By: Brian Evans

Democrats have worked skillfully to distort reality in such a way, as to make Americans believe up is down while down is up, right is wrong and left is right, defenders of freedom and liberty are cruel while authoritarians are good, morality is evil while evil is moral, and all while claiming those who work to protect America and Americans as bad, while those in Congress and throughout our government who work to end America as a nation are good!

Now, as the Democrats are showing their true colors and hatred for America, the Washington Examiner reported that…

“It is the Democrats’ conceit that they’re members of the reality-based party. They like to tag Republicans and conservatives as “deniers” of plain facts. It’s a highly debatable proposition in many policy areas — GMO crops and abortion come to mind — but the Democrats’ starkest evasion of facts is currently at the nation’s southern border. The party’s only tactic is outright denial of the plain truth that we have a crisis, and their denial is making it worse.

“President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage and stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in January, as the White House and Congress wrangled over shutting down the government over money for border security.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said of the president’s Oval Office address calling for a border wall, “This president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear, and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration.”

Rep. Juan Vargas, D-Calif., who sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee, said after the Oval Office address, “There is a crisis, alright, but it’s in [Trump’s] poor mind.”

However, the Democrats have manipulated the facts, utilized the Mainstream Media to run their twisted half-truths home, and tried to deceitfully trick the American people into believing that there isn’t a border crisis when there is one! In fact, the Examiner went on to point out that…

More than 50,000 migrants were arrested each month in October, November, and December 2018 trying to enter the U.S. illegally. This flood was much higher than the previous year’s monthly average, according to Customs and Border Protection officials. The number in December was a record high. The sheer volume of families illegally crossing into America in recent months has overwhelmed officials at the border and created a new kind of “humanitarian crisis,” the New York Times finally realized in January. Meanwhile, immigration courts are badly overwhelmed and reported a backlog of 760,000 cases in January before the government shutdown, according to the Justice Department.

It is only “a matter of time” before tragedy strikes at one of the Customs and Border Protection’s holding facilities, Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said in March. There are more than 13,000 migrants in custody in El Paso, Texas, he said, adding that most of the migrants are families or unaccompanied children.

“On Monday and Tuesday, CBP started the day with over 12,000 migrants in our custody,” he said. “As of this morning, that number was 13,400. A high number for us is 4,000. A crisis level is 6,000. 13,000 is unprecedented.”

As for the journey itself, it is often treacherous; 31% of female migrants say they were sexually abused while traveling through Mexico, according to Doctors Without Borders.

“You’ve got a humanitarian crisis, which has created a border security crisis for us, that we’ve been doing this for an awfully long time, and this is all being driven by policy crisis,” Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz of the U.S. Border Patrol said in an interview with CNN this week. “And until we fix the policy crisis, we’re going to continue to deal with the other two.”

Now, as the Democrats whine about President Trump using his executive power to secure the border, despite their own failure and refusal to not only allow him the funds to do his job, but they WON’T EVEN ADMIT THAT THERE IS A CRISIS! The Democrats won’t even lend an ear to Americans who lost sons and daughters, husbands and wives, relatives or friends to illegal immigration! Democrats won’t even hear out those like the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who serve on the front lines of the border crisis in America!

Regardless, the Democrats deny the crisis, as the Mainstream Media buries and refuses to cover the true story or numbers! However, what they do cover is the fact that illegals who migrate northward into the United States can bring their golden ticket, a child, and once they get across the border, the child gives the illegals a one-way ticket to stay in the United States! Therefore, the radically wild left-wing policies are not only dangerous and stupid, but it is exacerbating the crisis, and causing migration problem to explode by not only massive numbers but by astronomically dangerous numbers!

Today, our nations border patrol officers need miles and miles of border wall, more manpower, the best technology, and better immigration laws that make sense! Currently, we have a President who is working tirelessly to help out the officers, but the Democrat resistance is doing everything in their power to block his ability to do his job! Sadly, the immigration crisis will continue until Democrat leaders stand with Trump in protecting America and the American people. However, regardless, the Democrats have indicated that they will not only resist securing the border, but they will do everything in their power to make sure it stays open, regardless of the increased security risks and dangers it places on the people of these United States of America!