By: Brian Evans

As Marxist Socialism continues to rear its ugly head in the world and destroy nations, sadly the United States of America is not immune to its destructive influence! In fact, as communists have infiltrated the colleges and universities throughout America, it has allowed its evil influences to be taught to them as facts, rather than fiction! The propaganda has perverted the truth, and now a new crop of radicalized leftists have risen to power! Radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and hundred’s of thousands of others! Now, we have a generation who rather than being educated, have become miseducated! We have young adults who rather than being informed, have become misinformed! Sadly, THEY DON’T EVEN REALIZE OR COMPREHEND THEIR OWN IGNORANCE! Through their college indoctrination, they have been so detached from reality that they cannot even listen to reason, as they were taught that anyone who disagrees is lying to them and trying to confuse and mix up their already twisted minds!

One of those irrational individuals who have an influence on the policies of our nation is Democratic strategist Waleed Shahid, as he has worked for both Senator and Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and as a Senior Aide to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Shahid showed that he doesn’t even have a basic understanding of what Democracy means, as he said on MSNBC that…

“Democracy Should Mean Taking Power and Wealth From Those Who Hoard It”

The discussion stemmed from a talk about the left-wing Hollywood Elites who were caught cheating the system and shamefully putting their children into college in place of hard working middle class and poorer students who ACTUALLY EARNED THE SPOT! The radical pro-Marxist Democrat Strategist said that the scandal proved a need for radical proposals, such as implementing a government take-over of healthcare, and every other aspect of the private American economy through ‘Medicare for all’ and the ‘Green New Deal’!

Shahid is also the communications director for the Marxist group, the ‘Justice Democrats’. Furthermore, countless other Democrat lawmakers like Rep. Castro (D-TX), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS), Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), and numerous others all are pushing for the same Marxist policies! A video already surfaced of Bernie Sanders celebrating his anniversary with communists in the former evil-Marxist USSR, another video was released in recent week that shows Bernie Sanders in 1985 praising the brutal Communist Castro regime in Cuba…

Bernie also admitted to treason, in that he said that he traveled to Nicaragua to advise the Ortega regime on how to successfully fight the United States.

Bloomberg also reported on Sanders in the 2016 Presidental election, and showed how he was highly criticized for…

taking his ‘honeymoon‘ to the Soviet Union in May of 1988.

Still, what the now Marxist Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Ocasio-Cortez, and others conveniently fail to mention to ‘We the People’, is the inherent evils of the radically oppressive Communist ideology!

In fact, under communist rule, individuals had to surrender personal rights and freedoms to make room for ‘the collective.’ Citizens lost the freedom of speech since they were considered a danger to the Communist party, and the loss of private property, civil rights, or artistic expression took away some of the other basic human rights allotted to individuals. It was not important to think of what was best for each individual or family, but instead what is best for the collective whole. Furthermore, in communist societies, the needs of the collective began to give way to the needs of the political elite class. To make matters worse for communist countries, they were not able to adapt to outside global economic and social changes, a problem that can be seen in the collapse of Venezuela today! China, was able to create a communist hybrid economy that was better able to react to outside stimuli, in addition to implementing corrupt and illegal practices like currency manipulation, unfair trade practices, breaking child labor laws, low wages, dangerous working conditions, etc. to out-price nations like the United States who have higher wages, and thousands of regulations on businesses. Countries like the Soviet Union were doomed from the start since they refused to react to the markets outside the borders of their nation. Another problem that communist countries faced was a lack of innovation. With communism being such a closed society, and innovation being the result of humans striving to create the newest and greatest invention to make their fortune, it makes communist innovation an impossible feat. To make matters worse under communism, poor economic calculation is another downfall of the ideology. Typically, the economy dictates that the price of a product is formed when the offer meets demand. However, under the communist doctrine, a command economy is the only way of determining how the resources are spent. This is where a huge disparity begins to show between the worker and the political elites. Political Elites tend to gain in wealth, power, and living conditions, while the average worker (proletariat) has little wealth, no power, rights, freedoms, and has poor living conditions. Another problem with communism stems from its blatant human rights abuses. With power held in the hands of the few, mass murder becomes just one of the tragedies of the communist regimes. From the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to Stalin’s rise to power, the history of communism is riddled with tales of atrocities committed against those who did not embrace the communist doctrine. Communist regimes have been riddled with famine, overwork, child labor, mass executions, and other atrocities. Not to mention, the fact that a neurosurgeon makes the same as a factory worker, despite how difficult and long the schooling. Also, a worker on a farm making the same as a high-risk nuclear reactor worker would take away the incentive to work high-risk jobs. It takes away the incentives for people performing tougher or more dangerous jobs to be motivated to work harder or innovate. In all, Karl Marx’s communist utopian social experiment was doomed from the start. From its lack of rights, power in the hands of the political elite, obsessive control, and the many other problems, communism was a time bomb set to explode at any given moment. Combined with the reality that communism is founded on despotic regimes, founded on tyranny, who impose the use of terror and fear as tools to control the masses, it is an ideology wrought with problems. In the end, every society based on such oppressive, ruthless, and unbalanced leadership, rises up against such a regime.

Today, the Democrats have embraced a new and more clever type of Socialism called ‘Incremental’ or ‘Fabian-Socialism’! It is more of a stealth form of transformational socialism, in that Fabian Socialists believe in getting towards a Socialist or Marxist State with a different method of achieving that end. Fabians realized that a revolt of the masses is next to impossible to achieve, except in the direst of conditions within a nation. That is why Fabian Socialists decided to devise a new method of implementing socialist ideology within a nation. This was especially true in the United States of America, where capitalism led to one of the greatest societies in the history of mankind. It led to a thriving middle class, while American’s were blessed with more freedom than any civilization in history. Fabians knew that a revolution of the working class was an impossible feat in a country like the United States. Therefore, American Socialists adopted the British Fabian-Economics model in an attempt to implement a socialist society in America quietly and under the radar of Americans. After all, Fabians believed in Socialism but believed it would be better to gradually and quietly convert democratic society into socialist ones, rather than by Marxist revolt. Therefore, since the beginning of America’s Progressive movement, The pro-communist and pro-socialist leadership knew that transforming America from the pro-capitalist Constitutional Republic would require a much more secretive and gradual transformation than Marxist-Socialism or Transformational-Socialism could offer. It would require a quiet and gradual transformation that would slip under the radar of Americans. It would require the slow conversion of young minds to make them question the very fabric of our nation.

Marxists on both sides of the aisle include the Progressive-Socialist Democrats and Fabian-Socialist RINO Republicans didn’t stop there. They knew that they would need to erode the very thing that protects our country from the corruption and the perversion of mankind. They knew that to truly transform America, they would need to water down the Founding Fathers greatest achievement…’The Constitution of the United States.” In response to that need, Progressives or Fabians began the slow and gradual watering down and slow degradation of the glorious document.

Today, America is suffering from the dumbing down of our children’s educational institutions and the implementation of radical Marxist propaganda! It has caused radicalized leadership like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Beto’ O’Roarke (D-TX), and numerous others to emerge as the so-called champions of the people! However, even they don’t realize that they are the champions of enslavement of the people, as they fight for those whom they claim to be fighting against…THE ULTRA WEALTHY ELITIST ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CLASS IN AMERICA! Sadly, they have become so miseducated that they couldn’t see the truth if it bit them in the behind!