By: Brian Evans

After President Trump fulfilled his pledge to the American people to make the United States energy independent, left-wing radicals have sought to upend his success and obliterate the American oil and gas industry. In fact, one of the latest examples can be seen with radical left-wing Globalist and pro-Socialist Judge Rudolph Conteras!

Judge Rudolph Conteras is a Judge who was appointed by former President Barack Obama. Now, after America has become the worlds number one producer of gas and oil, Judge Conteras issued an order that effectively blocks all oil and gas drilling in a large swath of Wyoming! Even more concerning is the fact that although America’s Judges are supposed to base their decisions on the Constitution and Constitutional laws, he took it upon himself to legislate from his bench, as he employed judicial activism, rather than strict constitutionalism! In effect, he blocked oil drilling in the state, not because of Constitutional laws, but instead a ‘Global Warming Junk Science report!’

Judge Rudolph Contreras, serves from the District of Columbia, and from his bench, he ordered that global warming junk science must be taken into account, rather than basing his decision strictly on the Constitution! In effect, from his bench in DC, Contreras effectively stopped and blocked any oil and gas drilling in more than 500 square miles!

Ultimately, the Democrats will continue to block every action, every effort by this President and his Administration, to do what he was effectively elected to implement, and whose powers are granted under the Constitutional of the United States of America. They will continue to weaponize the judiciary, as they utilize the third branch as a monkey-wrench in the gears of government, so long as President Trump is in office. After all, they don’t care about the Constitution. They don’t care about democracy. They don’t even care about American trust and confidence in our elections, or the government itself. After all, their ultimate goal is not to preserve our system of government that the Founding Fathers established, but to derail the Constitutional Republic, and institute a socialist and communist system in its place, regardless of what ‘We the People’ think, want, or need.