By: Brian Evans

On Thursday night, President Trump arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan to an electric and massive crowd! In fact, even the overflow crowd was made up of more than 20,000 alone!

The Grand Rapids Police Department said that at one point, there were 15,000 people outside, as they couldn’t get inside the Van Andel Arena, so they watched and listened outside to President Donald Trump’s speech on a set of jumbo video screens! Other reports indicate that there were more than 100,000 RSVPs for Trump’s rally Thursday, with 14,000 indoors and nearly 20,000 people in the streets.

In all, it was a massive sea of red, as many of the attendees had been standing in line since dawn, with a mere hope to get a glimpse of the President! Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale put the overflow crowd at nearly 20,000…

Grand Rapids police estimated that the total number of attendees was at 15,000…

Ultimately, it goes to show, that despite the fact that the Mainstream Media and Democrats claim that President Trump is unpopular in America, the enthusiasm and support of the President, by the American people says otherwise!