By: Brian Evans

After the Democrats fought vigorously to get ex-felons to gain the right to vote in
Florida, on Monday, President Trump’s son-in-law went on Fox News Channel and told Laura Ingraham that more ex-cons are registering as Republicans than Democrats in Florida since the new law passed allowing ex-cons to vote.

Jared Kushner said…

“One statistic that I found very pleasing is that, in Florida they passed a law that former felons can now vote. We’ve had more ex-felons register as Republicans than Democrats and I think they see the reforms…”

Laura Ingraham responded to the revelation by stating…

Woah, woah, woah… You’ve had more ex-felons register as Republicans than Democrats?

Jared Kushner replied…

That’s the data that I’ve seen. I think that will surprise a lot of people.

Via the Ingraham Angle

In all, if the trend continues, it could turn out to be one of the biggest back-fires in history, and could change the trajectory of Florida’s voting in a way that Democrats had not planned for, as Dems had hoped that the new law would pad their numbers in upcoming elections! In other words, THEY GOT TRUMPED!