By: Brian Evans

On Thursday, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted in support of a nonbinding resolution to push for and encourage United States Attorney General William Barr to release the Mueller Report, as Democrats have claimed that the Trump Administration and his Attorney General William Barr wouldn’t make it public.

However, typically such reports are not released to the public, and being the measure is nonbinding, they cannot force Mueller, Barr or President Trump to release the information to Congress or the public! Republicans joined the resolution, but they said that despite their support for the resolution, it cannot be legally released, nor would the resolution sway the decision one way or the other!

Senator. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) immediately claimed that Attorney General Barr would exploit legal “loopholes” to hide Mueller’s final report from the public and that he would resist subpoenas against the White House. However, Blumenthal twisted and minced Barr’s words, as Bill Barr told Blumenthal during his confirmation hearing that he would provide as much information as allowed by law. He stated…

“I will commit to providing as much information as I can, consistent with the regulations.”

Then on Saturday, President Trump shook the left-wing radicalized and blood-thirsty Democrats who are hell-bent on destroying him, as he joined in with their calls to make the soon-to-be-released Mueller report public! In fact, President Trump said…

However, although the President wants transparency and a release of the report, he does continue to make the case for the entire probe both “illegal” and “conflicted”, as the Mueller team was completely run by individuals who had the desire to find a way to remove the President from office, and wanted and supported Hillary Clinton in 2016! On Friday, President Trump repeated his assertions that there was absolutely no collusion between himself or his 2016 campaign and Moscow to affect the outcome of the presidential contest. In fact, the election of President Trump has actually hurt Russian interests, as we now know that Hillary Clinton was in bed with the Russian’s during the Uranium One scandal, and the Obama Administration was very willing to bend the law to benefit Russia’s wants and desires!

In fact, John Solomon reported that in 2010, the Obama Administration made the Uranium One deal, which has proven to be one of the most controversial and apparently corrupt deals in history, as it gave a whopping 20% of America’s crucial supply of uranium, to none other than RUSSIA! In fact, they made the deal, despite known efforts by the Russians to employ bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering that benefited Vladamir Putin, and Russia itself.

Simultaneously, multiple government agencies on the Committee on Foreign Investments and the State Department under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED a partial sale of the Uranium One company to the Russian company Rosatom, despite the deal handing a desperately needed 20% of American Uranium over to the control of Vladamir Putin.

Even more concerning, is the fact that 9 of the Uranium One shareholders donated during that time, MORE THAN $145 MILLION to wait for it……THE CLINTON FOUNDATION! Those donations occurred just prior to the approval of the deal by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her State Department. Also, former President Bill Clinton received $500,000 in speaking fees in Russia, and reports indicate that he met with Vladamir Putin in the weeks preceding the conclusion of the deal.

In addition, Vadim Mikerin, who was the Russian official overseeing Vladamir Putin’s nuclear expansion in the United States was found to be involved in corruption before the deal was signed, and sentenced to prison. Still, the deal proceeded.

Already Fox News revealed that one informant, Douglas Campbell came forward and alleged that…

Moscow had paid millions of dollars to a lobbying firm to help Bill Clinton’s charities in order to influence Hillary Clinton, who was then former President Barack Obama’s secretary of state. Campbell made the claims in a 10-page statement given to the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Campbell said Russian nuclear officials “told me at various times that they expected APCO to apply a portion of the $3 million annual lobbying fee it was receiving from the Russians to provide in-kind support for the Clinton’s Global Initiative.”

It is known as ‘pay-to-play’ crimes, in addition to creating a national security crisis, and shows REAL RUSSIA COLLUSION! Reports also indicate that it is one of the reasons that Democrats have become so frantic to remove President Trump from office, so they could cover-up the crimes that were committed under the Obama Administration.

Now, as yet another former FBI contractor turned informant, who had previously turned over documents to the Department of Justice Inspector General David Harowitz has now come under fire by Deep State criminals within the FBI. The information turned over to authorities by the informant involves the FBI’s failure to investigate the alleged criminal activity of the Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as the Clinton Foundation, and a Russian company who purchased Uranium One.

However, regardless of where the evidence led, of what definitive proof existed, the Democrats and their Mueller witch hunt refused to investigate Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the or the Obama Administration! Meanwhile, after two years of seemingly and apparent meaningless investigations, with no evidence or proof, they endlessly have investigated President Trump. As a result, President Trump stated

“So, if there was knowingly & acknowledged to be ‘zero’ crime when the Special Counsel was appointed, and if the appointment was made based on the Fake Dossier (paid for by Crooked Hillary) and now disgraced Andrew McCabe (he & all stated no crime), then the Special Counsel should never have been appointed and there should be no Mueller Report. This was an illegal & conflicted investigation in search of a crime. Russian Collusion was nothing more than an excuse by the Democrats for losing an Election that they thought they were going to win. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO A PRESIDENT AGAIN!”

Now, as the Mueller Special Counsel appears to finally be wrapping up, Attorney General Bill Barr will be reviewing it upon his receiving it, and explaining the findings to both the Republican and Democrat leaders in the Senate and House Judiciary Committees! However, as the Democrats thought that the President would fight to keep the Mueller report private. Furthermore, they planned to use his refusal to release the report as a pitch that he is hiding his guilt! But now once again, President Trump has Trumped the Dems! He has outwitted the tricksters! Therefore, in the coming days, the Democrats will try to deem the report inconclusive and insufficient! Therefore, they will shift even further from Trump/Russia Collusion, to casting one of the widest nets in their fishing expedition to find ANYTHING ON THE PRESIDENT! In the end, it will only strengthen the President’s case that they are on a ‘Witch Hunt”, and that “THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO A PRESIDENT AGAIN!