By: Brian Evans

On Friday, the Trump Administration posted a final rule that would require family planning clinics and abortion clinics to be housed in separate buildings. As a result, it would effectively cut off Planned Parenthood from some of the federal funding that Democrats have allotted to the organization, even in the states where late-term and infanticide are currently becoming law! It is similar to a 1988 policy that was instituted by former President Ronald Reagan, and required family planning services to have a “physical separation” and “separate personnel” from the actual abortion providers themselves.

Currently, federal funds are not permitted to go toward abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, or if a woman’s pregnancy threatens her life. However, Planned Parenthood has found ways to use the $50 to $60 million in Title X funding to subsidize the operations and other aspects of the abortion clinics, including abortions themselves! Therefore,  the American taxpayers are inadvertently paying for abortions, whether they like it or not!

The Trump Administration’s new rule will apply to the $286 million-a-year Title X grant, which pays for birth control, testing of sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer screenings for 4 million low-income Americans. Therefore, it forces abortion clinics to be housed in separate facilities, with separate funding, in order to ensure that the American tax dollars don’t go to funding abortions, and today it includes late-term abortion and the murder of babies born alive, also called infanticide!

In addition, the new rule blocks providers from using family planning services to promote the practice of abortion, or refer people for abortions, if they are receiving Title X grants. However, the new rule would not prevent doctors from counseling women about abortion.

In the end, the new rule forces them to either make the necessary changes or abandon tens of millions in American tax dollars! However, it doesn’t defund all of Planned Parenthood, as there is other funding that they receive from additional government programs. Also, they receive re-reimbursement from insurers and donations which fund the abortion clinics as well!

The Administration is looking to use the rule to shift federal funds from Planned Parenthood and other organizations that are side-stepping the laws! However, Planned Parenthood would have the option to create completely separate entities for performing the abortions and carrying out the family planning as allowed by law to be funded under Title X.

The new rule introduced by the Trump Administration is expected to be challenged by Democrats and pro-abortion leftists in the courts, just as they challenged the Reagan rules! Interestingly, under Reagan, the Supreme Court allowed the rule to be advanced, but it was killed before it could take effect by President Bill Clinton in 1994. However, in today’s pro-infanticide, pro-murder, pro-judicial activist climate, there is no telling what the final outcome will be with the new Trump Administrations new pro-Life rule!