By: Brian Evans

Mexican National Christopher Santos Felix came illegally into the United States and racked up a litany of criminal charges, including a DWI and assault! He was finally arrested by the New York Police Department on Sept. 29, 2018. However, as the Police prepared to turn him over to federal custody, the radical leftist sanctuary city policies prevented them from doing so, which led up to his release! Felix roamed free for months longer until immigration authorities were able to capture him again more than five months later! They said that…

“On March 3, 2019, Santos Felix was arrested by ERO for immigration violations. At the time of the arrest, Santos Felix allegedly assaulted an ERO officer and is now facing federal prosecution.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers revealed that they had requested a detainer be put on Christopher Santos Felix, who is a Dominican National. The New York Post reported that…

Felix entered the U.S. in June 2015 on a visitor’s visa. Officers went to his home 11 days prior to arrest him for staying in the U.S., “’longer than his legal authorization permitted.’” The officers took off the handcuffs, allowing Felix to put on some clothing.

The report indicated that the illegal alien criminal bit off the finger of one of the ICE agent who was trying to apprehend him. (pictured below)

The Daily Caller reported that the White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gridley responded to the incident by stating that…

“New York’s dangerous ‘sanctuary’ policies are directly responsible for the egregious and violent harm suffered by this courageous ICE officer. The officer’s injury was the direct, foreseeable and entirely avoidable result of New York’s criminal alien sanctuary policies. Proponents of sanctuary policies claim they make communities safer, but in many cases they are causing more harm than good.”

Ultimately, this is yet another example of how out-of-control the policies of the radically shifting left-wing Democrats have become, as they put the safety and security of illegal aliens, and even illegal alien criminals, before the lives and safety of the American people or those who serve and protect our nation, our communities, and our neighborhoods!