By: Brian Evans

After former FBI official Andrew McCabe revealed on CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ Sunday evening that the Justice Department and FBI were actively trying to pull off a coup to remove President Trump. McCabe said on 60 minutes that he ordered two investigations into President Trump because he wanted to know if Trump fired FBI Director Comey to impede the Russia investigation and if President Trump was acting on behalf of the Russian government. After all, despite a number of investigations into the Trump/Russia Collusion theory had turned up nothing, and McCabe was looking for another way to bring him down! Already, James Comey had testified in December to Congress, that by the time he was fired, there was no evidence of any type of conspiracy between the President and Russia. Also, McCabe alleged that Rosenstein had volunteered to wear a wire twice during Trump meetings, in the hope that he could gain some sort of dirt on President Trump, and get him impeached and removed from office!

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein immediately went into damage control, by denying his claims! However, McCabe’s revelations also matched up with the testimony of the former top FBI lawyer James Baker, who in closed-door testimony to Congress, detailed alleged discussions among senior officials at the Justice Department about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. In fact, Baker claimed that he was informed that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said that two Trump Cabinet officials were “ready to support” such an effort.

Now, as the heat has been turned up, and it appears that the Senate is ready to open investigations into the attempted coup, it has been revealed that Rosenstein will be leaving the Department of Justice by the middle of March! In fact, it was revealed on Fox News Channel’s Hannity Show

Following the announcement of Rosenstein’s departure, the new Attorney General William Barr chose his replacement, who will be Jeff Rosen, the current Deputy at Transportation.