By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday, CNN reported that Attorney General Bill  Barr is planning to announce the completion of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, as early as next week. There has been some debate, as to what information will be released to Congress, or how long the Department of Justice will need to prepare the report being sent to Congress. According to the Special Counsel rules, Mueller has to submit

‘has to submit a “confidential” report to the attorney general, but it does not require the Attorney General to share the report with Congress or even make it public.

However, Democrat has already indicated that they will use everything in their arsenal to get their hands on the report, including using the subpoena power. In fact, reports indicate that the Democrats are hoping to get any information to use as ammunition against the President! Meanwhile, as Democrats are concerned that the Mueller report will be anti-climatic. For example, the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said on Wednesday, that there was a possibility that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his Russia investigation could be…


In fact, on Wednesday, Clapper chimed in on CNN about recent remarks made by fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe about the possibility that President Donald Trump is a Russian “asset.” Clapper agreed as he called Trump a “witting asset”, which is of no surprise, as he is a well-known anti-Trumper! Clapper said…

“You consider Putin’s background as a trained, experienced KGB agent and how he would approach somebody that he is trying to co-opt, or influence or gain leverage over, and in this case, you know, appeal to ego. In that sense, in that context, is what I think of when I mean potential unwitting asset. I think the hope is that the Mueller investigation will clear the air on this issue once and for all. I’m really not sure it will, and the investigation, when completed, could turn out to be quite anti-climactic and not draw a conclusion about that”

The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper added that the Mueller probe will answer many questions about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election; however, some may view its findings far from conclusive.

Regardless, top Democrats like Representative and House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) indicated that they are going to re-launch a number of investigations against President Trump, regardless of whether or not Mueller finds any wrongdoing, as they now say they are looking to impeach the President! For example, Schiff (D-CA) announced a massive investigation into Trump’s personal life and finances.

In fact, sadly Author and Attorney Andrew McCarthy went on Lou Dobbs Wednesday night and discussed how there is a three-in-four chance that Democrats will impeach Trump in the US House. In fact, McCarthy said…

Well, I think we have to be clear about what we’re talking about with respect to impeachment. I still think the president will be, I think there’s probably three chances out of four that he will be impeached in the sense that the Democrat controlled House will file articles of impeachment. I don’t think he’ll ever be removed.”

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

Unfortunately, truth and justice no longer matter to the radically Marxist left anymore! Instead, they are simply hell-bent on radically transforming the United States of America from a land of freedom and opportunity, into a Socialist wasteland of poverty, desperation, and despair! All trademarks of the Marxist and Socialist system of government that the Democrats so desperately want to bring to the United States of America, despite the horrors it has brought down upon nation after nation, throughout the history of mankind!