By: Brian Evans

As the Democrat and left-wing radicals war on Jews and Christians expands, Chic-Fil-A has come once again under fire by the left! Already, they have been boycotted from cities like New York which failed and banned from left-wing college campuses throughout the United States not because they discriminated against anyone, but because of their religiously held beliefs! Now, Chic-fil-A has been banned from New York’s Buffalo Airport, because of their Christian held beliefs!

In fact, less than one day after Chic-fil-A was set to open their Buffalo Airport store, they announced that they would be pulling the store, due to criticism from far left radical activists.

Ultimately, Democrats have strayed SO FAR from the ideals of the Constitution of the United States, it is no wonder they hate President Trump! They claim to be in favor of the separation of ‘Church and State’, but they use the State to suppress and destroy the church! They claim to be in favor of free speech, but they try to suppress the free speech of Conservatives, Christians, and pro-Capitalists, as they fight for Socialism, Marxism, and an all-powerful and oppressive State! In the end, it goes to show the detachment from reality that the left-wing ‘Resistance’ has, as they try to destroy not only a President and all those who support him but especially the Christian Conservative base that truly loves America and all the freedoms and rights that are granted under the Constitution of the United States of America!