By: Brian Evans

On Monday, an underage Edmond, Oklahoma High School student was attacked by an 18-year-old student for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and having a Trump 2020 flag!

The ‘News & Eagle’ reported that…

the wearing of the hat was part of a school fundraiser where students are allowed an exemption to the dress code by making a donation so they can wear a hat in school for the day.

The Enid News & Eagle also said that the…

Monday altercation between two Edmond Santa Fe students has resulted in a ticket of summons being issued to one of the male students involved in the recent dispute, according to police. A video of the daytime incident was sent to The Edmond Sun.

Kenneth Dewayne Jones, 18, is named on the municipal court summons on an offense of assault and battery. Jones has not been formally charged.

The video shows an 18-year-old African-American male and a white underage male involved in the incident, Edmond Police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon said. The underage student was wearing a red hat stating “Make America Great Again” and carrying a banner.

“Take it off or I’ll rip it off … do you want me to rip it off?” is heard as the 18-year-old student confronts the underage student in the video conversation, along with other name-calling.

One of the parents, Tharesa Pool White, posted a Facebook video of the incident, where you can see where the ‘MAGA’ hat student being confronted by a fellow student in a yellow vest who demands he take off the MAGA hat or he will “rip it off”. Then, the ‘MAGA’ teen tries to move away from the confrontational student and begins to walk away. Then, the black student in a yellow vest grabs the Trump flag and knocks the MAGA hat off of the boys head.At that point, you can see another student intervene, and the black student takes the Trump flag from the younger teens hand and tosses it on the ground. The black student is heard yelling at the white student,

“Take that shit off, nigger! Take that shit off!”

Finally, the black student walks away, ending the incident

A parent who posted the video on Facebook on Monday, Theresa Pool White, added that…

“This is my friend’s son. Such a shame to see our children being publicly bullied for their beliefs!! Outrageous! I’m not posting this for the political side of things, but for the cultural clash we have amongst our own people—Americans. It is having an affect on people of all ages—even children. This video was shot today at Sante Fe High School in Edmond, Oklahoma. Is this what we have become? Is this what you want to see more of—or worse? Simply put, we lack the understanding and respect of other people’s values. Until such time there is a cultural transformation, we will be at war with one another. Share share share and let’s make other folks aware of what is going on inside our schools here in America!!! I don’t care what political side you stand with, this is just WRONG”

Sadly, our national ideological temperature has risen to such a degree that hate has replaced tolerance, racial division has become intensified, and political discourse has become the norm! However, it is of no surprise, as the Democrats, Hollywood, Academia, and Mainstream Media have all been inundating our political landscape and public conversation with vile hate, demonization of political differences, fueled racial divisions, and have led America to one of the most divided and tumultuous times in the United States of America. Now, it has permeated not only society in general, but throughout our schools, and our youth in America!