By: Brian Evans

This week, Robert Mueller recommended between 19 and 24 years in prison for Paul Manafort, the former Campaign Chairman for President Trump. Sadly, it is a sentence that means life in prison, as he could serve time until his 98th birthday! They also recommended that he be fined $24 million, plus another $24 million in restitution, as well as a forfeiture of $4 million.

The prison sentence is based on eight financial crimes dating back decades, including bank fraud, tax fraud, and his failure to disclose a foreign bank account. However, all indications point to the fact that he would not have served any time, had he not worked for President Trump, which subsequently putting a Democrat bullseye on his back!

Special Council Robert Mueller stated…

“Manafort acted for more than a decade as if he were above the law, and deprived the federal government and various financial institutions of millions of dollars. Manafort chose to do this for no other reason than greed, evidencing his belief that the law does not apply to him.”

Interestingly, Mueller had offered Manafort a plea deal and offered him extreme leniency if he confessed to the crimes, so Manafort pled guilty! However, after he cooperated fully with the Special Counsel’s investigation, Robert Mueller stated that he had lied to his prosecutors using a perjury trap, and declared the plea deal null and void! After all, Mueller got everything that he wanted already! Then, a proven radical and anti-Trump, Obama appointed Judge, Amy Berman Jackson declared him a liar, and made the plea deal officially off! Now, Mueller can discard his life like a bag of garbage! In fact, Manafort will likely be serving more time than convicted murderers!

Sadly, Robert Mueller’s corrupt attack on anyone who defends President Trump and the MAGA agenda continues, as he is now going after journalist Roger Stone! Also, Mueller is using the same left-wing radical Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is out to destroy the lives of anyone who sides with the President. In fact, Mueller requested that Judge Berman put a gag order on Roger Stone. After all, Roger Stone was talking to the Press about how his rights were being violated, and the corruption going on inside the Special Counsel! Sadly, the now openly CORRUPT JUDGE JACKSON granted Mueller his gag order, and officially silenced Stone from being able to openly defend his rights as an American, and expose how the corrupt Special Counsel is operating!

The gag order bars Stone from making any public statements around the federal courthouse in Washington D.C., and his attorney’s from being able to make ANY PUBLIC STATEMENTS ABOUT THE CASE ANYWHERE!

Interestingly, reports indicate that Roger Stone could spend life in prison, similar to Manafort, but for Stone, it is because he allegedly told A LIE to Congress!

Robert Buschel, who is Roger Stone’s lawyer, fought back against the corrupt Obama-appointed judge last Friday, and argued Stone has First Amendment rights to defend himself publicly. Buschel said…

“There should be no imposition of prior restraint on Mr. Stone’s First Amendment free speech rights,” the 8-page filing says.

Regardless, Berman said he is barred from speaking publicly, as Mueller’s team filed it’s own brief agreeing with Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s proposed gag order. It read…

“The government submits that the order would be supported by a finding that there is a substantial likelihood that extrajudicial comments by trial participants will undermine a fair trial,” the filing states.

Interestingly, Mueller and Judge Jackson both talked with Andrew McCabe, and other anti-Trump operatives who were caught lying to Congress. However, instead of destroying their lives, instead of issuing gag orders or other attacks, Mueller gave them looked the other way, and even granted immunity to James Brennen! Now, Andrew McCabe is out shooting off his mouth, releasing a tell-all book, and set to make $Millions, while other Democrats like Brennen use their former jobs to enrich themselves!

In the end, Robert Mueller and his Deep State and Administrative State stooges are nothing more than an American KGB or Gastopo Style Hit Squad, who are some of the most corrupt and criminal stooges in the history of the United States of America!