By: Brian Evans

Last week, the Washington Post let go of more than 1,200 employees over budget cuts, but over the weekend, they ironically found $5.2 Million to spend on an ad that promoted their paper as the defenders of freedom in America, despite their countless false and misleading stories that they published, as well as, the fact that they have been caught burying a sexual allegation story on Virginia’s Lt. Governor!

Sadly, like much of the Mainstream Media, and the Washington Post whose motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness”, has personally contributed to “Democracy Dying In Darkness”! In fact, the Washington Post Superbowl ad appears to be nothing more than a propaganda puff pieces, like was used during the Cold War by the Communist Soviet Union, which is Russia today! They even used the famous Hollywood actor and producer Tom Hanks, to narrate the film, giving it star power!

Interestingly, they hypocritically cite the domestic Oklahoma City terrorist bombing as the only example of terrorism, despite countless attempts and numerous terror attacks by radical Islamic terrorists in recent years! Also, the Washington Post failed to account for their now countless attempts to publish lies and allegations against Bret Kavanaugh, President Trump, Roy Moore, Ted Cruz, and others who don’t match up with the now-radicalized Marxist left! Meanwhile, they have laid cover and buried stories against Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax’ sexual assault allegations, Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Russia, numerous leftists like James Comey who blatantly lied to Congress under oath, and their claims that global warming evidence is based on facts, while ignoring more than half of the research!

Then, by Monday morning, Carpe Donktum rewrote the ad to better suit the truth about the Washington Post…

Ultimately, Mainstream Media outlets like the Washington Post are now losing their battle, as they fight for the hearts and minds of Americans! WHY? Actually, they are imposing self-inflicted wounds, as they have become so unhinged, so out-of-control, and so hate-filled, because President Trump has been systematically unraveling the Democrats and Mainstream Media’s transformation of America, from our Constitutional Republic, into a Progressive, Socialist, and Marxist dystopia!