By: Brian Evans

Americans, as well as people around the world,  have long been concerned over privacy fears that have not only been a concern, but have already sprung up with the use of Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Google Devices, Smart TV’s, smartphones, and other devices! After all, there have been devices randomly turn on, record conversations and send those conversations to others without commanding them to do so, and so forth! In all, it has set up a major debate over privacy rights, as technology has overtaken our homes, businesses, cars, streets, and virtually every other aspect of our lives!

The Daily Mail reported that home assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa could soon not only invade the privacy and sanctity of American’s own homes, but they could be used as a tool for the ‘New Police State’, as they could report their owners to the police for breaking the law based on a “Moral A.I.” system, if the ideas of academics in now Marxist Europe are implemented in the United States.

The Daily Mail reported that academics from the University of Bergen in Norway discussed how using “moral A.I.” for smart home assistants, like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, and other smart devices. However, they said that.

“This would let them to weigh-up whether to report illegal activity to the police, effectively putting millions of people under constant surveillance.”

They also suggested that…

“digital assistants should possess an ethical awareness that simultaneously represents both the owner and the authorities or in the case of a minor, their parents. Devices would then have an internal ‘discussion’ about suspect behaviour, weighing up conflicting demands between the law and personal freedoms, before arriving at the ‘best’ course of action.”

Concerns have already plagued the smart-device industry, as they have radomly commented and interjected statements into people’s conversations, randomly laughed, consoled a woman who was crying, despite not being prompted, and transferred conversations that were recorded without the permission or knowledge of their owners! Also, there have been massive problems with the hijacking of devices, as hackers got into their devices, and were able to listen to conversations, access recordings, find out what they have bought, what they have said, and any other data used by the owners of the devices.

Ultimately, despite the conveniences of the smart devices, they are now proving to not only be a security issue for owners, but now it appears that they are ripe for making our homes, offices, cars, and anywhere else that a smart device is used, an issue of privacy! Especially as our elected leaders in Washington DC, and nations around the world, seek to shift towards a Police State, as they try to control what we say, what we think, and what we do. Not to mention that our elected and non-elected leadership in government seems to no longer believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but subscribes to the idea of ‘guilty until proven innocent!’