By: Brian Evans

As the year’s pass, Americans are witnessing the dawn of a new age in our great country. The government has been taking a dominating hand in controlling our everyday lives. Progressive-Socialists have been trying to force Christians to embrace principles that violate their core religious beliefs. They have implemented over-regulation in virtually every corner of our national and worldwide economy. In the end, they will have stripped every bit of control away from ‘We The People’ and redistributed that power to the Political Elite Class in America. Now, after a video already surfaced of Bernie Sanders celebrating his anniversary with communists in the former evil-Marxist USSR, another video was released this week that shows Bernie Sanders in 1985 praising the brutal Communist Castro regime in Cuba…

Bernie also admitted to treason, in that he said that he traveled to Nicaragua to advise the Ortega regime on how to successfully fight the United States.

Unfortunately, with each passing year, Americans have continued to suffer the consequences of our government’s increasing control over their personal decisions that affect their everyday lives. We are slowly relinquishing power over our economy to the Elitist Politicians. As a result, we are losing control over how we power our homes, and how, where, and if we purchase health insurance. We are giving up control over being able to decide how we invest our money, and how and if we practice our Christian Faith. This leads to an important question that every Christian should ask. What is our government’s role in not only our lives as Americans, but more importantly in our lives as Christians?

Should Christian’s fight to defend their Christian principles, or give in and support stricter government control over our lives and our faith? Over recent years, Christians have stood by and remained sidelined. They have acted as quiet bystanders while our government seized an ever-increasing control over what we do, how we practice our faith, and what we believe in. Now, as Christians, we are beginning to stand up and fight for our right to believe and our right to follow Christian Principles, the Progressive-Socialists and Communist Left have launched an all-out war on Christian’s faith! According to God’s Word, it says that the proper role of government involves well-defined Biblical boundaries. It says that the government’s role in our daily lives should be limited, and that a government with over-reaching power is a dangerous weapon that always ends in unbridled control over Christians and forcibly limits a Christian’s right to worship God and follow his commandments. The true purpose of government is to administer justice to those who dare commit violence against their fellow-man. After all, God said: Whoever sheds the blood of a man, by man shall his blood be shed” (Genesis 9:5-6). Therefore, not only shall men be accountable to God for bloodshed, but to one another. As a result of God putting mankind in charge of the administration of justice, he assured Noah to never again destroy the earth by flood.

In addition, the Progressive-Socialist Left has launched a war on numerous other fronts against ‘We the People’, and especially Christians. Our Founding Fathers based our government on the word of God. They set it up to protect America’s citizens from violence, and tasked American’s with the responsibility to pay taxes in order to fund the government’s protection and security. Unfortunately, our government under the leadership of the Marxists, have perverted virtually every aspect of our system. They have violated the Constitution and violated the well-defined boundaries set forth in the Constitution of the United States. They have increased the burden of taxation on the poor and middle classes, deceived American’s into believing that Corporations don’t pay enough, despite Corporate taxes being a tax on the consumer…code for higher taxes on the Middle Class and poorest Americans. Meanwhile, Progressive-Socialists insert tax loopholes to give the Ultra-Wealthy Corporate CEO’s, Hollywood Stars, NFL, Tech leadership, Social Media leadership, and other millionaires and billionaires lower tax structures. That is why Socialism and Communism are so despised by the citizens within their countries. Our country’s socialist leadership on the left has placed oppressive tax burden’s on the middle and lower classes while giving the Ultra-Wealthy Political Class the largest tax breaks. Meanwhile, they try to paint Conservatives and Christians as the evil ones who give tax breaks to the rich. It is a shell game that the now Marxist Democrats have played with Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Immigration, Taxes, and all other areas of our government’s agenda.

Interestingly, at the inception of America’s birth, our Founding Fathers feared an all-powerful central government. That is why the created checks and balances. It is why our country developed the electoral college. It is why our Founding Fathers gave State’s rights so much more power when compared to the federal government. Unfortunately, the federal government has slowly stripped states rights away, in favor of a large all-powerful centralized government. That is why the Progressive-Socialists have fought so hard to bring down President Trump, and pro-America politicians. After all, they stand for the reigning in of federal power, and push for returning that power to the State’s and ‘We the People’. In fact, President Trump has slashed our governments regulation powers drastically. He has been returning our Judicial System to one that is based on our Constitution and its Christian Principles. Also, President Trump has been reversing Obama’s land grab from the States and has been returning that land back to the States, where it belongs. President Trump is currently bringing the IRS and tax code back to its founding principles of reigning in government taxation on the Middle and Lower Income Americans. In addition, President Trump is pushing to return education back to the State’s, where it belongs. He is freeing American’s from entitlements, strengthening the economy, and ending government control of healthcare.

In fact, we have witnessed the failure of Marxist and Socialist Ideological principles in action within our government. Socialist Democrats implemented government controlled healthcare, which failed miserably and cost millions of American’s excellent, affordable healthcare. We have watched the Progressive-Socialist economic policies under Obama stifle job growth, drastically increase unemployment, and stagnate the dollar, and our financial systems. We have watched them swallow up State lands and declare them Federally owned. We have watched Progressive’s take over our children’s education and use their power to create a generation of pro-communist un-educated followers who blindly follow their pro-communist leadership, and have no understanding of American history, world history, or how our country truly became GREAT! We have watched black communities become more dependent on the government under Progressive’s leadership, and Illegal Immigrants take our jobs and money while demanding that the American taxpayers give even more. We have watched Progressive-Socialist Democrats push for, legalize, and grow the abortion industry to one of the largest machines for the legalized extermination of human beings in the history of mankind. In the meantime, Progressive-Socialists try to stifle free speech by demonizing anyone who opposes their rule. They decry anti-abortion American’s as anti-feminists. They call American’s in favor of border security racist. They call Christians homophobes when they refuse to violate their faith and accept homosexuality as normal and honorable. They truly have a name for anyone who opposes their communization of America and it’s people. They fight for an ideology that has swallowed up cities and nations over the years. No matter what name you choose to embrace; socialism, fascism, Marxism, or Communism, it is a system that has been oppressive to the masses. It has been proclaimed by the Progressive Democrats as a fair type of government that brings equality and peace, but is that the true story? Does it explain the fact that the USSR slaughtered more than 20 million souls, China murdered 65 million, Vietnam more than 1 million, North Korea more than 2 million,Cambodia more than 2 million, 1 million in Eastern Europe, almost 2 million in Africa, 1 1/2 million in Afghanistan, and over 150.000 in Latin America. Does it explain that communist nations have to set up borders not to keep out illegals like President Trump proposes, but instead communist nations build walls to keep their own people in? Does it explain why communist nations silence the majorities and empower the minority Elitist Political Class? For these reasons, we should be grateful for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. We should be grateful for our separation of powers, the electoral college (which gives power to the smaller states), two-party system (which prevents any one group from amassing too much power), the Constitution of the United States (which secures our physical rights, religious rights, rights to free speech, and so much more), and President Trump. After all, President Trump has become one of the most important and meaningful Presidents in American history. He has been, and continues to be, returning our country to its founding roots. Also, he is fighting against the communist movement that the Elitists swamp is fighting so hard to implement in America and throughout the world.

In a way, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the new Democrat Socialists of today have learned from the failures of transforming a nation from the land of the free to the land of Marxist servitude and suffering! In fact, Karl Marx original vision of transforming capitalist society into a communist society involved ‘Revolutionary Marxism’! In “Fabian-Economics: The True Backbone of the Anti-Trump ‘So-Called Conservative’ and ‘Progressive’ Resistance,” it details the three types of Marxist transformations of free societies, and the first is ‘Revolutionary Marxism’! It says that…

they believe in a mass international revolution of the working class. According to the Oxford Reference: Marxists believed socialism ought to come by international revolution. In fact, in 1848 Karl Marx and Frederich Engels called for the ‘workers of all countries to unite!’ They believed that communism would take root and spread like a virus throughout the world, and an International Communist Movement would take hold and rise up against the capitalist world. In the years to come, International Communist movements did sprout up, in Europe, and into the United States! One example of a nation being over-taken through ‘revolutionary Marxism can be seen when Vladimir Lenin embraced the revolutionary Marxism and led the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.  Under his leadership, the Bolshevik Party quickly consolidated power, while privatizing all areas of the Soviet economy. He was ruthless and cracked down on anyone who opposed him by sending out his secret police (called the Cheka). The Cheka instituted what came to be known as ‘Red Terror’, aimed at destroying anyone who opposed his power grab. As a result, the Russian Civil War broke out, until he obtained absolute power over the Soviet Union. Upon Lenin’s Death, another Political Party Elitist by the name of Joseph Stalin would take over in 1924. Joseph Stalin was a cunning and ruthless, and under his leadership, he turned the USSR into a military superpower. However, during that same time, he instituted labor camps, execution squads, and became one of the greatest mass murderers in the 20th Century killing over an estimated 20 million of his own citizens. Anyone who opposed him became scared for not only their own life, but the lives of their spouse and children. The Soviets experimented with countries that were behind Iron Curtain after WWII, and under their iron fist. During that time they implemented international socialism with some Soviet States and isolated socialism in others. They implemented whatever ideology in each State that they perceived to benefit the U.S.S.R.’s Elitist Political Class. Eventually, due to Communisms inherent faults, it collapsed under the weight of its Political Classes greed, cruelty, and unGodly nature! For example, anyone who resisted their Marxist ideals, were eliminated through execution, or re-education.

Interestingly, during that time, and as the Soviet citizens were being persecuted, Bernie Sanders was seen and VIDEOTAPED celebrating and singing with the radical and ruthless communists IN THE SOVIET UNION (RUSSIA TODAY)!

It was originally revealed by Travis Justin, who is a Navy veteran, and who led the “Draft Beto 2020” committee! Bloomberg also reported on Sanders in the 2016 Presidental election, and showed how he was highly criticized for…

taking his ‘honeymoon‘ to the Soviet Union in May of 1988.

Still, what the now Marxist Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Ocasio-Cortez, and others conveniently fail to mention to ‘We the People’, is the inherent evils of the radically oppressive Communist ideology! In fact, under communist rule, individuals had to surrender personal rights and freedoms to make room for ‘the collective.’ Citizens lost the freedom of speech, since they were considered a danger to the Communist party, and the loss of private property, civil rights, or artistic expression took away some of the other basic human rights allotted to individuals. It was not important to think of what was best for each individual or family, but instead what is best for the collective whole. Furthermore, in communist societies the needs of the collective began to give way to the needs of the political elite class. To make matters worse for communist countries, they were not able to adapt to outside global economic and social changes. China, was able to create a communist hybrid economy that was better able to react to outside stimuli, in addition to implementing corrupt and illegal practices like currency manipulation, unfair trade practices, breaking child labor laws, low wages, dangerous working conditions, etc. to out-price nations like the United States who have higher wages, and thousands of regulations on businesses. Countries like the Soviet Union were doomed from the start, since they refused to react to the markets outside the borders of their nation. Another problem that communist countries faced was a lack of innovation. With communism being such a closed society, and innovation being the result of humans striving to create a the newest and greatest invention to make their fortune, it makes communist innovation an impossible feat. To make matters worse under communism, poor economic calculation is another downfall of the ideology. Typically, the economy dictates that the price of a product is formed when the offer meets demand. However, under the communist doctrine, a command economy is the only way of determining how the resources are spent. This is where a huge disparity begins to show between the worker and the political elites. Political Elites tend to gain in wealth, power, and living conditions, while the average worker (proletariat) has little wealth, no power, rights, freedoms, and has poor living conditions. Another problem with communism stems from its blatant human rights abuses. With power held in the hands of the few, mass murder becomes just one of the tragedies of the communist regimes. From the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to Stalin’s rise to power, the history of communism is riddled with tales of atrocities committed against those who did not embrace the communist doctrine. Communist regimes have been riddled with famine, overwork, child labor, mass executions, and other atrocities. Not to mention, the fact that a neurosurgeon makes the same as a factory worker, despite how difficult and long the schooling. Also, a worker on a farm making the same as a high-risk nuclear reactor worker would take away the incentive to work high-risk jobs. It takes away the incentives for people performing tougher or more dangerous jobs to be motivated to work harder or innovate. In all, Karl Marx’s communist utopian social experiment was doomed from the start. From its lack of rights, power in the hands of the political elite, obsessive control, and the many other problems, communism was a time bomb set to explode at any given moment. Combined with the reality that communism is founded on despotic regimes, founded on tyranny, who impose the use of terror and fear as tools to control the masses, it is an ideology wrought with problems. In the end, every society based on such oppressive, ruthless, and unbalanced leadership, rises up against such a regime.

Also, in addition to ‘Revolutionary Marxism’, there is also ‘Transformational or Nationalist Marxism’, or many have come to know it as ‘Fascism’! National Socialism (Nazism) is a totalitarian system that originated in Germany following the end of WWI. Some say it involved implementing a strong sense of nationalism, similar to communist USSR. It also implemented a dictatorial or draconian police state, brutal use of violence, disregard for human rights, and anti-Christian belief with the implementation of Darwinism. They used Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ to justify the racial policy that subjugated or exterminated people based on the belief of being inferior. They included teachers or any other community leaders who might teach others and bring about rebellion against the Fascist leadership. The term ‘Nazi’ is a contraction of the full party name, ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Nazism, in short, is simply one of several varieties of socialism. The Nazi Party controlled Germany from 1933-1945 under Adolf Hitler and resulted in World War II and the largest genocide against the Jewish people in history.

The key to understanding National-Socialism or Fascism is in the fact that Fascists make it appear that private ownership of businesses remains, but in practice it is merely a facade. In fact, according to the Misses Institute in Austria, the main difference between communism and national-socialism (fascism) is that the fascist’s “maintains private ownership of the means of production and keeps the appearance of ordinary prices, wages, and markets.” But in reality, the government directs production decisions, curbs entrepreneurship, and the labor market, and determines wages and interest rates by a central authority. “Market exchange is only a sham.” Therefore, Fascism is nothing more than another form of a Socialist System with the mere appearance of private ownership. Those privately owned businesses are subject to being taken and redistributed to someone else if the government so chooses. Therefore, it requires extensive government control of private property, businesses, and all other forms of possessions. In addition, just like communism, fascism forbids free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and all other forms of freedom that we take for granted in the United States of America today. Communist and Socialist supporters like to pretend that Fascism or Nazism was not socialist; however, the facts show that it is. College’s, Universities, and public schools have tried to cover up the truth behind fascism, and make American youth believe that it is ‘right-wing conservative.’ However, it’s very foundation is based on communist and socialist ideology. It would be like calling China a capitalist country, but it truly is not. The government owns all land and simply leases it out to investors. Business owners can lease property and run a business, but they are not free to do as they please. The government controls what they say, what they do, and all other aspects of daily life. Therefore, it falls far short of being a true capitalist country. China adopted this idea, likely from the fascist model of business. Fascism and communism both promote anti-Semitism. After all, anti-Semitism was advocated by the Father of Communism himself, Karl Marx.

Today, America’s College’s and Universities don’t like to label Nazism as socialist. Instead, they try to paint it as “right-wing” conservative. However, Nazism was born out of the ‘Nationalist-Socialist” ideology; whereas, right-wing conservatism would fall into the category of anarchy. After all, the more conservative one is, the more they fight for the small government, hands-off approaches to business, less government involvement in the lives of its people, free speech, freedom of religion, and so forth. In fact, according to Merriam Webster, the definition of anarchy is the absence of government. A state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority. Therefore, conservatism is the opposite of Nazism or Nationalist-Socialism.

Finally, today the Democrats have embraced a new and more clever type of Socialism called ‘Incremental’ or ‘Fabian-Socialism’! It is more of a stealth form of transformational socialism, in that Fabian Socialists believe in getting towards a Socialist or Marxist State with a different method of achieving that end. Fabians realized that a revolt of the masses is next to impossible to achieve, except in the direst of conditions within a nation. That is why Fabian Socialists decided to devise a new method of implementing socialist ideology within a nation. This was especially true in the United States of America, where capitalism led to one of the greatest societies in the history of mankind. It led to a thriving middle class, while American’s were blessed with more freedom than any civilization in history. Fabians knew that a revolution of the working class was an impossible feat in a country like the United States. Therefore, American Socialists adopted the British Fabian-Economics model in an attempt to implement a socialist society in America quietly and under the radar of Americans. After all, Fabians believed in Socialism, but believed it would be better to gradually and quietly convert democratic society into socialist ones, rather than by Marxist revolt. Therefore, since the beginning of America’s Progressive movement, The pro-communist and pro-socialist leadership knew that transforming America from the pro-capitalist Constitutional Republic would require a much more secretive and gradual transformation than Marxist-Socialism or Transformational-Socialism could offer. It would require a quiet and gradual transformation that would slip under the radar of Americans. It would require the slow conversion of young minds to make them question the very fabric of our nation. To make them question the very freedom’s that they would come to take for granted. To make the youth envy the wealth that others had. Progressivism means proceeding step by step slowly while passing the torch successively from one member to the next. Progressivism has been around for years in America, but took on its true pro-socialist form in the 1970s. During the Hippie generation, Progressives stayed out of the Vietnam war by going to college. They stayed in college to avoid and protest the war, and the movement began to quickly take root in our nation soon after. Progressive’s quickly graduated from America’s colleges and Universities, while others were educated overseas at Progressive Universities like London’s School of Economics. They pushed the Fabian-Economics agenda on the young and helped to influence the beginning of the Socialization of America. The young and easily susceptible students were revolutionized in a new and unique way. They began filling jobs throughout some of the most prestigious Universities throughout America like Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, and so forth. Then, their new recruits would begin filling positions throughout State colleges, public school systems, government offices, church leadership, corporate leadership, scientific research facilities, and all other sectors of our national government and economy. It is ‘Fabian-Economics’ at work, and it is like cancer. Fabians knew that our children are the life-blood that keeps our nation growing. They knew that if they could infect America at its heart and soul, they could transform our nation away from the very thing that helped to make our nation great. The future of our businesses, corporations, and government.

Marxists on both sides of the aisle include the Progressive-Socialist Democrats and Fabian-Socialist RINO Republicans and they didn’t stop there. They knew that they would need to erode the very thing that protects our country from the corruption and the perversion of mankind. They knew that to truly transform America, they would need to water down the Founding Fathers greatest achievement…’The Constitution of the United States.” In response to that need, Progressives or Fabians began the slow and gradual watering down and slow degradation of the glorious document. In fact, WND reported that under the Obama Administration, he illegally forced American’s to buy a product (healthcare) or they would be subject to a government penalty. A move that violated the constitutional rights of every American. Then, A federal judge said his funding for Obamacare was unconstitutional.Then Obama established a plan to illegally violate the 2nd Amendment and go after American’s who legally owned guns. Again, A court was told Obama’s gun-control plans “exceed the powers of the president.”President Obama then went after Christians and demanded that they be forced to violate their Christian rights under the Constitution by violating their belief that homosexuality is a sin. He demanded that they openly support homosexual weddings, which blatantly violates their freedom of religion. Obama went even further in stripping Christian American’s constitutional rights by forcing them to pay for the abortion pill for their employees. Fabians and Progressives have over the years had even worse implications on the Christian faith. They have infiltrated Christian seminaries; therefore, producing ministers who translate the bible, not based on scripture, but based on Fabian-Socialist and Progressive ideology. A move that can already be seen in churches around the world. It has had dire consequences in the Christian world, and will have lasting implications in the coming years.

Other areas that Progressive’s have used Fabian-Socialist philosophy to water down our constitution can be seen with Obama’s illegal and corrupt Iran deal, ignoring the law and refusing to deport illegal aliens, his amnesty deal, his mandate over private health records, his orders that schools and public buildings open women’s restrooms to men who claim to be women, his insistence that states cannot deprive abortionists of public funding, his insistence that the feds can order states not to enforce immigration laws, and his demanding that the federal government can simply change the definitions of words in federal law, even if it costs Americans. The Fabian influence can also be seen in that the Obama Administration and Democrats are giving the government the power to decide which people will be allowed to move into certain neighborhoods, deciding who faces prosecution, changing the Constitution’s language from: “freedom of religion” to “freedom of worship.”, dictating and changing the rules for ‘free speech’, and allowed the IRS to selectively target Christians and conservatives because they disagree with Obama’s policies. To make matters worse, the Obama Administration made the Iran deal, which illegally traded our national uranium resources for cash that went to fund terrorists and kill American’s in incidents like the attack on our U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya that cost the lives of our soldiers and Ambassador Stevens. Progressive Socialists pushed for Obama’s amnesty plan, which was illegal and circumvented the Constitution of the United States. Obama used taxpayer money to illegally bail out businesses, which is a blatant violation of his constitutional powers as President. However, because the political Elitist Progressive-Socialist Democrats and Fabian-Socialist Republican Establishment, there was nobody who would even consider stopping his unconstitutional acts. After all, Fabian and Progressive believed that the role of government should be determined not by our Constitution, but by whatever the needs of the day happened to be. That is why they have strived to eliminate any talk of the Constitution from political discussions today. They want American’s to follow their narrative, follow the Mainstream Media like sheep to the slaughter. Only, the Socialists are strewn throughout our Political Parties, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, and Corporate Leadership today don’t want to slaughter, but instead control.

Progressives knew that the Constitutional Republic of yesterday could never support all the new tasks required of a true Socialist or Communist State. Therefore, they have been creating a vast set of bureaucratic agencies. In addition, they have been creating an extensive set of broad, yet vague laws that would allow the supervision of more and more facets of our economy and society in general. Then, Fabian Progressive’s delegated bureaucratic agencies the powers to enact their agenda and policies. Meanwhile, Congress has authorized the Treasury to hand over trillions in taxpayers money to spend as these agencies saw fit. They handed over their Congressional authority to oversee how taxpayer money was being spent (power of the purse) to these (many times) unmonitored agencies. As a result, bureaucratic agencies gained the self-determination to decide what was in the public interest, spend and regulate, and in a nutshell become a un-monitored, un-regulated government. An organization that is separate from the government that is elected by ‘We the People’. An organization that serves one cause, and that is to go around the Constitution of the United States, so it can implement a Socialist State. An organization that has now been called out for what it truly is…’THE DEEP STATE”.

It doesn’t matter if you want to call them Progressive’s, Fabian’s, or Socialists. They are all cut from the same cloth. They all fight for the same goals. They all are fighting to implement the Fabian-Economist’s end-game, which is to implement a Socialist State. Their ‘Deep State’ government has grown to a massive size, and their goal to ‘fundamentally transform’ (as Obama put it) our nations democratic framework into a socialist state. A ‘Socialist State’ that was almost instituted under Obama in 2016. Their Deep State almost attained their goal to reorganize society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual ownership, and redistributing that property to class or societal ownership. They swallowed up millions of Acres of private land to federal control under Obama. The IRS targeted Christians, and stripped away our Constitutional rights. The FBI and Justice Department targeted anyone who opposed the Obama Administration, and especially Progressive-Socialists, all while protecting and covering up Progressive’s actions. They placed Progressives throughout every bureaucratic agency in America. And in 2016, America reached the precipice of its demise. We reached a moment that would have become a nail in the coffin of our Constitutional Republic. A moment that would have re-defined our country. As Soviet Communist Vladimir Lenin stated: “The goal of Socialism is Communism”, and our nation came closer to communism that anyone could have imagined.

Now, it is now up to Americans to fight against this socialist and communist takeover of America. It is time for us to fight for our founding principles. It is now time for ‘We the People” to support the President and all those who fight to restore our country to lower taxes, a stronger economy, private healthcare, un-politically motivated State-run education,  a Justice System that is based on the Constitution of the United States, and not on Progressive-Socialist motivated ideological rulings. It is time to root out and destroy the Progressive-Socialist Marxists in our government who seek to take over and destroy our Constitution and snuff out the light that has guided our nation since it’s founding. With our help, President Trump and Conservative’s in government will, fortunately, be able to continue Making America Great Again.