By: Brian Evans

After weeks of bitter and hate-filled attacks, as well as cruel and horrendous attacks against the Covington Catholic High School students, the boys attorney, L. Lin Wood, recently issued a statement that promised a “multitude of civil lawsuits” against those who made “false accusations and threats” against Nick Sandmann over the incident in Washington D.C.. His attorney sent over 50 legal notices to media organizations and politicians, which included Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). This week, his attorney released a video to put the incident into perspective, and show just what actually happened in Washington D.C…

Ultimately, the Democrats and left-wing radicals in the Mainstream Media and Hollywood appear not to care about the truth! They don’t seem to care about right or wrong! Instead, they continue to demonize anyone, even children, if it promotes their Marxist and left-wing agenda! Ultimately, it is the sad state of our nation, as we see politicians and leftists care more about their political agenda than the people whom they are supposed to represent and protect in America!