By: Brian Evans

During the State of the Union Speech, President Trump called out the Democrats as the Marxists that they truly are. President Trump said…

“We are born free, we stay free…America will never be a Socialist country!”

President Donald J. Trump

Now, as he has exposed their true aims, the Democrats are now fully embracing their Marxist ideology, and doing so openly! For example, the Democrats “Green New Deal”, is a Marxist roadmap for destroying America, as it was created! It is designed to eradicate freedoms of ‘We the People’, eliminate the Constitution, enslave the American people, and propel the Elitist Political Class into ultimate power!

It was introduced by  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and endorsed by at least five candidates for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, especially Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA). Also, over 40 Democrats have signed on to the legislation.

The “Green New Deal” calls for the entire U.S. economy to switch to solar and wind power within ten years, guaranteed federal jobs and pay for every American, including for those who are unwilling to work, free healthcare, free college, and a number of other Socialist ideas that would turn America into a Marxist dystopia!

Although Ocasio-Cortez legislation is not the first crack-pot scheme to be proposed, it is a first that has been supported so widely by an entire political party, and so many Democrat Presidential candidates like Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren! It was even co-sponsored by ten U.S. Senators and a third of the House Democratic caucus so far.

Until the past few years, Democrats tried to hide their Marxist ambitions for America, but as of late, all that has changed. For example, in 2008, Barack Obama criticized Hillary Clinton for supporting the individual mandate, which forced Americans to buy health insurance! After he was elected President, he signed the Marxist individual mandate into law! Now, after President Trump’s 2016 win, they see no reason to hold back, especially since the President is undoing and exposing their socialist web of lies and deceit!

Radicals in the party like Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) actually compared the “Green New Deal” with America’s fight against the Nazis, the moon landing, and the Marshall Plan! For example, Booker said…

“We have to deal with this. Our planet is in peril, and we need to be bold. It’s one of the reasons I signed on to the resolution. I co-sponsored the resolution for the Green New Deal. There’s a lot of people blowing back on the Green New Deal. They’re going, ‘Oh, it’s impractical, oh it’s too expensive, oh it’s all of this.’ If we used to govern our dreams that way, we would have never gone to the moon. We need to be bold again in America. We need to have dreams that other people say are impossible. We need to push the bounds of human potential. Because that is our history. When the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save the earth from the scourge of Nazi and totalitarian regimes? We came forward. Who came forward to save the planet or continents from financial ruin? We came forward with the Marshall Plan.”

Just since the Democrats took over leadership of the House, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi put Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a known Marxist, onto the House Financial Committee who has announced that she intends to use her new power on the Finance Committee to implement Marxist policies. In fact, she has called for…

  • Medicare for all, resulting in bare bones healthcare, which is substandard, or non-existant since most cannot even get in to be seen under Marxist-based healthcare!
  • Making housing a federal right, with free housing for every American, despite Marxist housing always ending in everyone living equally in slums!
  • Free government paid college, so they can indoctrinate America’s youth into the Marxist collective!
  • Forgiveness of ALL STUDENT LOANS, which goes back to free college!
  • Guaranteed Federal jobs, which means the elimination of the private sector, and the decimation of free enterprise and the American dream!
  • Confiscation of guns, endining the 2nd Amendment
  • Universal income

As we detailed before, experts are now beginning to see parallels between the new Ocasio-Cortez Marxist Democrat Party of today, and the once-booming nation’s leadership who embraced Socialism and Marxism in the past like Venezuela. In fact, in as recent as the 1990s Venezuela was the wealthiest and most prosperous nation in South America. However, as their nation pushed for what they touted as ‘economic equality’, as well as, many of the same socialist goals that the Democrats are fighting for today in America, Venezuela plunged into poverty, and eventually mass starvation of the population and violence. Even the basic necessities like toilet paper became so difficult to get, it was being sold on the black market like it was a narcotic! Through all the chaos, the government promised equality for all, as they confiscated private property, industry, and businesses! In the end, they achieved the Marxist utopia of equality, as the entire nation became equally poor, equally desperate, equally starving, and equally homeless! In the meantime, all those who opposed the new Marxist government were exiled, or silenced through execution, as the Mainstream Media was taken over by government authority and forced to become the propaganda mouthpiece of their so-called self-appointed leadership!

Within a few years, Chavez ran for Venezuelan Presidency, where he told the Venezuelan people that he was “neither for savage capitalism, nor socialism, nor Communism”. Instead, Chavez proposed a “third way”, which he deemed a ‘balance between capitalism and socialism’”.

Sadly, just as Chavez claimed he was not a Marxist or Socialist, he ushered in a new era of oppressive socialism, within a Marxist state! He did so by using the first years of power to re-write the nations constitution. In 1999, he said…

“The constitution, and with it the ill-fated political system to which it gave birth 40 years ago, has to die. It is going to die, sirs — accept it.”

Chavez championed “social justice” programs in the nation like:

  • free government-provided healthcare
  • free college
  • the ‘right to work’
  • true ‘equality’

Ultimately, he was able to re-write the Constitution, which passed with 72% of the vote, and to thunderous applause! In addition, in 2004 Chavez was having trouble getting some of his most extremist Marxist positions implemented in the nation, so he added 12 new Justices to the court, thereby “stacking the court” with Judges who would do his bidding!

Within the next few years, Chavez was able to not only control the courts, but also the legislature. As a result, he began to fully implement his socialist policies with his newly created puppet government!

After the eradication of the constitution, he used the coming years to seize even greater power of government to take the people’s property, businesses, wealth, and industry! In the end, he implemented complete Marxism with a Socialist economy! Following the government takeover of all private ownership, inflation skyrocketed, and extreme poverty ensued throughout the nation!

Chart looks at Venezuela's oil production and inflation.;

Chart looks at Venezuela’s oil production and inflation.; (AP)


Chavez nationalized media outlets, private businesses, the oil industry, farms, banks, factories, mines, utilities, and every other part of the Venezuelan economy!

One Venezuelan private business owner had his business confiscated on live national television as he fell to tears…

At first, Socialism seemed to work, as poverty fell when Chavez implemented his Marxist policies. However, it was not due to the policies, but due to his spending the vast oil wealth that he had confiscated. Americans like Hollywood Producer Michael Moore, and other Hollywood and Progressive-Socialist Democrats applauded Chavez’ success in combatting poverty, but their open and vocal support quieted when the economy turned. In fact, eventually oil prices dropped, and Chavez and his Marxist government ran out of the people’s money, causing the nation to implode, plummeting it down into the depths of fear, depravity, desperation, starvation, and financial ruin!

At first, the Venezuelan people waited all day in lines to get basic food, water, and toiletries to survive. Just like in Cuba and other Marxist nations, they were rationed on food to only being allowed 2 portions of pasta, 2 pints of milk, 1 meat, etc. per week, if that. Then, many couldn’t get those basic necessities, leading the nation into starvation and desperation! Many of those who had the ability to flee, left the nation in search of life-supporting work and supplies! Venezuelans to this day remain desperate, as they have now resorted to demanding Chavez’ personally appointed successor Nicolas Maduro step down and turn over power to a pro-Capitalist, pro-Constitutionalist leader!

Now, in America, the Marxists have taken over an entire political party! They have called themselves Progressives for a number of years because they felt it would be more palatable to the American people. However, in the last two years, they have openly embraced the same Socialist and Marxist policies which have wreaked havoc and destroyed the lives of tens of millions of humans throughout the world!

Now, 2020 Democrat candidates that are running against President Trump have two things in common. First, they all hate the President and have vowed utter and complete ‘resistance’ to his Administration and policies, and they have all embraced Marxism and Socialism!

So what has led so many Americans to believe in the false-promises of equality, fairness, and justice, embraced by Marxist Socialists? Sadly, it began in colleges and universities, as Marxists knew to change a nation of promise and prosperity like the United States of America, they would have to change the minds of future generations!

In fact, education, and especially higher education has allowed Marxist ideology to not only bloom but flourish in the moldable young minds of tomorrow! In fact, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the poster child of our brain-washing higher educational system of today! Even more frightening, a 2018 report from the National Association of Scholars found that among the top-tier liberal arts colleges, 39% had zero registered Republican professors in the entire college, but instead had pro-Socialist, pro-Marxist professors teaching the young minds!

Stephen Hicks, a Philosophy professor at Rockford University said…

“The academy is, in some sub-sectors, not very healthy right now. For the last 20 years it’s mostly been driven by ideological bias.”

He’s right, because in 2018 the American Sociologist surveyed 479 sociology professors, and the results showed that 21% of those surveyed called themselves “radicals”, while only 2% called themselves “Conservative”.

The evaluation site  “Rate My Professors“, had hundreds of students cited that the top two problems in colleges and universities involve that…

“you basically have to pretend to be a Marxist in order to get an A.”

“as long as you show Marxist ideology in your papers you will pass.”

Sadly, it has had a major effect on the students who go to college, because in a 2012 survey in the Journal of Higher Education, it found that from the time children entered college, to the time they graduated, that the students shifted from conservative to liberal, and even socialist in large margins. In fact, even the more moderately liberal students showed a shift from 45% to 52.5% towards a “radical” belief in Marxism and Socialism!

Today, the educational system teaches both traditional socialism, and an even more radicalized version that focuses on the “privilege” of various groups based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and ideology! They also have pushed terms and concepts like “check your privilege,” “microaggressions” and “intersectionality,” as to make it more difficult for opponents to debate their so-called “social justice” because it deems all opposition to their argument racially or sexually motivated, and aggressive. Therefore, it is a new defense of Marxism which deems all opposition to the ideology of racist, sexist, and therefore ‘hate speech’.

Today, the new Marxists embrace the idea of the rights of ‘groups’, rather than that of all ‘individuals’. They use it as a means to divide and conquer the nation as a whole, by using groups of people against other groups of people! These new Marxists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have even become a problem for the traditional Democrats, as they abandon the ‘working class’ focus of traditional Marxism, for the “economically privileged Elitist Academics.” That is why traditional Marxists like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi have begun to have continual challenges from the new ‘Academically Elitist Marxists’ of today.

Conservatives who seek limited government, freedom and equality for all men and women, and blind justice have even further problems with these Academic Elitist Marxists, as they are running them out of colleges and universities, while at the same time continue transforming those conservatives own children into Academic Elitist Marxists as well. They do so by using ‘AntiFa’ and other radical groups to drive fear against free speech, as they drive fear into those who would dare oppose their radical ideology.

In the meantime, the Democrat Party is seeing a massive infiltration of these Marxist radicals, as they embrace the ideology of traditional Marxists like Chavez, Maduro, Lenin, Castro, and Mao, but with a new Academic Elitist Superiority over their fellow man. These new radicals are not looking for compromises, but instead are looking to wipe out the remainder of the existing Democrat Party. They are looking to add Supreme Court Justices onto the highest court so they can control the Judicial branch, and replicate Venezuela’s conversion to Marxism! That way, they would have control over potentially all branches of government, and they could fully implement their new radical Marxism throughout not only the Democrat Party but throughout the whole of our nation! At that point, God help us all!

THE BOTTOM LINE: FREE STUFF IS NEVER FREE! It doesn’t matter if it is free healthcare, free jobs, free housing, free basic income, and free everything! In fact, the only way to pay for such extraordinarily cost guzzling programs is to create extraordinarily and astronomically high and financial burdening taxes on not only the wealthy but on the middle classes and poor as well. In fact, it would create SUCH A BURDEN, it would cash strap families, bankrupt the American Middle Class, and effectively snuff out the American dream for the men and women of today, and for generations to come. Then, in the end, the government would “run out of other people’s money”, therefore making America join the long list of nations who have been left in the Marxist ruins of history!