By: Brian Evans

On Monday, House Oversight Committee member Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) went onto CNN’s ‘A New Day,” as she came out flailing and desperately grasping for anything to keep President Trump the focus in the wake of the Mueller Report exonerating the President!

Representative Katie Hill (D-CA) stated that there is “suspicious” evidence that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “was not covering” related to President Donald Trump. Therefore, did the Democrats withhold pertinent information from the Special Counsel, or is Hill lying to the American people? She said…

“I think everyone needs to kind of slow their roll on this whole thing because right now we have evidence from Mueller, a direct quote from Mueller that there was direct interference by the Russians in the election. We’ve known that for a while. What we’ve seen since Trump took office is that even beforehand he said he was encouraging Russia to release the e-mails, to find those 30,000 e-mails. Now we have to say, ‘OK, fine. He didn’t directly coordinate with Russia moving forward. But now we have evidence over the last two years that the Mueller investigation was not covering that is highly, highly suspicious. Both on the influence by foreign entities that have directly had part with our foreign policy, but also on so many other things. We’re dealing with the security clearances issue, possibly giving nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. We’re dealing with the fact that we’ve got thousands of children that haven’t been reunited with their families and so many issues that we’ve got to continue our investigations on. And it’s just not related to the Mueller report.”

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA)

Ultimately, the Democrats have become desperate, as their entire narrative has imploded on them, and now questions are beginning to be raised as to how such a now obvious and blatant coup could have been perpetrated against a duly-elected and sitting President of the United States of America! Being this entire coup attempt was set up and perpetrated by the Democrats, a corrupt Administrative State, and foreign entities, it is no wonder that Democrats like Katie Hill would want to keep the focus on the President of the United States, and not on the corrupt swamp that devised the plan to let the Establishment swamp decide the 2016 Presidential election winner, instead of ‘We the People’, as designed by the Constitution of the United States!