By: Brian Evans

On Friday, United States economic numbers were released and showed that the Trump economy is on fire, as job creation exploded, blue and white collar wages rose, and the stock market continues to make massive records!

Now, in addition to those great economic numbers, it is now showing that the effects on the American people are extremely positive! In fact, Trading Economics showed that the…

Labor Force Participation Rate in the United States increased to 63.20 percent in January from 63.10 percent in December of 2018. Labor Force Participation Rate in the United States averaged 62.99 percent from 1950 until 2019, reaching an all-time high of 67.30 percent in January of 2000 and a record low of 58.10 percent in December of 1954.

United States Labor Force Participation Rate


On Saturday, we already revealed that the American economy added 304,000 jobs in January. The unemployment rate ticked up to 4.0 percent, the government said Friday. Overall, job creation over the past year saw 2.6 million new jobs and 2.3 million in 2016. Therefore, since President Trump took office two years ago, he has added about 5 million new jobs. A huge accomplishment for any President in two short years!

Also, the American manufacturing sector expanded as the Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index reported that it came in at 56.6 for January, easily surpassing economist expectations for 54. Manufacturing had weakened considerably to 54.1 in December and it was expected to continue to weaken, but the turnaround signals a strengthening and surging economy, despite predictions!

Also, the Presidents anti-illegal immigration policies have had a huge impact on the American economy as the average pay for blue collar jobs increases more rapidly than white-collar jobs! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average pay in the United States grew by 3% last year, while “management, professional, and related” jobs gained only 2.5%. Meanwhile, there was a 4.2 percent rise in wages for “sales and related” employees, a 3.7 percent rise for “production, transportation, and material moving” workers, a 3.4 percent rise for “trade, transportation, and utilities” workers, and a 4.1% gain for “leisure and hospitality” workers. Therefore, although college grads saw wage gains, it was at a slower pace than the blue-collar American workers.

This marks the first time that blue-collar workers in America have outpaced white-collar workers since 1990. Part of the reason has to do with an immigration bill that passed that year and was signed into law by George H.W. Bush. The immigration bill tripled the inflow of legal immigrants to almost 700,000 each year, which filled the labor market with blue-collar foreigners. Congress and the President claimed that it would expand the U.S. markets, and boost the stock market. Sadly, it also suppressed blue-collar wages, and ultimately hurt the American workers, especially the middle class and poor in America!

Now, as President Trump has implemented his “Hire American” policy, tightened border security and enforcement, reduced the number of refugees flowing into America, and denied businesses demands that he allows cheaper foreign workers to flood the market, it has benefited the American blue-collar workers dramatically!

The one area that is climbing in wages, but at much slower rates involves white-collar college graduate workers! The issues with the white-collar jobs involve the 1.5 million low-wage college graduate workers who come on visas. They hire at least half a million workers from India, the Philipines, and China, and flood the market with these visa workers. It benefits the American companies by giving them cheap labor pools, and workers who are willing to work long hours for their low wages, unlike Americans. Meanwhile, the foreigners hope to get U.S. citizenship from the government, as a result, work long hours for low wages in the hope of eventually getting the hugely valuable deferred bonus of U.S. citizenship from the U.S. government. For example, The Detroit News reported that…

Federal agents used a fake university in Farmington Hills to lure alleged phony foreign students who were trying to stay in the United States illegally.

The University of Farmington had no staff, no instructors, no curriculum and no classes but was utilized by undercover Homeland Security agents to identify people involved in immigration fraud, according to federal grand jury indictments unsealed Wednesday.

Eight people were charged with participating in a conspiracy to help at least 600 foreign citizens stay in the U.S. illegally, according to the indictments, which describe a novel investigation that dates to 2015 but intensified one month into President Donald Trump’s tenure as part of a broader crackdown on illegal immigration.

For the foreigners, the citizenship bonus is worth millions of dollars for each migrant. After all, it offers not only citizenship to the migrants, but to the spouse, their children, parents, in-laws, and all of their descendants. It is like the jackpot of citizenship for foreigners, as it can offer American citizenship for hundreds of people, all while giving them good pay, and at the cost to the American workers! Sadly, most companies and businesses prefer to pay the federal bonus, rather than paying the American workers.

Furthermore, companies support the unbridled flow of illegals into the United States because it helps to spike Wall Street profits, by shrinking millions of blue and white-collar employees salaries! In the meantime, it has widened the wealth gaps between the rich and poor, shrunk the middle class, curtailed investment in technology, increased tax burdens, damaged education from k-12 and into college, pushed Americans from higher paying jobs, and hurt the American people. Still, companies like Disney, auto manufacturers, and other companies have all embraced profits over the American people and America itself! It has also hurt the heartland, as it pushed investment into the coastal cities, and away from most of the United States.

Now, as the President continues to push for ”America First’, his policies are not only helping the American workers, but they are helping America and even Wall Street! Although the Stock Market is a volatile thing, it has seen more records being set under this President, like never before! Now in January, it saw yet another record, as the Stock Market had its best January in its 100-year history, as it gained more than 1,600 points in one month alone!

Therefore, despite what the now economic-socialist based Democrat Party tries to say, or how the Mainstream Media propagandists twist and manipulate the facts, President Trump’s social and economic policies are paying off for the American worker, and the American people! He is finally putting ‘We the People’ and ‘America’ First, instead of submitting to the Elitists who put greed and power over the interests of the American people, and our nation as a whole! Furthermore, in doing so, President Trump IS TRULY ‘MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’!