious figures

The Nazis used threats, fear, and intimidation throughout the process to strike fear and gain ultimate submission of the people! One of those ways was for the horrendous and harsh work conditions of those citizens who had been arrested, and it was quite effective, and kept the majority of German citizens in line!

Also, there was the SD (Sicherheitsdienst), which was the Nazi Party’s intelligence and security service. The BBC revealed that…

Under the command of Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heidrich, the SD aimed to keep every individual in Germany under constant supervision. The SD started compiling a card index of the Nazis’ opponents. They could arrest and imprison anyone and worked on the assumption that suspects were guilty. Once imprisoned, it was difficult for anyone to prove their innocence. The SD was also responsible for tracking foreign opposition to the Nazis. This included censoring media.

In addition, they pointed out that Nazi Germany used…

The Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei, Secret State Police) were the Nazis’ secret police. It played a crucial role in Germany’s internal security. Over 150,000 informants throughout the country would report any anti-Nazi feeling to the Gestapo.

The Gestapo and informants did not wear uniforms so Germans did not know when they were being spied on. Many ordinary Germans also informed on one another for personal gain or out of jealousy. This created tension and fear throughout the country.

Members of the Gestapo had powers to arrest and detain those people who were considered enemies of the state/Nazi Party. These preventative arrests were carried out separately from judicial control.

Those who were arrested were often violently treated, prior to release or imprisonment. Gestapo tactics included murder and torture of prisoners.

In 1939 the Reich Security Head office (RSHA) was formed. This amalgamated the Gestapo and the SD under the leadership of the SS.

Also, the Nazi’s used the courts to implement fear and intimidation, as they also put Heinrich Himmler as not only the head of the SS, but the in charge of the police! In other words, it allowed any Nazi perpetrated crimes would go unchecked, uninvestigated, and unobstructed! Combine that with the fact that Germany instituted the so-called ‘People’s Court’s’ who were actually filled with Nazi loyalists who made sure that anyone accused of a crime by the Nazi government and charged with treason, would be found guilty, regardless of guilt or innocence, and regardless of evidence! To make matters worse for the falsely accused…

Judges had to swear an oath of loyalty to the Nazis. This gave the Nazis greater power over the sentencing of political enemies and those deemed to be criminals.

Now, as the Democrats ebb ever-closer to Marxist-Fascist state, they are now showing their true intentions, as they work to gain complete control over all aspects of our nation, and eliminate all opposition themselves!

Already, they have utilized their power to censor and eliminate conservative online content, as they control Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, and countless other online sites! They have eliminated billions of page views to pro-conservative websites, especially the most prominent ones like Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, Daily Caller, etc.! Also, the left-wing controlled State of California passed Senate Bill SB 1424, which it made it all the way to the Governor’s desk before he sent it back. Ultimately, it would have required the state’s attorney general to create an advisory committee, similar to Nazi Germany, by April 1st, 2019 to monitor the spread of what they determine to be ‘Fake News, that is published on social media. That means that the group would work with social media companies to censor and silence anyone who has opinions that differentiate or counter their own beliefs and perspectives.

Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media and Progressive Democrats have targeted anyone who counters their reporting’s authenticity. Just one example can be seen when CNN called for conservative media censorship and then simultaneously attacked a Parkland Florida student hero that stood up to the anti-gun lobby. Also, Covington Catholic School students were falsely accused by the Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies, while the left-wing social media giants allowed it to fester into hate and violence, and all because the boys were ‘white’, and wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats! The Democrats have attacked in unison United States Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh and more than thirty Administration officials in the Trump White House! The out-of-control and radical left have also attacked America’s Police force, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) as racist and hate organizations! They have even declared open season on the United States military, as they demonize our troops, financially ruined and destroyed the reputation of a heavily decorated and long-serving war hero General Michael Flynn, only to have it realized, that the entire investigation was based on a left-wing designed and perpetrated lie!

Even last week, in the United States House of Representatives, the Democrats have decided to embrace Marxist Fascism as well, as they have now called for Congressional Oversight over Fox News Channel! After all, since they cannot control the narrative on the network, they want the government to oversee the network’s reporting, and determine what they can put on, and what the government wants to force them to suppress!

Breitbart reported…

House Democrats Want ‘Oversight’ over Fox News’ Editorial Decisions

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are demanding to know why Fox News did not publish a story prior to the 2016 election about an alleged affair years before between porn star Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump.

House Committee on Oversight and Reform chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wrote to former Fox News reporter Diana Falzone last month demanding that she turn over any documents relating to Trump’s alleged extramarital affairs.

An article in the New Yorker last month alleged that Fox News executive Ken LaCorte spiked the story to protect Trump — a claim LaCorte has vehemently denied, saying the story lacked corroborating evidence and that the network was merely practicing responsible journalism, as were other outlets who declined the story.

That article seems to have motivated Cummings’s letter — a letter that not only seeks personal dirt on the president, but seeks information that might be used to review Fox News’ editorial decisions. The committee’s letter suggests that Fox News may have violated campaign finance rules if it tried to help Trump by suppressing the Daniels story.

Now, the Gateway Pundit discovered that…

Top liberal groups are sending out blacklists similar to what you might see in socialist regimes to US corporations to prevent Trump officials from ever being employed again.

The Socialist revolution is here.

Also, FOX News reported…

As outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen looks for her next job following her resignation Sunday, she may find herself battling a liberal blacklisting effort against those who’ve served in the Trump administration.

Nielsen’s name appears on a list that a cabal of immigration and civil rights groups recently sent to the CEOs of American companies, urging them not to hire Trump officials who were involved in last year’s separation of migrant children from their families.

Other current and former Trump administration officials targeted include John Kelly, the former White House chief of staff, and Sarah Sanders, the current White House press secretary.

“Some of these individuals have left the administration in recent months,” the letter to the CEOs states. “Regardless of when they leave, they should not be allowed to seek refuge in your boardrooms or corner offices. Allowing them to step off the revolving door and into your welcoming arms should be a nonstarter.”

The blacklist includes SO FAR…

● Matthew Albence, Executive Associate Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
● Nathalie Asher, Acting Executive Associate Director, ICE Operations
● Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services
● Matthew Bassett, Assistant Secretary for Legislation, HHS
● Rachel Brand, former Associate Attorney General
● Joseph Edlow, Deputy Attorney General, DOJ
● Eric Hargan, Deputy Secretary, HHS
● Gene Hamilton, Counselor to Attorney General, DOJ
● Jonathan Hayes, Office of Refugee Resettlement, HHS
● Thomas Homan, Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
● Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Press Secretary
● Sarah Isgur Flores, Former Spokesperson, DOJ
● Lynn A. Johnson, Assistant Secretary for Family Support, HHS
● John Kelly, Former White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Homeland Security
● Kathy Kraninger, former Associate Director for Government Programs, OMB
● Scott Lloyd, Former Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement
● Kevin McAleenan, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection
● James McHenry, Director of Office of Immigration Review, DOJ
● Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to the President
● Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security
● Carla Provost, Chief of U.S. Border Patrol
● Jeff Sessions, Former U.S. Attorney General
● Judy Stecker, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, HHS
● Jallyn Sualog, Deputy Director of Office of Refugee Resettlement, HHS
● Ronald Vitiello, Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
● Steven Wagner, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration for Children
and Families, HHS
● Maggie Wynne, Counselor for Human Services Policy, HHS

Sadly, Marxist Fascism is not simply on its way! In fact, Democrats and their left-wing radical allies are already in the process of implementing their hate-driven, freedom-crushing, fear-driving agenda in America, and it is up to ‘We the People’ to wake up, see the writing on the wall, and use the powers of the American voter, as well as to speak out and stand up for what is right, rather than allow them to destroy what remains of American freedom, idealism, and the American dream!