By: Brian Evans

Bill Kristol, along with the Bush family, Koch brothers, and much of the Establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan and others, are all members of an Elitist organization called the Fabian Society, which originated in England! The Fabian Society is a British socialist organization whose purpose has been and continues to be, for the advancement of the principles of democratic socialism through gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow, as Karl Marx promoted!

Now, as President Trump has successfully undone, destroyed, and waged a non-violent war on much of their Socialist agenda and policies that were implemented under both Bush Presidencies, Bill Clinton, and the Barack Obama Administrations, Fabian Socialists have tried to use every cliche in the book to destroy President Trump’s name, reputation, mental state, family, businesses, and life! They have gone after the President, his wife, his children, his friends, his co-workers, and his supporters!

As we detailed in “Globalist vs. Populist” last week…

“Following the Presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan, who is one of the greatest leaders in the history of our nation, the Bush family Dynasty was able to single-handedly destroy not only the Republican Party as a cohesive Conservative  group, but they were able to tear the nation apart to the point that it allowed for Marxist ideologues to infiltrate and pervert the nations top leadership, including within the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other areas of the Administrative State. They also pushed for and grew the Administrative State to monumental proportions, as they fought for one of the largest expansions of the federal bureaucracy in the history of our nation! They implemented and supported outlandish and outdated trade practices, as they allowed foreign nations to take advantage of the American people, and America as a whole! They allowed Marxism and Socialism to flourish not only around the globe but within the United States of America, as they pushed for greater federal take-over of the educational system, as they crushed State rights! They carelessly and needlessly pushed for global wars as they created areas for terror organizations to flourish, following the fall of foreign nations like Iraq, and Afghanistan.”

Now, this week the FAKE CONSERVATIVE SO-CALLED People Agreeing with Me — Trump Lacks ‘Psychological State’ for Presidency

Monday on MSNBC’s “Live,” political commentator, ‘never-Trumper’, and Fabian-Socialist Bill Kristol said people who weren’t on board with doubts about President Donald Trump now think he doesn’t have “the psychological state” to be trusted as president. Bill Kristol said…

“Twitter, you do see him sort of unplugged so to speak. I’ve got to say this weekend, people who haven’t agreed with me, people who have said to me over and over ‘Oh, come on, Bill, the tweets are annoying and vulgar and even a little bit disagreeable, let’s say, for a president, but, you know, the tax cuts are good and the judges are good.’ I’d say this weekend a few people said, ‘You know, maybe this really shows that he’s not stable, he doesn’t have the psychological state to be trusted as president,’ and especially of an additional four years.”

However, much like the Bush family, similar to the anti-Democratic Koch brothers, and alongside his fellow Fabian-Socialist ‘fake Conservatives’, Bill Kristol continues to stretch, bend, and distort the facts about their true intentions! In fact, many of these ‘False-Conservatives’ have always been Fabian Socialists! However, now they are lambasting President Trump’s TRULY CONSERVATIVE accomplishments, declared him unfit for office, and have tried to belittle him as HE FIGHTS FOR TRUE CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES! It has led many to wonder why these ‘Never Trumper’ Conservatives like Bret Stephens of the NY Times, the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), the Koch Brothers, the Bush family, Bill Kristol, and others, are so quick to criticize, and diminish President Trump’s vast accomplishments during his first term in office, yet it is they themselves who lack the true Conservative accomplishments and credentials, as they chastise a man who has proven to be more of a President of the people, by the people, and for the people, than virtually any President in history!

Now, in their apparently insignificantly small minded thinking, they fail to understand WHY THEIR WAR ON PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO NOT ONLY FAIL BUT TO GROW HIS POPULARITY! They fail to recognize that while they sit on their Elitist thrones of wealth and power, it is ‘We the People’, who are granted the true unwavering power under the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights! That is why the Elitist Political and Socialist Class LOATH AND DESPISE THE DOCUMENT! Also, they think that the American people are so stupid and ignorant, that they can lie to us about their true Elitist and Socialist ideals, as they try to claim that they are Conservatives! They try to claim President Trump is not a Conservative, yet he has proven to be more conservative than ANY FORMER PRESIDENT IN UNITED STATES HISTORY!

Ultimately, these false-conservative ideologues who think that they can push socialism through lies and deceit are in for a major surprise in 2020, as President Trump’s popularity grows, and as his approval amongst the American people, and especially Republicans grows to monumental proportions! After all, ‘We the People’ still have the power, so long as we protect one of the most precious documents ever devised by mankind, the ‘Constitution of the United States of America’!