By: Brian Evans

In July of 2015. 32-year-old Kate Steinle was walking with her father on Pier 24 in San Francisco when she was shot and killed. Soon after, an illegal immigrant by the name of José Inez García Zárate was arrested and charged with her murder. Then, just over two years later, a San Francisco jury found Kate Steinle’s killer Jose Zarate innocent of murder or even manslaughter. Quickly after the trial, outrage ensued, as evidence had been overwhelming against the illegal, and Zarate’s attorneys responded by accusing anyone who was offended, of being racist!

Kate’s parents filed a lawsuit against San Francisco, because their Sanctuary City laws protected Zarate, and allowed him to stay in the city, which led up to Steinle’s death! Now, on Monday the left-wing 9th Circuit federal appeals court ruled the parents of Kate Steinle cannot sue the San Francisco for their sanctuary city policies.

The Washington Examiner reported that…

A federal appeals court ruled Monday the parents of Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in 2015, cannot sue San Francisco for the “sancutary city’s” failure to tell immigration officials about the shooter’s release.

Steinle’s parents alleged San Francisco and the city’s former sheriff shared the blamed for their daughter’s death because officials did not notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement when Jose Ines Garcia Zarate got out of jail.

Garcia Zarate had been deported five times prior to killing Steinle and was released from jail three months before the shooting.