By: Brian Evans

After nearly five days have passed since the Covington Catholic students were ideologically and racially profiled, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has now finally decided to take the moral path and apologize for their rash judgment against the boys.

It all began when on Saturday, the students were attending a ‘Right to Life’ march, with some wearing ‘MAGA’ hats. At one point, accusations of racism by Catholic school boys towards a Native American counter-demonstrator at the March for Life on Friday led to the Mainstream Media spreading allegations of racism like wild-fire, as it spread on social media like a plague. Quickly, death threats towards the students ensued from Hollywood, Democrats, and even the Mainstream Media itself! By Sunday afternoon, new evidence in the form of the video surfaced, showing that it wasn’t the Catholic boys who were being racist or threatening, but from the Native American activist, and a group of black counter-protesters known as the ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’, who believe that the “black people are the true tribes of Israel, essentially, the true Jews.” Ultimately, they have been labeled a ‘hate group’, as they are known to espouse racism and hate against all men, women, and children who are not of black color! Still, the radical left reversed the roles in the event, and led to the boys having threats that they would be run through a wood chipper, locked in the school while it’s burned down, hit, sexually assaulted, and so much worse! The Covington Catholic School threatened to discipline and expel the students, and all based on Mainstream Media reports, and without even talking to the children themselves! Then, the Archdiocese of Baltimore joined in against the students and said…


As of Thursday, FIVE DAYS LATER, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has now officially walked back their initial condemnation of the students at Covington Catholic, BUT they fell short of apologizing TO THE STUDENTS THEMSELVES! In fact, the Archdiocese admitted that they spoke out too hastily and stated…

“The annual March for Life is a magnificent affirmation of the value and dignity of human life. It is especially wonderful that so many young people from all around the nation participate in this March and the Archdiocese of Baltimore applauds them for doing so. How sad, then, that this life-affirming event was marred by the widely reported confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial. It has become apparent, however, that initial reports of that incident were at best incomplete. Those incomplete reports led many, including the Archdiocese of Baltimore, to speak out too hastily. We apologize for doing so. It is our hope that the young people involved were, in fact, acting in accord with the truth and values that are foundational to Catholic education. We also hope that this sad incident will give to all a renewed determination to respect the life and dignity of every person without exception.”

Ultimately, The Diocese of Covington has made a first step towards righting their horribly wrong actions, but ultimately, they should not only apologize for their improper actions, but they should apologize to the students whom they treated with the utmost of disrespect, which led to their harassment, threats, intimidation, and fear! Perhaps they should refer to the Diocese own comments on Sunday when they stated that “Respect for life demands all are treated with dignity.” After all, they failed that test themselves, when they failed to respect the lives of their own schools’ children, as they refused to treat them with dignity and respect as human beings as well!