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9’TH CIRCUIT GAINS CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE JUDGE: Appoints Trump-picked Judge As Dems Balk At His Appointment, And The Courts Slowly Return To The ‘Rule Of Law’

By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to confirm President Trump’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee. The appointment and confirmation went on a party-line vote, but Democrats were outraged that they were not consulted in the normal fashion. However, Republicans had all but given up on the Democrats, as the Democrats have sought to block nearly every Trump appointment, making the confirmation an unusually slow and arduous process. Therefore, the Republicans said that they had enough, and in what is being characterized as a ‘historic snub’, the White House ignored the input of the judge’s two Democratic home-state senators in the process, after they have now proven to be part of the radical left’s ‘RESISTANCE’!

President Trump criticized the Democrats determination to block not only each and every piece of legislation, which is unprecedented, but their attempt to block virtually EVERY judicial pick, in their efforts to influence the bench to become more Progressive, more pro-Socialist, more pro-Marxist, and more of a rubber stamp for their Marxist agenda, than a check on the power and balance of their fellow branches, nor an enforcer of the Constitution of the United States! In fact, Miller was one the 51 federal judicial nominees who Democrats sought to bog down in debate, and was left over from the previous Congress, causing the White House to have to re-nominated him last month!

President Trump has called the Democrats actions…

 “disgraceful” and politically biased.”

Therefore, Republicans realized that the only way to fill judicial seats is to skip the “blue slip” consultation process and move the confirmations forward to be voted on in the Senate, by-passing the Democrats attempts to bury the nominations in argument and debate!

Now, the 54-36 Party-line confirmation of the new 9th Circuit Judge from Seattle, Eric Miller, is a first step to begin moderating the radically out-of-control left-wing court. Miller has been the appellate chairman of the high-powered law firm Perkins Coie, and he will replace Judge Richard Tallman, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton and is a former clerk to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.

The 9th Circuit has been one of the favorites of the Socialist Democrats who have sought to de-rail the Presidents agenda, leaving the Supreme Court to overturn many of the 9th Circuit’s non-Constitutionally based rulings! In fact, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been branded the “Nutty 9th,” mostly because so many of its rulings have been overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

Democrats are concerned because it has been a useful tool in their Marxist arsenal. Also, Democrats are balking because they currently have a lawsuit which is currently pending before the 9th Circuit involving President Trump’s emergency declaration over border security.

The Judges Washington State’s two Democratic senators, Maria Cantwell, and Patty Murray have both voiced outraged, as their strong opposition was ignored, although they have both been instrumental for the ‘Resistance’ Democrats, as they have worked to block EVERY ONE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S JUDICIAL NOMINEES! The two Senator’s Aides stated that Miller’s confirmation marks the first time the Senate has strayed from tradition and confirmed a judicial nominee over the dissent of both home-state senators. However, supporters of the nominee say that it has been the first time in history a political party has strategically worked to derail and block every judicial nominee by a sitting President!

Regardless, on the Senate floor, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) stated that…

“This is wrong. It is a dangerous road for the Senate to go down. Confirming this 9th Circuit court nominee without the consent or true input of both home-state senators, and after a sham hearing, would be a dangerous first for this Senate.”

However, what the Democrats like Murray fail to note, is the aspects of the hearing that is a sham, is the intentional and deliberate attempt to block each and every nominee that President Trump puts forward, regardless of their merit and precedent!

Also, the White House has indicated that if Democrats continue to obstruct the process and serve as a ‘Resistance’, rather than doing their jobs, he and his fellow Republicans will continue to move forward with other nominations, without using “blue slip” consultations! For example, The Sacramento Bee reported in 2018 that White House officials had been negotiating with California Democrats which included Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) about 9th Circuit appointments from California including Patrick Bumatay, Daniel Collins, and Kenneth Kiyul Lee, but the two Democrats derailed the dialogue, and the White House proceeded to further their nominations, regardless of their objections! Those Judges continue to await confirmation, as the Democrats have effectively bogged down those appointments!

Today, the court system has in recent decades, been fundamentally transformed, as Democrats and even Republicans have systematically placed and allowed some of the most radical and ideologically motivated Judges to be appointed to the bench from the bottom up! It has left our nations ‘checks and balances’ system as more of a rubber stamp for the unconstitutionally Socialist and Marxist political ideologues. Also, it has allowed Americans to be strategically targeted based on their ideology, rather than Constitutional law. Judges have ruled on their own beliefs and emotions, rather than strict-Constitutional laws, allowing criminals to be free while punishing innocent Americans who believe in the American dream! Fortunately, we have a President who is strong enough to fight for those Americans who cannot fight for themselves, as he restores our nation to not only the land of the free but to a nation who once again believes in and embraces the rule of law!




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