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BREAKING… Federal Judge Allows Citizenship Question On 2020 Census To Be Restored, Despite Democrat Attempt To Stop It

By: Brian Evans

In January, U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman blocked the Trump Administration from putting a question on the 2020 census, asking if the individual is an American citizen or not. Interestingly, Judge Furman went on to admit that while a citizenship question is constitutional, he claims that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross failed to follow the correct procedure to include it in the forthcoming census. He said

“Secretary Ross’s decision to add a citizenship question in the 2020 census — even if it did not violate the Constitution itself — was unlawful for a multitude of independent reasons and must be set aside. To conclude otherwise and let Secretary Ross’s decision stand would undermine the proposition — central to the rule of law — that ours is a government of laws, not of men.”

The federal judge cited issues with the following question that reads…

“Is this person a citizen of the United States?”

However, the question appeared on the census on and before 1950, and both Democrats and Republicans supported it!

The Administration announced that it would likely appeal the decision to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and, ultimately, the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Progressives, Socialists, and their Communist allies were fighting the ‘citizenship question’ on multiple fronts, in their war to keep America’s borders open, and to protect illegal immigrants from deportation. In fact, Progressives have filed five other lawsuits against the citizenship question, which are set to begin soon.

The Trump Administration has been under constant attack from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and other socialist based organizations, as well as, States like California and New York who are fighting the citizenship question, not because it would alienate or discriminate against illegal aliens, but because the left says that they might be afraid to respond to the census, resulting in an inaccurate tally. However, the census is already inaccurate, because it bases Congressional Representation on census numbers, INCLUDING NON-CITIZENS WHO ARE RESIDING IN AMERICA ILLEGALLY!

Legal scholar Hans von Spakovsky, of the Heritage Foundation, said that the federal law gives Wilbur Ross the authority to select which questions should appear on the census. He said

“It will also prevent us from getting accurate census data on citizens and noncitizens from across the country since the ACS is limited in scope,  which is vital in the enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, distribution of federal funds and having an informed debate about immigration policy.”

Therefore, while Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross proposed the citizenship question in March of last year and it was fully implemented under the law, it isn’t that he doesn’t have the authority, but it has to do with the fact that Progressive Open-Border proponents will do anything to keep the border open and keep illegal aliens in the country, and hidden in plain sight!

UPDATE (February 8, 2019)…

On Friday, a Federal Judge declined the Democrats attempt to block the citizenship question from the 2020 United States Census! After all, it is ludicrous that they even challenged it! However, the Democrats know that it affects how much federal funding the sanctuary communities will receive from American taxpayers, and how much power left wing states receive, due to the House of Representatives being based on the population of given areas, and the left has been fighting for illegals to have representation in Congress! NO WONDER THE HOUSE DEMS ARE FIGHTING FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

The following is the Judges reasoning for his rejection of the Plaintiff’s lawsuit…

It was reported by Outline that…

A federal judge ruled late Friday she is unconvinced of an immediate need to block a citizenship question from the 2020 census over privacy concerns.

US District Judge Dabney Friedrich declined to issue a preliminary injunction requested by a privacy and civil liberties nonprofit group, the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

The group argued that the US Census Bureau was required to complete a privacy impact assessment before Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the addition of the question.

In response, the government acknowledged it is required to update its privacy impact assessments, but must do so before collecting census responses, rather than before deciding what questions would appear.

Therefore, while the left continues to launch thousands of law-suits against the Trump Administration, on every issue and every agenda item proposed, the Administration pushes forward. As the left continues to file an endless litany of lawsuits in the courtrooms of the progressive-led coasts, it appears there is no end in sight in their war on America and the American people! In the meantime, President Trump has vowed to continue his fight to secure the border and protect the American people. Unlike politicians, he continues to move forward in fulfilling the promises he made in his campaign! He continues to fight for our veterans, our families, our children, their education, our freedoms, and our faith! Fortunately, we have a President who will not sacrifice the American people for stature and position! He certainly doesn’t need the money! He doesn’t need the prestige! And he certainly DOESN’T NEED THE STRESS! Still, day after day, night after night, month after month, and now year after year, the President fights for America and Americans, regardless of the incessantly bitter and hate-filled attacks that the now-radicalized and progressive left has perpetually and maliciously launched at him, his family, and his friends. Fortunately, with U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich’s decision in court, the President gave a win for the American people! Unfortunately, the war is long from over though!



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