By: Brian Evans

On Friday, Robert Mueller officially delivered his report into alleged Trump/Russia Collusion to the Attorney General William Barr. Reports are indicating that Barr will be quickly sending the “principal conclusions” to the chair and ranking member of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. After several years of leaks coming from top Democrats like Adam Schiff (D-CA), most experts are expecting leaks to begin quickly filtering out into the press corp!

However, what we do know, is that the Mueller investigation is officially over and that there will be no further indictments, but as to what is in the report, no further information is known, outside the Justice Department, at this point! However, Byron York from the Washington Examiner pointed out five takeaways from the release of the Mueller report so far. They included…

1. Mueller did not indict Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, or other people whose purported legal jeopardy was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

2. Mueller did not charge anyone in the Trump campaign or circle with conspiring with Russia to fix the 2016 election, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

3. Mueller did not subpoena the president, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

4. The president did not fire Mueller, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

5. The president did not interfere with the Mueller investigation, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year. In his letter to Congress, Barr noted the requirement that he notify lawmakers if top Justice Department officials ever interfered with the Mueller investigation. “There were no such instances,” Barr wrote.

So does this mean that the Russia investigation is over? Not really, because the Democrats have vowed to continue going after the President in recent weeks, no matter what the outcome of the multi-million dollar, two-year-long Mueller investigation! But, now that the Mueller investigation is over, and the fact that despite a wholehearted effort by Mueller and his team of anti-Trump, radically left-wing Socialist Democrat Attorney’s, they simply couldn’t find any collusion, or even apparently ANY CRIMES AT ALL! However, one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that the Democrats favorite anti-Trump conspiracy theory is OFFICIALLY DEAD!

Now, despite the fact that the House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said that they needed to give Robert Mueller time to do his job and the fact that he said that he trusted his investigation, now he refuses to accept Robert Mueller’s findings, and within minutes of the report’s release, Schiff  went onto CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and threatened to subpoena Robert Mueller, as to get a clearer picture of Mueller’s findings. After all, Schiff now looks like a liar, as he repeatedly and openly stated on National Television that there is ample evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia in 2016! Now, he is saying that he just needs to ‘get to the truth’! However, maybe he should correct his statement to read that he needs to get to what he wants and determines the truth to be, regardless of hard facts or evidence!

Schiff’s Comments on Video…

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson tore into House Intelligence Chair and habitual liar Adam Schiff (D-CA), as Tucker pointed out Schiff’s lunacy and blatant hate for opposing ideological minds…

In addition, left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer issued a video on Friday rallying supporters after the lackluster conclusion of the report issued by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s report did not include any additional criminal indictments, despite leftists dreaming that President Donald Trump or members of his family would be sent to jail as a result of the investigation. Steyer called for “perspective”, as he reminded his pro-Trump impeachment supporters that Mueller indicted numerous people including Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos! However, Steyer fails to note is that none of the indictments had to do with President Trump or his campaign! Steyer added…

“It has already led to the indictment of 34 individuals.”

However, Steyer failed to mention that 26 of those individuals were Russians and Russian companies, none of which had to do with the President or his campaign! He then said that Mueller’s investigations may not have indicted him on Russian collusion, but led to…

“Mr. Trump’s criminality.”

However, the President hasn’t actually been found to have violated any laws or been involved in criminal activity, but instead has only had accusations leveled at him from the left! Steyer then went on to urge his supporters to cling to the idea that Trump already “participated in crimes” while serving as President of the United States, however, that again is a wish, rather than a fact!

Then, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI), showed that her, along with too many within her Party have succumbed to the radical and Socialist wing of their Party, as she said on MSNBC that she was “ALL IN”, and…

“This is the way I look at it. This is the end of the beginning. The Southern District of New York, there are other entities that will be looking at other aspects of the Trump Organizations practices, money laundering, or tax evasion, insurance fraud, etc. So there’s more to come. I think the president should be concerned. And if we look at his tweets of late where he has been all over the place with regard to Golan Heights and North Korea and all of that. It seems like the president is very concerned in spite of saying, Oh the Mueller report,  I  don’t know about that.”

Ultimately, the Trump Witch Hunt is far from over, because the now-radicalized Democrats have already vowed to continue on their crusade, no matter the evidence, no matter the truth, and no matter how ridiculous, childish, and desperate they look!

In fact, both the House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler have both launched investigations into President Trump’s finances, personal life, sex life, love life, businesses, taxes, organizations, investments, insurance claims, business holdings, travel, leisure, charity work, children, grandchildren, his campaign, his Presidency, and every other aspect of his personal, business, political life, and so much more, all dating back decades! Ironically, Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) even admitted on CNN that there is no evidence that Trump obstructed justice! However, regardless of facts, and regardless of the evidence, he said that in his ‘personal opinion’ President Trump did violate the Constitution. Therefore, it is no longer an investigation into crimes committed by President Trump, but instead, it is a search for an impeachable offense that they can dig up, no matter how hard they have to search, no matter who they hurt, and no matter how much damage they inflict upon our glorious nation! Sadly, what the Democrats should be saying today is that they are sorry for wasting the American taxpayer’s dollars! They should say that they are sorry for wasting time involved in time-consuming investigations when they should have been doing their jobs! Furthermore, they should say that they are sorry to the President, his family, his co-workers, and friends, as they have wreaked havoc on innocent Americans, drained their life savings, and destroyed the reputation of so many, including the President of the United States and his honorable, dedicated, self-sacrificing, and most certainly patriotic family!