By: Brian Evans

Congressional negotiators claimed on Monday night that they had reached a deal that will be offered to President Trump for border security. However, the amount that they are offering to fund a wall was reduced from the $5.7 Billion to $1.3 Billion, and has major stipulations that make it nearly unusable, while pushing for a re-instition of the Obama-era ‘Catch and Release’ policy! Sean Hannity lambasted the proposal…

By the way on this so called compromise I’m getting details 1.3 billion? That’s not even a wall – barrier! I’m going to say this tonight and by the way we will get back to this tomorrow. Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you’ll have to explain, look at the crowd, look at the country, look at CBS News, even they say 72% of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop. And those that wish us ill.”

According to the Washington Post, it would only provide $1.3 Billion, which equates to about 55 miles of new border fencing along the 2,000-mile border. In addition, the lawmakers tied the hands of the President, and included stipulations that make the money very unusable, as it only allows him to use specific materials, build in specific locations, as well as, other restrictions!

Also, the deal does not increase detention space or beds, which has become a major problem, as immigration officers have had to release illegals into the interior of the nation, and with the new deal, those numbers would only skyrocket! Sadly, a Democrat aid even admitted that…

“Limiting the number of ICE detention beds is a way of controlling the Trump administration’s cruel immigration policies. ICE is currently detaining recent border crossers who have passed asylum interviews for too long, and they are arresting many people in the interior of the United States who are not criminals or who have minor criminal records, including many with only immigration violations.”

Currently, ICE has around 46,000 people in detention, with almost 21,000 who have committed crimes in the United States! Under all of the Democrat proposals, thousands would have to be released into the American interior of the nation, as ICE says it would force them to re-implement ‘catch and release’ policies! Immigration agents are already releasing between 300 to 500 per day due to their inability to detain the massive numbers of illegals!

It has now become obvious that the Democrats will not act to protect the United States, and will do anything they can do, to prevent President Trump from doing his job! Therefore, although the President has given Congress every opportunity to do their job, he will now likely be forced to find the funds and either declare a National Emergency or invoke 10 United States Code § 284! In fact, Defense Department officials from the Pentagon testified to Congress, that President Trump does not need approval from Congress, nor does he have to declare a national emergency to continue the construction of the border wall. In fact, 10 United States Code § 284, authorizes the U.S. military to legally build barriers at the southern border.

In the meantime, as Democrats claim that there is no crisis in the United States, they ignore the facts, and for their own political ends! In fact, just this past week Gallup revealed that 1/5 of El Salvadorian residents, which constitutes 19.1% of their population or 1.1 million out of 5.7 million already reside within the United States, some legally, but many illegally! Most of the El Salvadorian residents live within California, Texas came in second, and Florida, Virginia, and New York came in third.

(Migration Policy map)

Even more frightening, is not even who is already here, but who and how many are coming! Gallup revealed that in addition to the one out of five here from El Salvador alone, FIVE MILLION LATIN AMERICANS PLAN TO RELOCATE TO THE UNITED STATES WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR! reported that…

Five million Latin Americans plan to migrate to the United States in the next 12 months, and an estimated 42 million more say they want to enter the country.

Those statistics were in a report from Jim Clifton, the chairman and CEO at Gallup:

Forty-two million seekers of citizenship or asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make the move. This suggests that open borders could potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans. A full 5 million who are planning to move in the next 12 months say they are moving to the U.S.

Ultimately, it is unconscionable that Congressional Democrats are doing everything in their power to hinder the President from doing his job to secure the American border and protect the American people! However, regardless of what the Democrats in Washington do to impede President Trump, he will personally continue to do everything in his power to protect our nation, and the American people, as he fights to not only Make America Great Again, but to Make America Safe Again as well!