By: Brian Evans

Sadly, Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel took a decorated war hero who spent more than 30 years in service to our nation a two-year-long ‘witch hunt’, leaving the honorable American General Michael Flynn and his family, broke and bankrupt! In fact, the decorated war hero was forced to drain and deplete his bank accounts, sell his home, and to file bankruptcy, as he had to defend his family, his name, and his life, in a court of law against Robert Mueller, who had a bottomless supply of money to finance his attack on an innocent man! Even sadder, the Mainstream Media and Democrats destroyed his family’s name in the public eye for years, only to find out that neither the Democrats, the Media, or the Special Counsel had a single shred of evidence that the General, the President, nor anyone who worked for him colluded with Russia! WHAT HAPPENED TO INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

Then on Monday, the Gateway Pundit reported that…

PLEASE PASS THIS ON–> Gen. Michael Flynn Still Owes $5 Million in Legal Bills — PLEASE DONATE TO HIS DEFENSE FUND HERE!

Michael T. Flynn is an American patriot who honorably served his country for over 33 years in the US Army including five years in combat.

Michael Flynn was set up by the Mueller Special Counsel.

On January 24, 2017, two of Direct James Comey’s top FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka went to the White House to question Michael Flynn.

Former FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers weeks later that Flynn did not lie under oath during questioning by the FBI officials.
But General Flynn was indicted by the Mueller witch hunt months later for lying to FBI agents.

He pleaded guilty on December 1, 2017.

Rush Limbaugh called the indictment of Michael Flynn “one of the most gigantic political scandals of our lifetime.”

On Monday ABC News reported that General Michael Flynn has shouldered some $5 million in legal bills, a knowledgeable source close to the retired Army officer told ABC News Monday.

Michael Flynn was set up and was forced to spend his life savings to defend his name.

But now there is a way we can help this American patriot in need.

Please donate to the Michael T. Flynn Legal Defense Fund.

(Mike Jr. told TGP the fund is legitimate and the family is promoting the donation site.)

Please donate to the family in need.

Let’s Help Michael Flynn!

Ultimately, it is sad what has happened to a man and his family, after he spent his life defending our freedom! It is sad that he dedicated his life to making our nation safe, not only for this generation of Americans but for generations to come, only to have the government destroy his life, for purely political purposes! Therefore, not only should we help defend his family and help them financially, but we should investigate, arrest, and prosecute those who were behind this politically motivated attack on Flynn, the President, others destroyed by Mueller, the Constitution, and our nation as a whole!