By: Brian Evans

As Democrats seek to strip the power of ‘We the People’ away using bills to end the electoral college, impeachment of a President over ideology, and calling half of America Nazi’s, now they are looking to go after Americans 2nd Amendment ‘right to bear arms’!

Already, Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) has proposed gun confiscation orders in his state, while also seeking to criminalize private gun sales. In addition to his massive attack on Americans Constitutional rights, he has also called for an “assault weapons” ban, which is a generic term and could be applied to a broad spectrum of guns, since actual assault weapons are already illegal.

The Virginia Democrat tweeted…

Sadly, Northam is not alone, as House Democrats have revealed that they plan to Introduced a bill as well that would criminalize private gun sales in early January, as they seek to make Northam’s attack on the 2nd Amendment go nationwide.

In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), and gun control proponent Gabby Giffords will introduce the “H.R.8” legislation, and they chose the date specifically because it is the eighth anniversary of Giffords being shot by Jared Loughner. Pelosi tweeted…

In all, the bill would put require background checks for all gun sales, making it impossible for gifting guns, like from father to son, or mother to daughter, and so forth, at least without government permission! Also, it would block neighbors or friends from selling guns to each other, without government permission as well! In a bit of irony, Giffords shooter had passed a background check, which means she would have still been shot.

Regardless, Democrats and Northam claim that these controls will help to reduce gun violence, as the government seeks to confiscate Americans guns and keep tabs on anyone who owns a firearm, as well as criminalizing private gun sales.

Interestingly, these measures have already been passed and implemented in California, where the criminalization of gun sales has led to an increase in gun violence. Even with gun confiscation orders, criminalization of private sales, and severe control of firearms, it didn’t stop the November 7, 2018 attack on the Borderline Bar & Grill, killing twelve people, the shooting at YouTube headquarters, the killing of a police officer and young girl by armed illegal aliens, and a number of other shootings.  Florida gun confiscation orders didn’t stop the Jacksonville Landing attack that killed three people on August 26, 2018.

Now, Democrats are pushing through the legislation, as it is being forced out of committee, and onto the floor. Reuters reports that the House Judiciary Panel…

“will mark up the bill…on February 13 and send it to the House floor for a vote.”

Therefore, the House will vote on the gun control bill later this week! Ultimately, Democrats seek to end the Second Amendment, regardless of the safest places in America being locations where concealed carry is allowed, and the government doesn’t try to make gun or ammunition purchases difficult or impossible. Regardless, in the end, the Democrats don’t really care about the violence or victims anyways, instead, it is a means to an end. After all, as long as Americans have the Constitutional right to bear arms, it makes it that much harder for government to take away all the remaining rights and freedoms that we as Americans, unfortunately, take for granted today.