By: Brian Evans

In August 2018, Bahena-Rivera, an illegal alien from Mexico was charged with Tibbetts’ murder after police said he admitted to confronting Tibbets and chasing her down after her body was found in a cornfield in Poweshiek County, Iowa. Rivera crossed into the United States across the Southern border as what Democrats like to call an “undocumented minor”! He then found residence and settled down amid a group of sanctuary cities, and obtained employment on a dairy farm using stolen identification and Social Security cards!

According to Prosecutors, Bahena-Rivera was caught on camera footage watching Tibbetts jogging on July 18 in Brooklyn, Iowa, and moments before she went missing!  Bahena-Rivera, an illegal alien, told police that Tibbetts was jogging when he saw her. According to Rivera, that is when he said he approached Tibbetts and started talking to her. Reports indicate that Molly Tibbets, the 20 year-old-girl, told Bahena-Rivera that she would call the police if he did not stop following her, but Rivera allegedly chased her and says he “blacked out” after that. At that point, and based on forensic and other evidence collected, the Police believe Bahena-Rivera stabbed Tibbetts to death, then drove her body to a cornfield where prosecutors say Bahena-Rivera placed cornstalks over her, an an attempt to hide her body, and his murderous act! 

Then, after his confession to authorities, Bahena Rivera’s attorneys filed a motion requesting that the illegal alien’s confession be thrown out of the case because they claim their client was not read his Miranda rights. In the motion, his attorney’s claim that law enforcement didn’t inform the illegal that he could have refused to have his car searched by Police when they questioned him and that they didn’t read him the Miranda rights BEFORE HE CONFESSED TO THE MURDER OF THE TEEN! 

According to the Des Moines Register, the illegal alien’s defense team asked for the jury pool to be moved to another county with fewer white people, and where it would be mostly Hispanic. Bahena-Rivera’s attorneys filed a motion that requested that the jury selection be moved out of Poweshiek County, where the murder took place, to a county in Iowa with a large Hispanic population. His attorney’s said…

“Without venue where a minority population is substantially represented, [Bahena-Rivera] cannot be fairly tried and any jury pool chosen will have to be stricken.”

Therefore, the attorneys asked that the illegal alien’s Mexican nationality be taken into consideration when picking a new county for jury selection. They stated…

“a fair and impartial trial cannot be preserved with a jury selected from [Poweshiek] county.”

The based their motion of alleged negative perceptions of the Hispanic community in the area with online comments from news stories. However the problem with their assumption is that there is no way to verify where ANY OF THE COMMENTERS actually live! Typically, most comments on stories come from people spread out across the nation, and some times out of the country! Then, the illegal aliens defense team stated a safety concern for his witnesses, as they said alleged made the impression that Hispanics who testified on his behalf would have their life threatened by non-Hispanic Amerians! The attorneys said…

“These individuals fear reprisals from locals who hold strong opinions concerning Latinos following [Rivera] being charged.” Adding that…

“a fair and impartial trial cannot be preserved with a jury selected from [Poweshiek] county” due to alleged negative perceptions of the Hispanic community by white Americans in the area.

Already, Bahena Riveras requested that he not be called an “illegal alien”, as his attorney’s said that he had a “constitutional right” to be given $5000 in taxpayer funds, so he could hire an investigative team to defend him, even though he IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, OR EVEN A LEGAL IMMIGRANT! Regardless, according to the Gazette, Bahena-Rivera was granted $3,200 in state taxpayer funds by the 8th Judicial District Judge Joel Yates, to pay for a so-called expert witness for the upcoming murder trial, to try to beat the murder wrap! Judge Yates said that in his decision, the illegal alien qualifies for taxpayer-funded stipends to fight the murder charge, and all indications point to the fact that the accused illegal alien killer’s defense team is expected to ask for more taxpayer money before the trial! The Gazette wrote…

Lawyers for Cristhian Bahena Rivera, 24, who is charged with first-degree murder, said the stipend was needed to hire a forensic expert with Criminal Case Consultants in Buffalo, N.Y. The expert can provide insight on interrogation techniques and analytical investigative methods given the “length, context, language barriers and other factors involved in the police interrogation” of Rivera, Chase Frese, Rivera’s lawyer, said in the motion. [Emphasis added]

The stipend is required for the expert to begin looking into these issuesbut it doesn’t cover costs of testimony at trial or travel expenses, Frese, in motion, said. The defense will make separate requests for those funds if necessary. [Emphasis added]

Eighth Judicial District Judge Joel Yates approved the stipend Tuesday, saying a financial affidavit filed with the court shows Rivera is indigent and qualifies for public funds, which will be paid by the state. If additional funds are needed, the defense will have to obtain court approval, he added. [Emphasis added]

Ultimately, between Judges granting illegal aliens Constitutional rights, giving them taxpayer funds to defend themselves against murdering American citizens, and attempts to throw CONFESSIONS TO THE CRIME out of court, it is just the latest in a series of out-of-control Progressive and Socialist crimes against our nations Constitutional Republic! Meanwhile, as Congressional Democrats try to open up our nation to unvetted, illegal, and many times criminal gangs and drug dealers, Americans are paying the price! Americans like Molly Tibbets who was needlessly, savagely, and brutally murdered by someone who SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN IN THE UNITED STATES IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Bahena-Rivera, the illegal alien’s bond has been set at $5 million, and his murder trial is