By: Brian Evans

Although it should be of no surprise to Americans that the Washington Post would spin a new conspiracy out of their old false conspiracy theories, like any good propaganda media outlet, they rose to the occasion this week! In fact, following the release of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s final report being released on Sunday, and the fact that they found no collusion between Donald Trump or his 2016 campaign and Russia, the Washington Post Editorial Board actually said that President Trump’s  “deference” to Russian President Vladimir Putin could be

“repayment for the Kremlin’s help during the presidential race.”

Not surprisingly, the Washington Post was short on details, and they didn’t even specify what “deference” they were referring to, but they couldn’t give up the attack, despite its lack of merit!

The Washington Post even went so far as to credit Vladamir Putin and Russia for assisting President Trump in his winning of the White House in 2016, despite intelligence agencies and Congress itself refuting those claims!

Now, following the release of the Mueller report, the so-called Media outlet published an article titled

“Trump did not collude with Russia. But he’s wrong to say Mueller exonerated him.”

In the article, it said that it…

“should be a relief to Americans worried that the nation’s senior leaders acted as agents of a foreign power during the 2016 election.”

However, they then went on to accuse President Trump of deferring to Putin, in an effort to repay Russia for helping him win in 2016! They said…

On the other hand, Mr. Trump’s bizarre refusal to acknowledge the Russian interference, and his unceasing assaults on Mr. Mueller’s investigation, are all the more confounding. It is still not out of the question that Mr. Trump’s disturbing deference to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin is repayment for the Kremlin’s help during the presidential race. But it seems more likely that Mr. Trump is simply a Russian apologist. That is not comforting.

In the end, the Washington Post is trying to cover one fake and malicious story that is falling apart with another fake and malicious story! However, it simply makes them look outrageously false and misleading! Regardless, they continue to pump out false stories faster than the speed of light!

However, in the end, there is one thing that the Washington Post, their fellow Mainstream Media co-conspirators, and Democrats fail to note or mention! They fail to note the fact that when comparing the Trump Administration to the Obama Administration, President Trump has taken a hardline stance against Russia, unlike his predecessor! In fact, the Trump Administration has rejected Russia’s annexation of Crimea, sanctioned Russian entities, stymied Russian influence in Syria, and been a thorn in the side of the Kremlin and Putin! Therefore, if the Washington Post and other Mainstream Media outlets were truly concerned about Russia collusion, they would not have to look any further than the Obama Administration including Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennen, James Comey, and numerous others! Sadly, new reports indicate that the corruption likely rose all the way up to the top echelon of the Administration, including President Obama himself!