By: Brian Evans

As the Democrats continue to try to crush the Presidents popularity in America, only to find his support unwavering, they are getting more and more desperate to find a way to prevent his re-election in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election, at any cost! In fact, President Trump saw his highest approval ratings over the past few weeks with a 52% overall approval rating, which is one of the highest ratings of a President, and all despite the incessant and hate-filled attacks by Democrats, Hollywood, and the Mainstream Media!

Now, with his approval rating sitting at 49%, and with Democrats becoming more and more disliked by the American population, their Party is becoming desperate, and are willing to use any means, ethical or not, to stop him from winning in 2020! Now, on Thursday, the Democrat-controlled New Jersey State Senate voted to pass a bill that would keep President Trump off of the state’s 2020 ballot unless he releases his last five years of their tax returns.

The New Jersey State Senate passed it on a 23-11 party-line vote, and has now advanced the bill to the Assembly committee, where it is expected to pass, and be signed by Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’! The Hill reported:

The controversial measure would deny candidates for president and vice president a spot on the state ballot if they do not publicly release five of their most recent tax returns at least 50 days before the general election in 2020.

The bill, if passed, would also bar the state’s electors from voting for candidates for president and vice president as part of the Electoral College system if they choose not to comply with the legislation.

The New Jersey legislature passed the same bill in 2017, but the measure was blocked by a veto from then-Gov. Chris Christie (R), who called it a “transparent political stunt” at the time.

The Courier Post reported that State Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-NJ) responded by stating…

“What’s good for the goose is what’s good for the gander. If this really is about making sure voters are well-informed, then common sense dictates that S-119 should apply to all of us.”

However, the Democrats in New Jersey blocked the Republicans amendments, as this was a blatant attempt for them to deny President Trump his re-election in 2020!

Ultimately, the New Jersey Democrat law is unconstitutional, and it will end up being struck down in not only the United States court of law but in the American court of public opinion as well! Furthermore, it shows that the Democrats are scared! They are scared that Americans are paying attention to the major economic successes that President Trump has won for the American working class! They are concerned that the Middle Class is witnessing how the President is fighting for ‘We the People’! After all, he is fighting for our right to a true un-filtered American education! He is fighting for our freedoms, our rights, and our right to the American dream! Therefore, Democrats will do ANYTHING to prevent that dream from materializing for the middle classes, the poor, the women, and the legal immigrants! After all, if the American people truly realize what President Trump has accomplished for each and every one of them, he will be re-elected with one of the largest margins of victory in American history, as he truly ‘Makes America Great Again’!