By: Brian Evans

As a survivor of the EF5 Joplin, Missouri tornado in 2011, I know that the slightest gestures, the kindest words, and the slightest bit of help can bring tears, but can inspire Americans to push forward and have the tenacity to keep going! In fact, I still remember walking through the rubble in my neighborhood, and throughout town, and not being able to tell where I was, despite having been at that location hundreds of times! Regardless, for several days, I was able to hold in the tears, hide my sorrow, and muster up the strength to move forward. Most everyone I knew asked how I couldn’t be shaken! But, for many like myself, strength was a mere facade, as I pinned up the feeling of desperation and sorrow I held deep within myself! That was until something triggered all the pinned up sadness, the fear of the unknown, and the utter mental exhaustion! Therefore, now when I see Americans who have suffered the same tragic loss, I sympathize! However, one thing I can say is that my family was fortunate to have not lost anyone! After all, material things are all replaceable, but human life is not.

WVTM reported that…

President Trump traveled to Alabama Friday to survey the tornado damage and meet with families affected by the violent twisters that ripped through Lee County earlier this week. A volunteer named Emily Pike told WVTM that the President signed Bibles for the victims at a small church in Alabama, as he hugged survivors and took photos with them.

Emily Pike told the reporters that her ten-year-old daughter reached out and said,

“Mr. President, would you sign this?”

Also, President Trump and First lady Melania Trump also visited a row of 23 Crosses which represented each person killed by the tornadoes…

In the end, President Trump gave them the inspiration, the motivation to move forward and rebuild! He also proved that he is not only a President of the United States of America, but he is ‘The People’s President”, as he fights to make each Americans lives just a little bit better than before!