By: Brian Evans

Already, the New York Times Daniel McCarthy published an article on Saturday titled…

“The Real Reason for the Michael Cohen Hearing”

McCarthy pointed out how the hearings for the Democrats were nothing more than a public sleaze show, that was done for partisan reasons, not to reveal any crimes committed by the President, but to use our nations Congress, to try and smear a duly-elected President of the United States. In fact, McCarthy points out in the New York Times…

The public testimony was sleaze for the sake of pure partisan pleasure, not a serious attempt at uncovering lawbreaking. A perjurer soon to be serving three years in prison had a great many charges to level against President Trump on Wednesday. Michael Cohen, once the president’s personal lawyer, told the House Committee on Oversight and Reform of misbehavior and possibly criminal conduct on the part of his former client ranging from paying off mistresses and lying about a real estate deal in Moscow to inflating the value of his assets for insurance purposes and deflating them when paying his taxes.

Yet Mr. Cohen testified that he had no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia and was never explicitly ordered by Mr. Trump to lie to Congress. Mr. Cohen had inferred, however, that Mr. Trump wanted him to lie. Mr. Cohen’s lies under oath are one of the reasons he is headed to a federal prison.

McCarthy was right, as the Democrats, have now officially been using their newly-found power in Congress as a weapon against ideological opponents, rather than working for ‘We the People’

Now, even more concerning, is the fact that Cohen and his attorney Lanny Davis both have admitted that they met with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for ten hours, as they apparently rehearsed the event, in a blatant attempt to smear the President, and destroy his Presidency and Administration! In fact, Michael Cohen told House Republicans that staff for Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff traveled to New York at least four times and met with him for ten hours.

FOX News reported that…

President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen told House investigators this week that staff for Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., traveled to New York at least four times to meet with him for over 10 hours immediately before last month’s high-profile public testimony, according to two sources familiar with the matter — as Republicans question whether the meetings amounted to coaching a witness.

The sources said the sessions covered a slew of topics addressed during the public hearing before the oversight committee — including the National Enquirer’s “Catch and Kill” policy, American Media CEO David Pecker and the alleged undervaluing of President Trump’s assets.

But, Republicans have signaled they’re not convinced, with Ohio Rep. Mike Turner sending a letter to Cohen’s team on Wednesday demanding answers.

Turner specifically asked for confirmation of Cohen’s contacts, if any, “with Democratic Members or Democratic staff of SSCI [Senate Select Committee on Intelligence], COR [House Committee on Oversight and Reform], or HPSCI [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence] prior to his appearances before House and Senate committees last week” — as well as the lengths of such contacts, their locations and who exactly was involved.

“These questions are important for the public to understand whether or not they were watching witness testimony, a public hearing, or well-rehearsed theater,” he wrote.

Donald Trump Jr. responded to the revelation, as he said…

Ultimately, Democrats will do anything to destroy the President, and end his opposition to their globalist agenda! They will do anything to implement the same Socialist economic system that has destroyed Venezuela! They will do anything to implement Marxism which enriches and empowers the Elitist Political Class while destroying the Middle Class and the American dream! In the end, the Michael Cohen hearings were nothing more than a dog and pony show, that was staged in order to smear the President, his allies, and anyone who works for or supports him! In the end, the Democrat Party has become the epitome of hate, racism, discrimination, lies, smears, and dirty political games! They no longer represent American values or the American people, but instead, they exude global Marxist values, as they simply look out for themselves, their own financial and political gains, and the power that they will do anything for, as well as, destroy anyone who dares stand in their way! In fact, they seek to destroy people like President Trump and those who support the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda, those in Middle America!