By: Brian Evans

For years, American oil prices, heating costs, and the economy itself have been dictated by the worlds oil-producing countries like Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and other OPEC nations! Democrats have pushed for the United States to reduce dependence on oil altogether, as they pushed for green energy. However, the green energy has cost Americans in the pocketbook, created more pollution in landfills with toxic chemicals than fossil fuels could ever pollute the environment! Meanwhile, because of the undependability of renewable fuels, it left America more dependent on foreign nations, including those like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, who would like to see the United States destroyed, rather than helped!

Now, we have President Trump who ran his campaign on freeing America from foreign influence by making America energy independent. Americans were unsure of whether he would follow through with his promises because Republican President after Republican President has made the same promises. However, politician after politician reneged on their promises to the American people. However, now we finally have a President who isn’t a politician, but a businessman! Furthermore, we have a President who is finally following through on all his promises, INCLUDING ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! In fact, not only has his Administrations policies FINALLY made America the worlds largest oil producer, but experts are now predicting the United States will produce more oil than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined WITHIN FIVE YEARS! How did he do it? President Trump opened up the United States to oil drilling by eliminating unnecessary regulations hindering drilling at home, which contradicted former Administrations, but especially the Obama Administration. In fact, Obama leveled countless restrictions and blocked oil drilling from coast to coast, hindering American oil production! Now, President Trump has not only undone his damage, but made it easier for oil companies to get drilling permits, and slashed massive restrictions on oil manufacturing.  As a result, the US is becoming richer and more energy independent, and producing oil cleaner and more environmentally friendly than Russia, Venenzuela, and OPEC nations!  Now, within a few short years, the President has helped America become energy independent in two short years!

For example, the US Energy Information Administration revealed that in September…

the United States likely surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest crude oil producer earlier this year, based on preliminary estimates in EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO). In February, U.S. crude oil production exceeded that of Saudi Arabia for the first time in more than two decades. In June and August, the United States surpassed Russia in crude oil production for the first time since February 1999.

Although EIA does not publish crude oil production forecasts for Russia and Saudi Arabia in STEO, EIA expects that U.S. crude oil production will continue to exceed Russian and Saudi Arabian crude oil production for the remaining months of 2018 and through 2019.

U.S. crude oil production, particularly from light sweet crude oil grades, has rapidly increased since 2011. Much of the recent growth has occurred in areas such as the Permian region in western Texas and eastern New Mexico, the Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico, and the Bakken region in North Dakota and Montana.

Oil and Gas released their numbers a week ago, showing that the United States will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia combined, in regards to oil output. They said……

The U.S. is on track to produce more crude oil and liquids than Russia and Saudi Arabia put together by 2025, consultancy firm Rystad Energy said Jan. 24.

U.S. liquids output is expected to surpass 24 million barrels per day (bbl/d) over the next six years, Rystad said, assuming average U.S. crude prices of $58 a barrel during the period.

The growth in U.S. liquids production will be driven by major shale basins such as the Permian Basin in parts of Texas and New Mexico, the report said.

“U.S. growth potential could be slowed if oil prices slide below our base case for extended periods but, as long as average prices stay above $50, positive U.S. production tendencies will persist,” Rystad analyst Artem Abramov said.

U.S. edged past Russia and OPEC-leader Saudi Arabia to become the largest crude oil producer last year, helped by a shale boom centered around the Permian Basin.

Therefore, in the Presidents mission to Make America Great Again, he has already in two short years, made America Energy Independent Again! Sadly, the Mainstream Media continues to hide the numbers and the facts, but the evidence speaks for itself! Furthermore, he has caught the attention of oil-producing nations like Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and others, who have now fallen behind America, as they are losing their leverage over our nation! So, after years of Global Progressives pushing to keep America poor and dependent on foreign oil, the American people can thank President Trump for putting America, and the American People first!