By: Brian Evans

For weeks, the Trump Administration has coordinated with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, in an attempt to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuelan citizens, after Maduro left his people to starve, and violence ensued in the out-of-control nation.  Dozens of other nations joined in with the United States in condemning Maduro and recognizing Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela. As a result, Maduro has refused all humanitarian aid shipments, and continued to starve and hurt the people throughout the nation!

Now, as a result of his hate, violence, and thirst for power, he left President Trump, or Administration officials but little choice but to respond, and respond forcefully! In fact, on Friday, the Trump Administration announced that it is set to expel dozens of Venezuelan Maduro loyalists, who served as strongmen for the radical and ruthless Socialist regime! In fact, the US Special Envoy Elliott  Abrams told reporters that…

Maduro supporters that abuse or violate human rights, steal from the Venezuelan people or undermine Venezuela’s democracy are not welcome in the United States. Neither are their family members, who enjoy a privileged lifestyle at the expense of liberty and prosperity of millions of Venezuelans. We are applying this policy to numerous Maduro-aligned officials and their families. The United States urges all nations to step up economic pressure on Maduro and his corrupt associates as well as restrict visas for his inner circle. What they impose on the Venezuelan people is what they and their families should live under,”

A White House official previously told reporters in late February.

“We will work with our partners for that international financial circle to close and then for them to all have to live together in the misery that they’re imposing.”

This is just the next step in the Administrations efforts to restore sanity, security, and freedom back to the people of Venezuela, as Maduro has financially bankrupted the nation through their implementation of a Socialist economy, and by stripping all remnants of a free and democratic nation from the people themselves!

Ultimately, the Trump Administration hopes that the expulsions will work to weaken support for Elitist Political Class in Venezuela, as well as Maduro himself, further enabling the now recognized Interim leader Juan Guido to take control, in an effort to re-establish peace, stability, and freedom, in not only the nation but throughout a region that is already in turmoil.