By: Brian Evans

Apparently, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) thinks that being in the spotlight 24/7 is a plus for her career, but that will not be the case, as she espouses hate, vile words, and declares war on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America!

After all, she has called for an end to Private Insurance, an end to airline travel, an end to Americans being allowed to eat meat, an end to dependable electricity, an end to ICE, an end to borders, and an end to American sovereignty, and an end to countless other aspects of what makes America…well American!

Now, Ocasio-Cortez has stepped up her war against Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers by not only declaring them Nazi’s but this week she is calling the officers rapists! The Marxist ideologue then accused without evidence or proof that the ICE Officers are injecting children with unknown substances and raping the illegal immigrant women. BUT SHE DID NOT STOP THERE!

Ocasio-Cortez blamed ICE for children dying in custody, after illegal aliens dragged their children through the dangerous desert with blistering heat in Mexico, and many times into the United States! Meanwhile, she ignores how thousands of illegals are rescued in the desert and Rio Grand by ICE officers!

Then, on Sunday’s FOX and Friends, former ICE Director Tom Homan said that HE WAS OUTRAGED, as he went into her accusations and destroyed each and every one with facts, not merely false and unsubstantiated smears and accusations! He said…

“She says we’re dangerous? What’s dangerous is a congresswoman who doesn’t know fact from fiction! You have a congresswoman who doesn’t know how to tell the truth. I forgot more on this subject than she will ever know in her two whole months of being a congresswoman.

She said three things. She said ICE was holding children down and injecting them with anti-psychotic drugs. Are you kidding me? That allegation was made against HHS. A different agency in a different department and she failed to mention those accusations were unsubstantiated. That was not ICE.

As far as raping women, sexually abusing women? ICE rescued 310 women from traffickers last year… We save women, we don’t rape them… I’m sick and tired of ICE agents being accused of stuff.

As far as she said children dying in ICE custody. A child has NEVER DIED in ICE custody EVER! Give me one name of a child that died in ICE custody! Two children died in custody of the Border Patrol and it wasn’t their fault. They did everything they could… So this lady, this congresswoman needs to get her facts straight!.. I’m sick of this!”

The video

Sadly, this will likely not be the last unsubstantiated smear of the opponents of the now-radicalized Marxist left, as AOC and nearly every member of the Democrat Party has either fallen in support for the Socialization of America, or they are too afraid to stand up against the hate and smears, for fear of being the next target of the Ocasio-Cortez, Schumer, Pelosi, or the many radicals within their Party! Yes, we are at war against an out-of-control element within the Marxist Democrats, as they seek to end America as we know it, and make it the next Soviet Union, Venezuela, or Cuba, as they seek to not only fundamentally transform America, but to fundamentally destroy it, as they work to make the world a Global Communist State!