By: Brian Evans

This past week, the Gateway Pundit was able to get ahold of and release an ‘exclusive’ report on how the radically out-of-touch and left-wing Marxist Portland City Council and Public School System is, in regards to Constitutional laws and American freedoms!

It started out with the Portland Public Schools superintendent, Guadalupe Guerrero, who recently testified to the school board on his efforts to assist illegals in their attempt to avoid capture and deportation…

Portland Schools have had such a backlash, they listed the video on their PPS YouTube channel to “unlisted, as to make it difficult to find.

Guerrero said that

I want to address a topic that is of both personal and professional importance to me, both as Superintendent of the Portland Public Schools and as a son of immigrants to this country, as someone for whom public education opened doors, as someone who entered school not knowing English…who went on to obtain graduate degrees and now has the privilege of serving in this role.

In recent days, we have heard reports that Immigration and Custom Enforcement, also known as ICE, has conducted targeted efforts to arrest individuals within our community. I am horrified and angered that one of these detainees is a PPS parent, who like so many other families, was on their way to drop off their children–our students–at school. This is unforgivable and inhumane. Like so many of us, our immigrant parents have the same hopes and dreams for their children. And like all of us, they sacrifice to provide all we can for their children.

So while we watch the six o’clock news and see the horrific images of children being torn from their families and put into cages at the border, we know that our families right here in Portland, right here in our communities, are being torn apart. This is unacceptable. Students shouldn’t come to school anxious that their mama or papa won’t be at home after school. Parents shouldn’t fear not being able to pick up their kids from school because of the potential to be detained.

And so, while it is not within my purview to control immigration issues beyond our campus boundaries, I want to publicly reaffirm our commitment that our school will serve as beacons of learning for every student, regardless of their immigration status or that of their families. No one will be turned away and every student will be guaranteed, as best we can, a rich education experience. We will continue to do everything possible to ensure that our schools are sanctuaries for our students.

I know I sit here at the dais with seven board members committed to the same. I want to once again thank them for passing Resolution No. 5363, Rights of Undocumented Students and Protocols for INS and ICE Access to Schools, last year, where they firmly expressed our collective values on this issue.

We will continue to work with our community-based partners to provide adequate supports to help our students and families heal from this horrific trauma. I have also directed our staff to deploy resources and counseling to impacted schools. As I did last night, I will continue to personally reach out to affected families.

In moments like this, our community and our school district will be remembered for our humanity, by how we reach out and support those who are really suffering a trauma that many of us can’t begin to understand.

And so to our families: We have your back. We have a moral responsibility to provide you and yours a rich education and a safe place to come to school every day.

The resolution he was referring to, which was passed by the Portland School System said…

As a result, the Portland Public Schools have released new guidelines for teachers that obligate them to help illegal aliens evade Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers, and break federal law! The guide is labeled…

“Responding to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)”

It tells the teachers that they are required not to turn over the illegals to agents when they are instructed to do so and to refuse to cooperate with the officers by not talking! The manual goes on to instruct the families of the students not to comply with warrants, and tells the teachers that they are required to provide the illegal aliens with a hideout, should the officers come searching for the illegal aliens! Finally, it instructs the teachers to contact principals and other administrators, and contact the pro-illegal alien nonprofits “to assist families who may be reluctant to pick up children.”

Portland Schools ICE by Anonymous LStgKZ on Scribd

The guide also states that…

“An attorney from the General Counsel’s office will also determine whether to comply with ICE subpoenas for records. The District will refuse to comply with administrative subpoenas, citing FERPA.”

The Portland Schools also point out that they will…

“have conversations with potentially impacted families to help them identify family members or friends as emergency contacts,” and “Contact community partners el Program Hispano, Impact NW, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization to work with families in identifying persons to pick up the children.”

Ultimately, the Portland Public Schools receives approximately $53 Million in federal taxpayer dollars for the 2018-19 school year alone, which is out of $1.5 Billion total! Last year, they received $62 Million, and a $10.6 Million federal grant for college preparedness programs. Interestingly, despite the Portland Schools hogging some of the largest percentages of federal school funding in the nation, it is failing to help students of color, it is wrought with massive spending waste, and has out-of-control teacher absences.

Add to that the fact that Portland Public Schools have one of the lowest graduation rates (79%) in the United States, and a multitude of scandals that have riddled the district, and it begins to paint a culture of corruption in Portland! For example, the School System has been plagued by sexual abuse, racism, harassment, Administration resignations due to corruption, employing un-certified attorneys, and the districts “Social Justice guides” that praise of Che Guevara (a corrupt and evil Marxist), and their promotion of Islam in schools!

Now, at a cost of $13,000 per year, per student, that number continues to bloat Portland Schools budget, as they embrace and encourage illegal aliens to come to their Sanctuary District, where they are allowed to break the law and violate the Constitution of the United States!

Now, the district isn’t only requesting that teachers help illegals, but they are MANDATING THAT THEY VIOLATE THE LAW, THE CONSTITUTION, AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITY AS A CITIZEN!

That’s the second highest spending-per-student rate in the area.

An audit by the Secretary Of State  earlier this year exposed several flaws in PPS, including 

To file a complaint or voice your concerns as an American taxpayer and American citizen, we have listed some contact numbers below, for you to contact those who influence these policies…

PPS superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero at (503) 916-3200.

Oregon Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Colt Gill at (503) 373-0036.

Federal Department Of Education secretary Betsy DeVos at 1-800-USA-LEARN.

Perhaps this falls under “fraud, waste, and abuse” in which case you reach the Inspector General at 1-800-MIS-USED.