By: Brian Evans

Over the years, Democrats and the Mainstream Media have attacked Republicans, Christians, and pro-Constitutionalists as racists, violent, hate-mongers who care more about building up an arsenal of weapons to go on a shooting rampage. Combine that with their projection of labels upon conservatives like calling them ‘Nazi’s, Fascists, gun-toting radicals, and right-wing extremists’, and one would begin to picture those that they dispell as demonic, insane, and on the verge of mental breakdown. Interestingly, over the years, Conservatives have tried to dispell those accusations as myths, but it seemed to be ineffective against the barrage of accusations coming from Democrats and the Mainstream Media!

Ironically, those who Hollywood the Mainstream Media and Democrats are targeting to strip away their 2nd Amendment rights are not the criminals, the gangsters, and the illegal aliens! Instead, they are the common men and women in America! They are the moms and dads, Christian men and women. They are the farmers and bankers, and the average men and women in America!

Now, the tide is beginning to turn, as the Mainstream Media has begun to expose themselves as the hypocrites that they are, while Americans are now seeing first hand that it isn’t the Conservatives, but the Progressives on the left! In fact, their own words and actions are exposing the staggering height of their hypocrisy, as the so-called ideologues are the ones espousing hate-speech, racism, and violence on an almost daily basis!

This week, the now radically Marxist leaning Democrat Party has lost control of the animal that they created, like their Hollywood and Mainstream Media supporters have openly threatened the lives of Catholic children, in their fit of rage, which was stemmed by the Mainstream Media publishing an openly false series of accusations against the Catholic boys, not because they were doing anything wrong, but because they were mostly white, middle class Christians, who also happened to be wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats! Quickly the hate and threats spread through the media and social media until the boys and their families had death threats, the school had to be closed, and security had to be placed on the school when it reopened! Even when it came out that it was completely untrue, and the boys were actually the victims, many in Hollywood and the Media continued to attack and threaten the boys, while others quietly took down their posts, refused to apologize, as they await the next opportunity to victimize a conservative, especially a pro-Trump conservative!

Also on Saturday, in Meridian Hill Park, also known as ‘Malcolm X’ Park which is located in Northwest Washington, D.C. had a Joan of Arc statue that was found to be vandalized, as someone had placed a mock and bloodied decapitated head of President Trump on end of the upraised sword of the Joan of Arc Statue.

Hollywood comedian Kathy Griffin has been an open supporter of the Progressive anti-violence gun control and confiscation legislation. However, she has been seen promoting more violence, hate, and open racism against anyone who opposes the Marxist ideology. For example, this week she attacked the Catholic school boys who were wrongfully charged by posting…

As anger grew over her calls to identify, dox, and threaten the students, she refused to pull the tweets down. Then when it was revealed that the boys were not only innocent, but they were victims of racism and hate-speech, she doubled down and attacked them as Nazi’s, regardless of the newly posted photo actually showing the boys using a common sign of basketball players who score three-pointers in the game!

Comedian Kathy Griffin deleted a tweet on Tuesday showing a photograph of Covington Catholic High School basketball players who were 'throwing up the new Nazi sign'

Griffin deleted the tweeted photo of the Covington Catholic High School basketball players, but she refused to apologize for any of her comments or tweets!

Griffin’s affinity for hate speech and venomous rhetoric isn’t new. After all, there is the infamous graphic photo that blanketed the airwaves of Kathy Griffin who ‘beheads’ President Trump. The photo speaks for itself and to the deranged and horrific attitudes of Hollywood Elitists and their self-projection of hate and racism upon those who oppose their Marxist idealism!

Kathy Griffin

Hollywood Producer Jack Morrissey even joined in by calling for the murder of the Covington Catholic boys, by depicting them being slaughtered by being run through a woodchipper!

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 11.11.07 am

Hollywood actor and so-called comedian drew a picture of the Catholic boys with the caption calling them “Baby Snakes”. He depicted them as smug and evil, despite it being totally contrary to the actual incident!

Unfortunately, the vile and hate-filled rants that have come out of the Media, Hollywood, and the Progressive left has been going on for a long time, but it has become more open and pronounced since President Trump took office. Especially since he has reversed some of their Marxist agenda in D.C., and throughout America!

For example, right after the President was sworn into office, Madonna joined the Marxist based ‘women’s march’ and threatened to blow up the White House! Why? Because the President won the 2016 Presidential election.

In 2017, Snoop Dogg portrayed himself as shooting the President in the head, during his music video:

Then, aimed towards President Trump, Robert De Niro said “I’d like to punch him in the face”.

Also, there was Shakespeare in the Park, where they created a portrayal of President Trump being stabbed to death, in a play about ‘Julius Caesar.’

Julius Caesar was made to look just like Donald Trump, with a business suit and tie and a familiar blond hair-do. As happens in the play, the Trump-like Caesar is eventually brutally stabbed to death by his Senators.

David Simon threatened to hit President Trump with a brick if he fired Special Counsellor Robert Mueller…

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 2.54.56 PM

Mickey Rourke threatened to beat Trump with a bat, amongst other inappropriate threats. Actress Lea DeLaria threatened to ‘Take Out’ Republicans and Independents with Baseball Bat after President Trump won the 2016 election, and then followed it up with threats against the American voters who elected him! Marilyn Manson released a music video depicting the President being murdered, while other Hollywood actors and actresses made vile threats and even talked of a military overthrow of our government.

Then, there is the Elitist and  Progressive-Socialist hypocrite Amy Schumer. Following the Valentines Day shooting in Parkland, Florida, the actress urged her Twitter followers to join her in the March 24 student march for gun control, which was also set up by the Pro-Marxist Everytown anti-2nd Amendment group:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.13.47 PM

Yes, ultimately between the hypocrisy of Fabian-Progressive and Fabian-Rino Socialist Elitist hypocrites and Hollywood Elitist hypocrites, nothing seems to amaze the mind, more than they can. Between their hypocrisy, elitist mentality, call for greater taxation against the middle classes, blaming the rest of America for indiscretions against women, publicly cussing out and belittling the American voters, and calling for an end to the 2nd Amendment, they sit smugly in their billion dollar mansions, as they perpetrate  Meanwhile, Hollywood embraces ruthless communist dictators and communist regimes as where America should be looking. For example, Hollywood actor Sean Penn met with Hugo Chavez on numerous occasions, describing him as a “fascinating guy” who did “incredible things for the 80% of the people who are very poor there,” despite the fact that the people were slaughtered, starved to death, and are destitute. Film Director Oliver Stone made the following tweet:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.11.23 PM

Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson visited Caracas in 2005 to apologize for remarks by TV evangelist Pat Robertson in which he called for Chávez’s assassination. When Jackson addressed the Venezuela Parliament, he said there was no evidence that Venezuela posed a threat to the United States, while praising Chávez for his “focus on foreign debt, debt relief, and free and fair trade to overcome years of structural disorder, unnecessary military spending, and land reform.” After Chávez’s died, Jackson also offered a prayer at his funeral while celebrating his socialist legacy. Then film director, Michael Moore tweeted:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.15.41 PM

The list goes on and on for adamant Hollywood support for the ruthless socialist Chavez, who cruelly starved his people, and imposed dictatorial supremacy over their people. Then, Hollywood also expressed their love and admiration for the ruthless communist dictator Fidel Castro. People like Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Jack Nicholson, Ted Turner, Danny Glover, Kevin Costner, Chevy Chase, and Harry Belafonte.

Ultimately, is it really that surprising that Hollywood, Democrats, and the Mainstream Media embraces the Progressive-Socialist or Marxist agenda, that has gained a death grip on the Democrat Party of today?  Hollywood fights against our First Amendment freedoms! They fight against Christianity, and its core beliefs. They fight against the freedom of speech and a free press, at least when it opposes their ‘Progressive-Socialist’ and ‘Communist’ ideology. Hollywood Elitists call for American’s ‘Right to Life’, be taken away as they push for increased abortions, even when a baby is fully developed during the last trimester of pregnancy. They claim to be the ones who stand up for women while covering up incidents of rape, physical abuses, and sexual abuses perpetrated on the unwilling innocents. They fight for environmentalists who have perpetrated one of the biggest crimes on Americans, who believed their incessant lies and distortions of truth. Now tonight, they continue their fight against our ‘Second Amendment’ right to bear arms, despite the fact that they surround themselves with guns for protection! In the end, the Elitists, whether they reside in Washington D.C., or in their palatial Hollywood estates, they have one goal in mind, and that goal is to rid America of our Constitutional rights and freedoms. A goal, that would enable the political elitists to destroy the magnificent political structure and society, that our Founding Fathers envisioned, and created. Then, and only then, would they be able to ‘fundamentally transform’ our remarkable nation into their communist cesspool, that embraces the socialist ideology that they so crave? The same communist and socialist ideology that has enslaved nations, and left its people destitute and desperate.

Meanwhile, they fight for an end to fossil fuels in the name of environmentalism. A fight that cost American jobs! A fight that has skyrocketed heating and cooling costs for the average American, and all to push America towards a socialist and ultimately Marxist state. The Hollywood Elitists have been and will continue to call for the disarming of Americans, demean and degrade President Trump, and make it seem as though they speak for America. However, they don’t speak for America, at least not the America of our ForeFathers. They don’t support America’s Bill of Rights! They don’t speak for free speech or press! They embrace rape culture behind closed doors and then condemn it public. They encourage violence and hate while portraying themselves as the voice of kindness and love. Hollywood and their Elitist mouthpiece don’t represent the America of our Founding Fathers. They don’t represent the America of Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan. Tonight and in the years to come, Hollywood is becoming more and more transparent, in what their true intentions are…MARXISM!

After all, we already know for certain that Democrats, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media have not only flirted with Marxist ideology, but they have pushed for America to become a Marxist and Socialist nation like Cuba, China, the former Soviet Union, North Korea, and Venezuela. Hollywood movie producers like Michael Moore, embrace ruthless dictators in their desire to transform America into a third-world nation of poverty and despair! Meanwhile, despite the fact that within a few short years, the Venezuela nation has stripped its people of power, money, and even the ability to provide food, shelter, and even basic necessities like toilet paper for their own families, the American Marxists push that same twisted ideology!  Sadly, it is an all-too-common scene in Marxist based nations! Today, as the people of Venezuela have hit the breaking point, as the nation now burns, and the people are fighting for their right to even exist! In fact, the Venezuelans have hit the streets and are protesting the corruption and brutality of the Chavez and now Maduro regime, as they fight against the brutal and tyrannical Marxist ideology, which has destroyed their nation!

In the end, why should Americans want to embrace the shackling of our children and future generations to come? Why should Americans bankrupt our nations and its citizen’s wealth so that the Elitist political class can get richer and more powerful, as ‘We the People’ get poorer and desperate! Now, as the Marxist-Left talks of equality, it is exactly what they are trying to take from the people! They talk about ending racism, but it is the Marxists who racially profile, target people based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, and ideology!