By: Brian Evans

As President Trump continues to work for free and donate his entire salary to charity, his private business empire has freely and without provocation or request, turned over nearly $200,000 in profits that they said it had collected from foreign governments who used his properties in 2018.

Currently, the President has nothing to do with his business empire, as he turned it over to his sons, but never-the-less, the Associated Press reported that the Trump sons cut a check for $191,538, in order to cover any profits received from foreign dignitaries or government employees who stayed at their properties. The Trump sons say that it was the Presidents promise and his wish to donate to the treasury any profits that might be considered questionable, as the Democrats had expressed concerns for. Especially being Democrats claimed that the Constitution that prevent any president from accepting payments or gifts from foreign and domestic leadership without congressional approval, saying that Mr. Trump’s decisions could be based on private interests, instead of being in the public interest! To date, President Trump has made massive sacrifices, as his being President of the United States has cost him and his business empire much more than if he had stayed a private citizen! After all, that is the aim of the Democrat party, in that they see President Trump as a thorn in the side of their Marxist agenda, and are using every weapon in the arsenal to push for him to get out of the way, so they can fundamentally transform America, from the land of the free, into a Socialist and Marxist State!